Time wards and the phoenix Key

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lyrin had a normal life. Until she met Addison. Then Rachel. then Mora. Now they've traveled back in time and must save the world of camelot before it is too late

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Start writing herFiction. Magic. The stuff of fairy tales and legends. I always thought they weren’t worth reading. After all, what’s the point of reading something that isn’t true? I kept that type of mindset until I was 14. why 14 you say? Because that is where this story begins.

Chapter 1: And thus friends are made

It all began on one Saturday at 8:15 am, I was in my bed safe and warm with my Black Poodle Puppy, Panther beside me, when suddenly a sharp voice of which I knew too well said,

“Lyrin, I have been calling for 15 mins for you to get out of bed. And I know you are not sleeping” I sat up on my bed, and I was met with a glass of water thrown at me and my Mom crossing her arms with an unhappy expression on her face. I sat there gasping as the cold water soaked my hair and my covers. Well if her shouting at me didn’t cure my laziness, that cup of water sure did.

She then left the room, satisfied, and told me to go take my shower.

I reluctantly hopped out of bed, got undressed, wrapped my towel around me, and ran to the bathroom with my clothes for the day. When I got there, I set my clothes down on the Clothes rack and placed my towel on the towel hook. I quickly set the water to cool to beat the scorching Miami sun and hopped into the shower. After 5 mins or so, I hopped out and got onto the shower rug. I quickly dried myself and slipped on my clothes. I then went into the kitchen and found the table arranged with all kinds of delicious breakfast foods. Sausages were sizzling on the stove, Eggs Benedict had been placed on a plate and a tall glass of orange juice almost engulfed the cups. I only had 15 mins to eat, so I quickly sat down and dug in. I gobbled it down, got a case of the hiccups, put on an apron, fed panther, and went down to my mother’s cafe and walked inside. The moment I entered the place it seemed like home. When I walked into the cafe, It was empty so I had a few minutes of peace and quiet before a line full of customers came rushing in and taking up all my time. I then shook my head and quickly walked across the oakwood floor and to the kitchen. I crawled under the counter. I then pulled out my phone and played Fortnite until it was time to serve.

“ Order Up”, A voice said shattering the silence that I had relished in for far too long. I quickly slipped on my apron and made my way to the person the voice had belonged to, and that person was my mother. My mother stood there, her face Covered with a glare, and was holding out a silver tray with 2 cups of coffee on it and ushered me out of the kitchen and into the cafe. The minute I walked in, a burst of excitement and nervousness struck inside me. This happened every Sunday when I served the coffee. I quickly went to table 9 which was the one that had ordered the marshmallow cream strawberry latte. I quickly set it down on the table and asked if they wanted anything else, and to my surprise, a girl around my age said, “ No thank you”. She turned around and I finally got a look at what she looked like. She had dark brown hair, (which she had styled in a Ponytail), Baby blue eyes, (Which were surrounded by Dark blue glasses), and Dark-coca skin. Suddenly I decided to strike up a conversation. We talked about Fortnite and which schools we went to and what outdoor activities we did after school. And turns we both go to Grand Ridge Middle School! Her name was Addison and she had just moved to Key West. I was about to open my mouth to say something more When suddenly my mom yelled, ” Order Up”, and I had to go again. But before I left I promised to hang out with her after the end of my shift. She nodded and I went back to the kitchen. My mom handed me a plate full of coffee for different tables and kissed my cheek and I went back to serving coffees. At the end of my shift, I hung up my apron and went to find Addison. I went outside and there she was sitting on the Bench, reading a book. I quickly called her name and she looked up and waved at me. I quickly walked over to her and said,” do you want to go to the mall.” She nodded and we walked to the nearest mall, which was the Phoniex plaza. Over there, she and I purchased matching bracelets and I purchased a plaid skirt black, blue, and gray with a grey shirt with silver stars on it and other outfits. We quickly paid for our items and left the mall. we then reached the outside and I saw an old merchantman that looked very strange. He was old and had wispy grey hair around his face, a streak of white hair down his beard. But that wasn’t the strange thing. The strange thing was what he was dragging behind him. He was dragging a huge medieval-aged cart with tons of goods behind him. He was about to cross the road, but there were tons of cars speeding across the road. He kept trying to cross, but he couldn’t find the correct time and thus he was cursing in a language only I seemed to understand. And that language was Latin. Latin was well known as The official dead language of the world. yet, I was fluent in it. 10 seconds later the road was clear, but the old man was still cursing. I walked up to him and said in Latin,” Hi, est nomen meum lyrin. hic tu me auxilium transire via secure.” ( Hi, My name is lyrin. here let me help you cross the road safely. ) He looked at me in surprise since he didn’t expect me to know Latin. Addison looked shocked too. I ignored it and with a smile helped the man across the road. He then said in a happy tone,” Gratias tibi! Posset tamen esse nescirem benigna Hic aliquid colligunt pro te, et amicum tuum huc, ad indicium videlicet meam gratiam.” ( Thank you! I didn’t know people could still be so kind! Here pick something for you and your friend, as a token of my gratitude.) I shook my head refusing, yet he insisted, so I looked into his cart and spotted 2 beautiful rings in a pouch. One had a golden band and a sapphire and the other a beautiful Ruby. The sapphire ring was engraved in Latin and said,” You will go back in time and find what was lost but you will gain something more”. I quickly thanked the old man and walked back across the road and to Addison. Addison had her eyes as wide as saucers and her mouth was wide open and she was muttering. She then managed to ask, ” What. Was. That”.

I then asked,” what was what”.

" you just said a random language to an old man and helped him cross the street”, Addison exclaimed in surprise.

" Oh, that. I take advanced Latin at school “, I chuckled.

She then looked at the pouch in my hand asked,” what’s in your hand.” I then looked down at my hand and saw the pouch.

" Oh this, he gave it to me as a sign of gratitude. He said to give one to you so, here you go,” I said giving her the Ruby one. I then slipped on the Sapphire one and said, ” I should be heading back home, do you know the way to your house from here”. She then nodded and pointed to a house from across the street that had Blue shutters and a red door. She then said goodbye, and thanked me for the bracelet and the ring, and headed home. I said goodbye back and headed home too. The cafe was closed at the time and I usually helped her close up, so my mom was probably worried sick and waiting up for me. And finally just before the sun was about to set, I spotted my house just a corner away. I quickly walked around the corner, raced home opened the door, and closed it. I then unpacked my bags in my room, analyzing the outfit I had bought earlier that day. I had gotten 2 outfits. One was my silver star shirt and a plaid skirt. My second outfit was my tomboy outfit which consisted of a white shirt with a Deer head on it and Black denim shorts. I had to pick one for School tomorrow, and since I had a reputation as the Tomboy, I picked the second one. I quickly laid them out on the Clothing rack in my Bedroom and went to take my shower. But before that I set my ring on my Nightstand and headed to the Shower. 5 mins later, I had finished and quickly headed towards my bedroom for a good night’s sleep. I picked out my PJs which was a unicorn onesie, wrapped my hair in a scarf, prayed, turned off the lights, and went to bed. Yet I couldn’t sleep.

As usual, I thought helplessly trying to think of something.

I should be used to it by now, I thought glumly, Ever since the diagnosis of my insomnia, it was hard to sleep while I was just comforting mom after dad’s death.

You see, I had a happy life. As happy as you could be with a Dad who had cancer and a mom who is a workaholic. But it wasn’t always that way. 8 years ago, I had a happy and healthy family. My dad was healthy and he worked as a servant in the biggest mansion in town, ( keep in mind that I didn’t always use to live in Miami I lived in a small town called Nyhm River), and every day after school I used to go over there and help him clean the house. But soon my dad got sick. so, he went to the doctor to get some blood work done. And in 5 days my life had shattered. My father had stage 4 cancer and he only had about 3 days to live. So, we watched movies every night and I always gave him hugs before I left for school.

Then on the 3rd day, my teacher’s phone rang. She picked it up and suddenly had a look of sadness and pity. She called me over and told me the horrible news. My father had passed away in his sleep.

But the most peculiar thing is, I never remembered any of this. My mother had told me all of this when I was older. But I had always had a type of feeling that it was all a lie. Every time My mother talks about my father while we are out, Peculiar people show up. These peculiar people look like ghosts, yet they are very much alive and they are always dressed like the old man on the sidewalk today: Medival style. The extra peculiar thing is that they are always the same people. I then snapped out of my daydream and watched Tv till The next morning.

The sun chirped loudly in my ear and I realized I was late for school! I quickly got undressed and rushed to the bathroom grabbing my outfit and towel and jumped into the shower and quickly took a shower in 3 mins. I then got dressed and packed my backpack. When I was fully dressed I went downstairs and walked to the kitchen. There standing against the stove cooking pancakes and bacon was my mom. The puzzling thing was that my mom was barely home, so why was she here? There must have been a million people in the Cafe at this time. So why would she risk rush hour to make me some pancakes? As a Gemini, this made me feel suspicious.

" Oh, Good morning honey”, My mom said flipping the creamy pancakes onto the newly washed plate and setting it on the table, ” this is for you, eat up”.

I quickly thanked her for the pancakes and ate quickly so I could catch up with Addison on the biking trail that leads to our school. I quickly texted her to meet me there and then headed down to the cafe/ restaurant to grab 2 caramel hazelnut lattes and 2 oatmeal and milk chocolate cookies. I quickly ordered it, paid for it ( despite the check-out ladies trying to give it to me for free), and left the cafe hopping on my bike to the meeting place with Addison. When I reached there, she was standing there with her bike waving at me to hurry up, and I did. I handed her the Hot coffee and she thanked me and drank the coffee then took off. I quickly raced after her and we had a little race to the school, which we tied at. When we arrive at the school, the principal was outside greeting the newcomers of the school and I quickly said goodbye to Addison and went inside. When I walked inside, I was greeted by the same person every day, Mora la luna. Mora was NOT my friend at Grand ridge middle school. She and I were rivals In academic terms and athletic terms. We both were top of our class in all studies and MVPs on our soccer team. We could have been friends due to all the similarities we had, but we just could not get along! She hated my guts and I hated hers. Plus it didn’t help that she had accused me of spreading a rumor about her in the 5th grade. The rumor was about her family going bankrupt, and that her family couldn’t even afford to feed her! But the truth is I didn’t even spread that rumor about her. But she didn’t believe me! Well anyway, back to the present. The minute I walked into the school, Mora grabbed my backpack and shoved it into my stomach, and just as she was about to throw a punch, someone held her hand back. I opened my eyes since I had somehow thought that closing them would make the pain go away faster. The person I saw holding back mora’s hand was a girl. She had hazel brown hair and stormy grey eyes, which she hid with her bangs and she also had dark olive skin. She was wearing a long-sleeved orange shirt with the words ” Mess with me, I dare you” and a pair of denim shorts.

" Mora, you’ll get in trouble if you punch her. Just ignore her. She is not worth your time.“, The girl said looking me up and down.

" But Rachel-” Mora tried to get her next words out but Rachel shook her head and with a flick of their hair, they left. I shuddered, being glad that I had escaped Mora’s rath this time. But I wondered how she managed to get Rachel tangled in her web.

She must be new, I thought, Poor girl. she doesn’t know what’s coming to her. 5 seconds after that thought ran through my mind, the bell had rung and I was late. I quickly picked up my backpack and ran to math class. When I got there, I was happy to see Addison saving a seat for me. I quickly snuck into the seat and put my bag on the floor, thanking God that I hadn’t been caught. 60 mins later, the bell rang and we were finished with our school work, Mrs.Himmens said she would grade them and pass them out next week and gave us some homework to finish for the day. The day passed by as quickly as it could, and before I knew it, School was over. I hopped on my bike as soon as Addison hopped on hers and we raced down the trail. When I reached home, I quickly invited Addison inside for a glass of lemonade. She quickly wiped the sweat off her brow and nodded with a grin. We quickly went inside and into the kitchen, where we found my mom making 2 sandwiches for us and pouring lemonade into 2 glasses.

“ Oh! Hi Lyrin, Addison,” My mom said greeting both me and Addison, “ These are for you. Lyrin, I invited some kids from your class to come to your sleepover. Their names are Mora la luna and Rachel Aqua”.

When my mom mentioned Mora and Rachel’s name, my jaw dropped and my eyes widened. Mora and Rachel are going to be at my sleepover, they might find out about my insomnia! Only Addison and my mom know, I thought intensely. Oh well, at least I can invite Addison.

“ Oh ok,” I said to my mother with a smile. Addison and I ate our sandwiches and quickly drank our Lemonade and when finished, We go outside and explored the woods around my house.

Saturday Morning:

“ Happy Birthday Bestie,” Addison said when she barged into my room on Saturday morning with a smile on her face. I turned my eyes away from the tv and smiled at her. She smiled at me sympathetically and said, “It’s time for you to get out of bed, silly goose.” I nodded and got out of bed and walked to the kitchen for some birthday pancakes that I had heard my mom whispering to Addison about. When I got to the kitchen, as expected, there was a plate full of pancakes with whipped cream on top. I quickly ate it up, went to the bathroom, took a shower brushed my teeth, and got dressed in my birthday clothes. While waiting for Mora and Rachel to arrive, I watched movies until 6:30, when Rachel and Mora entered the house with a bag each.

" Hi, you can put your bags in my room,” I said not making eye contact with Mora,” across from the bathroom you’ll find it”m Mora nodded, showed Rachel the bedroom and walked inside. For 2hrs, we watched tv, Played board games, and finally we decided to play truth or dare.

" Ok, Mora I dare you to... dance the chicken dance”, I said grinning in happiness of her embarrassment.

" fine, I can’t resist a dare”, She said rolling her eyes at my childish attempt and started doing the chicken dance. It looked so fun, that we all started doing it. We gigled and laughed and I realized, maybe Mora and I could be friends after all. Then suddenly, CRASH!!!!!! My bedroom Window crashed open and out of the nowhere an old man appeared. I looked more at the old man’s appernance and realized he was the same man I had helped when I had met Addison! Everyone in the room screamed in horror but I didn’t. I quickly smached the man across the face and said,

" Who the f are you and why do you keep following me”, I said In rage. The old man was surprised for a minute until he said,

" Those rings you hold legends of old and new, will start to change time for you, you will travel back in times of old and take back what they stole, Only magic found in camelot, you home will be found, you lot.”

As soon as he read the translation, I started to feel dizzy. Then the room started spinning and spinning. And before I knew it, Everything turned Black. e…

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