Above the Darkness

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Cloud Seven

It was dreamlike. Not fluffy clouds or golden gates. Not endless amounts of sweets or sexual pleasure. Not butterflies and rainbows. Not big comfy beds with luxurious sheets. Not great peaceful mountains and crystal clear lakes. Not children laughing and babies sleeping. No. These were the heavenly things that existed and will continue to exist on Earth. It was only a taste. Only a taste of where I was right now.

I cannot explain my surroundings for they changed every moment, every second. And every second lasted forever. Every moment was overlapping, moving forward, moving backward and everything in between; creating not the most beautiful sights but the most beautiful feelings stirring within me, around me and everywhere else. Every moment of peace, harmony, love, joy, and compassion that I ever felt on Earth in all of my lives, were unwrapping inside of me, spreading and multiplying like millions of flowers, blossoming at once.

I felt like I could never get tired, yet I was in a total state of relaxation. It was peaceful like water, powerful like fire, comfortable like Earth and harmonizing like the wind. I didn’t have an urgency to go anywhere, or do anything. I had no feelings of sorrow or anger. I could not even remember what these things felt like. Yet, when I remembered my life on Earth I still felt overwhelming compassion towards Ruth, my mother, and everyone else including my father. I also felt the same loving energy towards every other living creature that existed in the universe. I never knew I could feel so much, for so many. I felt like a cloud, which had endless amounts of rain to give life to others.

When it came time to leave this place, I was not upset, nor did I resist. I went with grace, and sureness, of the feeling within.

Chapter 34: Table of Purpose

I felt my body float into a new area of the dimension. The wonderful feelings and energies that soaked through me carried on inside of me when I sat at the Great Table that was now before me. I connected with everyone who sat around it. I saw the faces of all of my helpers and some new faces as well.

“Elizabeth. You have a new name now.” A new face that was long and wide eyed told me matter-of-factly. The tall, bald figure stood up as he said: “Your name will be chosen by you. Pick one that resonates with your soul.”

I did not respond. I only searched within myself to find feelings of love. It then rushed through me like a river that was full of life, wonder and mystery. “My name is Venita, and yours?”

“Perfect. Well, that is not my name of course, it is Yamil.” Everyone giggled.

“And I am Sinubrey,” said a feminine creature with chocolate-y wavy hair down to her curvaceous hips. Her eyes glistened a deep liquid gold.

“It is very nice to meet you Venita. My name is Joolem.” A young round face with a genuine smile of joy and excitement greeted me.

“It is very nice to meet all of you.”

The last one was toddler-like. She had long straight blond hair and eyes that had all the colours of the ocean swimming inside of them. She looked at me but she did not speak. But I heard her anyways. Her name was Katamilasoonika, but others call her Kata for short.

I nodded in her direction to let her know I had heard her. Harmony then looked in my direction, and stood up. “This is a very important meeting. We are welcoming someone very special who will serve us, the spirits of this universe and even far beyond that. She has proven herself to be courageous, compassionate and influential. She will help us lead this universe into a new direction; a better and more peaceful direction. We have failed in some areas, and she is here to help us with that failure. And help us with the new changes. I thank you for welcoming her so kindly but, now we must let her know what is in store for her.” Everyone clapped with excitement and happiness.

I too joined in. I no longer felt like Elizabeth, but Venita. I felt secure in my place. I felt no awkwardness, fear, anxiety or impatience. I continued listening intently for I knew something important was about to be said.

“As you might have noticed before you came here, you were in another dimension. Actually, we are still there but in an observatory place. This is where we can watch everything below us. I am not going to tell you the long story of how we got here. That is not the important thing. You will learn that when you take on your new job. For now, we will just tell you what that is going to be.” Yamil explained.

“You will be centered in between here and Earth.” Sinubrey continued, “What that means is you will be a channel between the 7th dimension and the 2nd. This is very important, because the 2nd is growing more chaotic and more complicated. More negative things will be happening there because of an unbalance. Your life you just lived on Earth represented that unbalance. What your father was involved in and many other people are involved in is evidence of how bad things can get there. We never meant for things like that to occur, so often. There have always been ups and downs in human history on Earth, and some might say it was worse before, but we feel a Universal Storm coming and Earth will not survive it if we do not balance out the negative. You are the key to this Venita, for you will represent the positive and implement more of the positive on Earth.”

“That is amazing. Thank you for this. But how will I be able to do that?” I asked with intense curiosity.

“Well, it is quite simple actually. As you know already spirits go to the resting place before going to their next steps. Well, after that, some of them; people like your father will come to you, for an extra step before moving on. You will give them a taste of the 7th dimension. Of the love, compassion, purity and peace it offers. And through this experience when they go back to Earth they will be able to recognize these feelings on Earth and appreciate them. As a result, hopefully they will help create more of these positive things.”

“Is that really possible?” I didn’t mean to be sceptical but it did seem too easy.

“Don’t be mistaken Venita. Your job will not be easy, for these spirits are very damaged. It will be hard to get them out of their denial and ego and into their heart, but I, and everyone else here believes you will succeed. And, if by chance you don’t, then whatever happens, happens and is meant to be. We will all move on or continue doing our jobs the best we can. We will not be sad, angry or frustrated, nor hold any blame on you, and you will not be alone. We will all be helping you, while you help us. Together, as a unit, we will make a difference. We have in the past and will continue to do so in the future.”

“I also believe, and I will do my absolute best. I cannot ask for a better job than to show people the wonders of the 7th dimension and allow them to see it in their early development…I have one question though.”

“What is that?” Yamil asked.

“Will this change the other dimensions as well?”

“Very good question Venita. Well, yes and no. The changes that we hope to see on Earth will most likely shift the others as well, for everything is connected and anything that happens on one will always affect the other, but this will be for the better. Something so positive will only have good effects on everything around it, unless there is an unbalance. It can go the other way too of course.”

I nodded in agreement and then, sat in silence for a while, observing everyone else. They looked tranquil and rested. Although a great sense of responsibility was now held upon my shoulders, the feelings of love never left me.

The Guides faded from me, moving farther and farther away, but it did not bother me for I was again in my rightful place. I felt secure and confident. I was away from the others but still felt they were present. I was grateful for their support.

The warmth of sensual oils and refreshing sprays of water covered my whole body. I wasn’t asleep, nor was I awake. Airiness then lifted my spirits to dance peacefully. The feeling never left me. I did not have to force it to come, nor did I have to struggle to hold onto it. It was just there. It was me. And it was everywhere.

The first time these positive feelings tipped over like a glass of water losing its balance, was when my first visitor came. I knew this visitor, even though I had never been in his presence before. He had affected my Earth life in some way, but how? I then looked deeper into his heart. It was cloudy and dirty. He hurt someone…someone I loved… Ruth.

Sinubrey was right; this was not going to be easy.

Let love, harmony, joy, and compassion rise in you like fire, push through you like water, fill you up like earth and dance in you like wind.


Notes: Let Elizabeth aka Venita be a reminder to do good even when you fear, to love the unlovable and to be open when all doors are closed. This is dedicated to my mother who has inspired me and allowed greatness to manifest within myself and others.

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