Above the Darkness

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Where the Truth Lies

The silver stream was now a lake. All of us were camouflaged, and completely submerged. I still felt the energy connecting us, as though we were still holding hands. I could no longer see with my eyes but, with something else. It was a vision I have never known. Everything I saw, felt as though I was also touching, tasting and hearing it. Things appeared more alive and everything felt like it was a part of me, or I was a part of it. Everything was separate but nothing was disconnected. Complete unity, complete peace and complete love are all that I felt.

Goasila, Oochoo, Mazfanny, Harmony, Vincent and even Whoopido appeared before my spirit eyes. Even though I still wanted to know more, the urgency, anxiety and fear that came along with it, was no longer present.

“Hello Elizabeth,” they greeted me in a soft joyous manner. “How are you?” Harmony asked with slight concern in her voice.

“I am not sure. Right now, fairly content, I suppose.”

“Do you know what just happened?” Oochoo asked in a comforting tone.

“I think so. Should I?”

“No, of course not. But we would like to know if you are ready to hear it. And, we would like to show you something else.” Vincent explained. I could feel their eagerness.

“Don’t feel pressure, Miss Lizzy. You are able to do whatever you like. I even brought some goodies, if you wish to indulge.” Mazfanny consoled me, in her chipper way.

“I am good, thank you for your concerns. I am ready. I am no longer filled with pressure or anxiety. My heart is at peace, yet my mind is still wondering.”

“Ah, the mind, even when it no longer exists in the physical, it continues to play tricks.” Goasila reassured me.

Two things then came to me. First, I knew without a doubt, I no longer existed on Earth. Second, I still did exist.

“What about the others?” I asked calmly.

“The others are continuing their souls’ journeys.” Goasila explained.

“Will I get to see them again?” I asked holding back tears.

“Of course. As you have felt, they are here right now but you will be able to see them soon, very soon. All you need to know, is the whole story before your souls can move forward. I hope you are not angry with the way this turned out.” Harmony pressed on, “But it was meant to be… I know that sounds cliché but it was. You all chose this path. And, believe it or not, you are the one that made this outcome possible. If it weren’t for you, all of your deaths would have been a lot more painful and lonely. I am very proud of you Elizabeth. We all are. You now will be able to begin the next stage in your development, as will the others. They have many great adventures ahead of them. And ones with less torment then the last. There will always be torment Elizabeth, because as you know it teaches us and helps us grow stronger. There is also great joy, for everything must consist of both, to be balanced.”

“I think I understand this more than ever now. I would like to know what will happen to my father and, the others involved in Ruth’s death. I am ready to learn now.”

“I trust deeply that you are indeed, ready.” Harmony immersed her energy in mine. It felt like the greatest hug ever received. Every tiny cell that existed within me became whole.

When I looked up I saw Ruth, then the others started to slowly appear. I felt us connect as we had around the dinner table. “They can’t see us Elizabeth.” Oochoo told me. “But they can see you. And they will be able to see what you are about to do now. Then I am afraid you will have to say good-bye.” It was odd hearing the seriousness in Oochoo’s voice. I appreciated him telling me what was about to happen.

It then came, like a splash of colour on a movie screen. It moved so fast, that I thought it might be hard to process but it wasn’t. I could see everything, everything that happened, and that was going to happen.

I saw my father meeting with Daniel for the first time at the church. That part of Daniel’s story was true. He met with him several times and offered him money. I then could hear a discussion between them about Daniel coming to work for my father, but not for Technikol, it was for a different business, a much more dangerous one. My father offered him lots of money and power. Daniel didn’t even hesitate to take the offer.

I then saw several transactions between Daniel and many men. All of the men were men Ruth had pictures of. Harmony and the others made sure to leave out the gory parts like what those men were doing. Drugs were definitely a part of it but, it was more sexual transactions than anything. Daniel would set up under-aged girls with these men and then in the hotels these girls would allow the men to play out their fantasies.

I think that was the hardest part to digest, was not just the fact that my father was running and participating in this organization, but that were so many men doing it! I resisted the bubbling lava within my gut.

Ruth, as I expected, was killed because she knew too much about the business. The movie continued, showing us Ruth meeting Daniel at the beach through one of her friend’s. They hit it off, and she quickly became infatuated.

Daniel invited her, not knowing she was Bill’s daughter to his parties that he hosted at the fancier hotels. He told her it was for this great job he had with an outstanding company, but failed to mention it was under Technikol. She showed up there and, found out for herself. It was indeed, a business party but the people from Technikol were totally clueless. Daniel was very good at picking out “clients”. Anyone that was in charge of Technikol, and worked closely with my father, knew where Technikol really got its funding, and none of them seemed to mind one bit.

After she realized it was Technikol, she wanted to get out of there quickly so our father wouldn’t see her and punish her. She did see him, but luckily, he didn’t see her. She decided to follow him. She overheard him talking to a young girl around her age. He was giving her crap for not following through on their deal, and she owed money for stealing from the “stash”. Although Ruth knew her father was corrupt, this was far too much to handle, and she was determined to take him down.

That is when she became closer with Daniel, and never told him what she had seen. Daniel was scared, because on some level he didn’t want her to get hurt. He told her he had nothing to do with it, and that he would help her but, instead of helping her, every time she got a good piece of evidence he would “lose” it. Ruth became obsessed with Daniel, and the company. He could not handle her anymore and tried to get her off his back.

He told her that she was crazy, and that she was bored. Ruth was getting fed up because he was pushing her away and, refused to tell anyone about their relationship. This is where the letter started to make sense. By this point, she knew she was right and she had to do something.

And she did. She went to one of the hotels. She told Daniel she was doing this. And, even though he cared for her, at one point, he no longer did. He didn’t want to lose his job, so he went straight to Bill, and told him everything that this girl was doing. Our father quickly figured out that it was Ruth. This angered our father greatly. He began to throw things across the room in his office and yelled at Daniel. “What the hell were you thinking?!” He kept saying. And Daniel just said over and over “I don’t know, I am sorry.” He even began to cry. He was afraid for his life. My father then stormed out. He then made a quick phone call to someone asking them to meet at the hotel that Ruth was going to be at.

At this point my heart sank, knowing what was going to happen next. My father hired two of his people to rape and kill Ruth then stage her suicide. It happened in the room I found myself in that night. It was her blood. My soul ached with sadness, flooding with compassion for Ruth. There were still unanswered questions.

My father- how did he know we knew? Or is that even why he took our lives? And was he even human? Did he even have a soul? How could he do this to his own family? But then I remembered something:

At the Michael Riggs Ocean View Lodge I felt something. Not just the presence of Daniel but, something far bigger and dangerous; my father. He was there. He had seen us there and followed us to the police station. Why he didn’t stop us from going, I am not sure but maybe it was because he feared being thrown into jail right then and there. I know one thing for sure and that is he was feeling fear greater than he ever had before. It was his breaking point. A part of him, knew he wasn’t going to get away with it anymore, and his whole world was crumbling. His true identity would be recognized, and, he would be a total outcast, living the rest of his days in jail.

Maybe that whole time he had been in denial? Maybe he was just doing this for the money, or for the power? Maybe he was so damaged that he made up an elaborate life to make him feel something inside? Perhaps when reality struck, his mind simply could not handle it. His realizations about how much destruction he had caused upon others, and himself, were too much to bear. It was our fault in his mind, that he could not have his “perfect” life anymore, and we were the reason he no longer wanted to live. So, evidently, we had to go down with him.

But was that the truth? Or was some evil energy at work? Is there evil? After my experience some probably wonder how I could doubt evil but then again, I had the great pleasure of experiencing the other dimensions, the guides and how much love there is in the universe.

My helpers appeared before me at that moment. They stood at a distance. My family, whose loving energy never separated from mine, came closer. Not a word was spoken and there were no words that needed to be spoken. We all knew what had happened and we all knew what will happen on Earth. The police will catch the others and there will be justice for all of our deaths. From our evidence, and the incident this evening, it would be very unlikely for them not to find the people responsible. With the greatest conviction, and love, our spirits hugged in the most gentle and peaceful goodbye.

I knew then, that our spirits would connect again someday, and we would learn and grow with each other. I felt the greatest appreciation that I was able to have them in my life on Earth. I even appreciated my father. If it weren’t for him, I would not have been able to get this far in my spiritual journey. I learned so much from him being in my life and for that, I am thankful.

I also wished only love and happiness for him. I wondered where he was now. What was he is thinking? What was he is doing? Most would imagine he is in hell, but I knew there was no hell. The most hellish things I have seen, always occurred on Earth. He was there. I felt it, then saw it. The screen again began to sparkle and flash. He was a baby now; a sweet, innocent baby who was full of love and joy. I could tell by his loving and compassionate essence that he had chosen a better path; one that might endure the same hardships as the last, but at least his heart will remain intact.

For me, Earth was no longer a playground. I had a bigger job with bigger lessons ahead of me. “I am ready to know my destiny.” I said aloud.

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