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When Tara lyle returns back home to take over the family responsibilities, she realises so much was going on in the villa and the businesses. She confidently Hope's to take charge of everything but with each day that passes, something knee and new comes up in ruins. Among everything, there is Maximus Simmons, the young man she has the urge of keeping most in her care as she goes by around managing the Lyle villa and a dream she doesn't want to loose above anything else. Author's Note. Regarding Tara lyle book series. I'm greatful for the time you put in to read my books dear readers and I decided to be putting up complete books for every book series I own and I hope you love this adventurous book. It maybe fiction but based upon the main character Tara lyle in the book... she is as strong as the sound of this book in person and reality. I hope you will be following until the the publication of Tara lyle book 2 (at willete's mercy)

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Back in the sixteen hundreds around the Maga War between Duskwick and Dimwharf, witches where perceived as dangerous creatures and living dead.

Anyone who showed signs of the slightest magic possession was burnished from living and sentenced to death by fire. Any other creature whether human or not would be counted as a hominid or a living soul.

Knowing that the species would end Maga as it had started to the two cities' benefit. None of them wanted to keep them alive.

And so around this time, In September tenth sixteen hundred and four on a rainstorm night is when I was born. From a very wealthy and known home of the Lyle. My family name had lived for over seven centuries.

That same night after my birth, I was taken to a near city by my father where I till the sixteen hundred and nineteen led my life.

I've clearly known my origin and closely spent most of my time knowing my parents.
Margot Annette Lyle and Loren Flynn Lyle. I've been told the warlock stories ever since I took my very first step as a kid but not for once have I seen or met one before.

I grew up as just everyone around Oxfall town, Boys and girls all taught how to fight before the age of getting into the Duskwick army. I though noticed the exception of me from the rest of the other girls. Was educated just like the boys, given special attention among the others but that didn’t change the joy I felt around my companions.

In sixteen nineteen at my fifteenth birthday, I received news from Duskwick that my biological father had passed away due to a heart failure. This led me back to Duskwick for the second time. Despite the fact that I knew my parents and got to embrace their love for me, I had never been at my origin house since birth and that death led me there first.

Surprisingly. At that burial, not a single person except my mother knew who I was and from every moment I was introduced to anyone, I was her niece Tara Marinda from Oxfall town. It rather never bothered me and not in a snitch did it pass my mind to why I didn’t grow up in that house.

A very large mansion rather a villa. On its outside painted in faint black but on the inside, very bright white. Not any of the furniture to my gaze was any other color except black.

The Lyle were well off per say and undoubtingly could they dictate that life could get any better. Even during the Maga, theirs was very secure. Maga had lasted for over fifteen years estimating my own age. Most of the villages had been invaded.

Goldpost, Crowcall, Magehill from Dimwharf had been taken over by Duskwick and the war rathered to be in our favor though, Dimwharf had taken over Frosthaven town and Smallhaven to their conquest. Which assured that Oxfall was its next target.

The stories of the war only reached Duskwick through the royal informants of the Duskwick Family straight to King Joseph Duskwick III and from his seat would he command the training and disposal of the army. Boys at eighteen were already army age and would be assigned their respective general commanders while girls at twenty one.

I was six years away from joining the army and couldn’t wait any longer. It had become juice and fruit to my ears that I wanted to join immediately. After my father’s burial, I was in letter asked to stay in Duskwick with mother who seemed rather depressed from the loss. She could no longer run the Lyle business and trusted no one else in the house care.

Flynn Lyle my father dealt in mining gold and had bought almost every mining area around three nearing cities. Oxfall, Newgrasp and frosthaven. The business was at the time facing a blow due to the conquest of frosthaven and the same loss of holder.

During my very first stay weeks in the Lyle villa, the workers were very unwelcoming and hardly listened to my own orders except those of my mother. I couldn’t tell whether it was a scarecrow blow to them or they were afraid that I was to take advantage of the unexplainable loads of properties that Lyle as a name possessed. Weeks later, my mother caught an illness that led to her deceasing five months forward.

Exactly three days after her death, the guild caretaker of the mansion called in a gentleman by the names Mathew Lodoff who was supposedly to read the big Lyle will. It was off on the thirteenth of February sixteen hundred twenty on a very promising lovely night when Lodoff read off the will. They were two envelopes he held in his hands each possessing a beige colored piece of paper. One bigger and one smaller.

Lodoff was a very tall slim gentleman who wore a long stripped coat, a tinny bowtie and inner white short sleeved shirt. Long pair of shoes that had me doubting whether they really embraced all his feet. With him Carried a pale black case that came held by a female who was always left behind the kitchen on his entry. At his coat chest pocket was a case of eye glasses which he told out at his very start as he open to begin.

That evening, he was invited in to the living room and took a seat at his command commencing one of the letter from the large envelope that read;

On the tenth September sixteen hundred and four, the Lyle heir was born. As of my own passing away Loren Flynn Marinda Lyle, every property I possess will be passed to my wife Margot Annette Lyle then to Tara Marinda Lyle as soon as she turns twenty one.

And down was his signature. He then turned his eyes at me giving me the attention he should have done at first saying. “I believe your Miss Tara Marinda Lyle?” and I responded. “As stated Mr. Lodoff.”

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