A witches battle

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Luna started off as an average girl trying to make ends meat. Although yes she had magic of a warlock living along made it hard for school and there for ditched it. Until one day her acceptance letter to a famous magic school came though, one she did not even apply too. With the help of new and old friend this is the first year of many that it will take to becomes the strongest witch in the world, until she finds out secrets about her life and heritage. And recover memories and events that she had long forgotten

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I turned around to the young lady sat on the black stool i had next to my veterinarian desk, the Lady’s name was Hannah. I had known Hannah since I was a little girl when I moved her to live with my mother. Hannah was a brave and confident lady she had a two plump natural red lips and a perfect owl glass frame.

Hannah had large bags under her big brown eyes, she has been up all night for the past few nights because of the dry crackling cough she currently had going on and this was affecting her work. I leaned down and handed Hannah the small light blue vial, she looked at it for a moment before gently taking it from me.

“Take this tonight, should clear your cough right up okay? It was my mother’s recipe you know the one you actually like.” I gave her a playful wink; she laughed a little bit as she stood up from the floor stretching out a little bit. Hannah has always come to us when she has a medical problem, She popped the little vile in her bag and pulled out a jingling pouch.

“So how much do I owe you?” she began digging through her pouch, I walked over and covered her small hands with my own stopping her.

“No, you know you don’t pay when you come here.” I shook my head looking at her in the eyes.

“But that was the deal I had with your mother not you.” She said in a whining voice, she hated not paying us. She used to leave money somewhere where it looks like we had just left it lying around.

“I don’t care, the same goes for me.” I pattered her hand and turned away walking back over to the medicine cabinet to clean up.

“Okay Luna but takes these at least for a thank you.” I turned back to watch her as she turned back placing her purse back in her back before pulling out her enclosed hand from the bag. Curious I took a couple of steps her as she turned back to me and gave me a sweet smile. She grabbed my right hand opening the palm and rolling two glowing pebble like objects. I looked at her before looking down the glowing objects. There were two, the first one was yellow. It different shades of yellow swirling around with one hint of light green the object; I looked back up at Hannah.

“Hannah.... What are these? Are they what I think they are?” she nodded her head before joining me at looking at them, my eyes focused on the red one this time. Just like the Yellow one the red consisted of shades of reds and a little bit of black swirling around.

“Oh yes, they are indeed magic stones. It’s said if you wish upon them that they will take you on an adventure.” She closed my palm up and smiled at me, smiled back at her.

“Where on earth did you come across these?” She stayed silent only tapping her nose three times lightly with a wink; I laughed lightly shaking my head before placing the stones in the back pocket of my jeans.

“I wouldn’t be able to tell you, top secret. Anyways –“she said dragging the word out and truing around to face her back to me while she grabs her back. “I do have to go so, thank you for the vial of poison. I’ll be sure to take it tonight. I will speak to you later at some point?” she turned back at me raising her eye brow.

“Yeah of course, I will give you a call once I have finished work.” I nodded my head as I walked to her, she gave me a small smile and we began walking to the door I had my hand lightly on her back. I opened the large dark oak door for her letting in the blinding sunlight into my dim light shop. She gave me a quick hug before shimmying herself of the door shouting good bye over her shoulder as she left. Once I closed the large door I locked it with the sliding bolt lock I had placed on my door earlier this year.

I lent my back on the door as I pulled one of the stones from my pocket, opening my palm my eyes locked on the yellow glowing stone. I brought the stone up to my face admiring it farther, it was utterly beautiful. I moved the stone around lightly in my palm moving it with my other hands index finger. I pulled the stone away from my face when it began to vibrate, the light glow that was emanating from it originally became brighter until it took over my whole vision and encased me with a white light and I could no longer see my shop.

The white light started to become painful to my eyes forcing me to shut them to ease the pain that had attacked my eyes and head, the light still penetrated through my eye lids until I had to drop the stone on the floor and cover my eyes with my plans. The sound of the stone hitting the wooden floor rang out, it got louder before suddenly the feeling of falling came over me and the floor had disappeared from beneath me.

“What the –“my voice was cut out; I became breathless as the wind rushing around me creating a deafening rumbling sound. I flung my eyes open, where my dark ceiling should be covered in beams and cobwebs was a bright blue sky. It was cloudless, a plain blue canvass. My long curly, fire like hair flapped around my face invading my vision and smacking my face in a sharp whip like fashion and then when it clicked. I was falling; I tipped my head back and let out a shriek of terror. A Large stone castle was racing towards me; my heart was racing as tears began to leak from my eyes. I was going to die; I closed my eyes tightly and curled up waiting for the painful and bone crushing impact from where I was going to land.

I suddenly felt weightless; I hadn’t hit anything as far I was aware since there was no pain. I opened my eyes and I was slowly placed on something cold and solid, I had been placed on a black metal bench. The bench was in the middle of a grassy area that was surrounded by light grey stone walls the same ones by the looks of it the castle had, there was a stone path way in front of me and it lead both way to other stone paths that connect the walls creating an H shape.

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