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An old powerful supernatural family, trying to live life as normal as possibly after an horrible events ripped them apart. Iris believe that her twin brother Ben, brother Nathan and her are last one of they coven or are they mysterious things start to happen when a new boy turn up in town and Iris dreaming about dark places, monsters and a mysterious boy...

Fantasy / Mystery
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Thick darkness slithers through against the luminescence of the sky, radiating past the gigantic Birch trees. Mildly swaying their branches against each other, making them look like they are agreeing to a cunning plan. The forest is yet so silent even with just the wind, sounding like a fainting whisper. A sound of rabid dogs; barking, growling, snarling, and fighting one another as they run through the forest breaking up the swift silence that was once kept. Pitter-patter of footsteps attack upon the sounds of the dogs; moving fast, running like their lives depends on it, maybe it is.

A young girl and boy racing each other throughout the forest away from the beastly dogs, creatures with no souls. The pair move as swift as a fired arrow, jumping and climbing over dead fallen trees. Pushing against the pain, throwing their arms and legs back and forth. Trying to reach the gleaming light that bounds at the top of the forest. The only hope they need.

Unexpectedly a dark beast catches up with them, darting toward the girl, pushing her toward the bottom of a hill alongside them. The vicious beast growls on top of her pinning her down to the muddy wet ground. She moves her hands onto the beast’s neck as she tries to keep the beast’s razored teeth from her throat. The boy slides down after he grabs a dull broken tree branch from the ground. He charges at the beast spearing it through the side of the beast ribs lifting and throwing it across from them like it weighed nothing. The beast lays there helpless; yelping in pain. The boy quickly aids the girl; helping her to gain her balance. She stood there silently in shock as she stared at the hopeless beast. He grabs her forcefully by the arms, pulling her in contact with him. He stands over her.

“Come on, we got to be quick about this. We don’t have much time. This could be our only chance” he calmly said. The girl nods in agreement and the two race toward the edge of the forest; meeting a very unsteady rocky mountain. They move gradually along the mountain; fighting against tiredness and fallen debris. Finally reaching the top, a big blue light hovers across from them. Suddenly, the ground starts to shake, the two hold on to one another, the ground surrounding them starts opening up, crumbling everywhere as the two runs across, jumping over the ripped ground to reach the light. As they gain more speed; a long, lean, thorny vine shoots from the ground in front of them, flying them into different directions. The vine snaps at the boy’s legs, swinging him around and upside down like a rag doll. It starts tightening around the poor boy’s body as it crunches a couple of his ribs and rips at his skin, all over his body.

The girl struggles to stands up, dazed and confused. The girl touches her head to find blood pouring rapidly down her face. She catches a glimpse of pure blue light upon her feet, as she turns slowly to see the gleaming light. “Home,” she thought. She looks around in front of her to place the boy being crumbled to death. The girl lets out a sigh, looks upon the boy again, and rushes toward him, jumping vines and broken pieces of the ground moving around like she’s in a video game. She reaches the boy as he hangs upside down. She grabs onto the vine with all her might but the indestructible vines, instantly shredding through the skins of her hands.

“Go quickly, forget about me. Just go” he yells at her, as he tries to catch his breath.

“I can’t...” she stumbles back a bit. Trying to think about what to do next. She knows she can’t leave him here in this hellish place. Unaware of a hefty vine beneath her bursts from the ground, throwing her toward the unknown blue light...

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