Murder Heights (ZETA BOOK 2)

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Nola has a lot of healing to do. She’s terrified of hurting her mates, ever since that night during The Lockdown. She can’t make the nightmares go away. She despises going outside, what with all the new interest in Zetas. And the aggression is becoming unbearable.<br /> Kristos has to deal with working under his brother, Minos, and not even having Daron around is going to help with the constant desire to bash the Beta’s head in. But when he gets wind that Minos’ CEO position isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, he has a lot more on his plate than just protecting his mates.<br /> Iris is enjoying his new part-time jobs, but can’t help but think that the worst is yet to come. After all, Nola won’t touch him and Kristos always smells stressed. Sometimes, Iris feels like he’s the glue holding them together. To top that, Iris’ boss seems to have a thing for him and the advances are only getting worse. NOT HEAVILY EDITED. I'm aware of plotholes and ideas that don't make much sense. There are scenes that make you go, why the f**k would they do that? This is one of those. But you're welcome to read it, then tell me how much you hate it 🙃 All rights, ideas, and characters owned by Nic. Slater w/ input from user: Soliloquy

Fantasy / Romance
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Before You Read

Before You Read

Just a few things, I promise.

First, if you haven’t read Book 1, you’re going to be entirely lost, although I assume there is some portion of this book that will still make sense. And all the sex scenes are still fun to read, even if you have no idea what the hell is going on.

Second, Book 2 deals with much darker themes than the first one – tags will be updated as needed. Please, please, please (did I say please??) look through the tags. If any of them bother you, don’t read this. There will be no warning before chapters that deal with certain themes as they are engraved in all different parts. You’ve been warned.

Third, I apologize for any and all mistakes, inconsistencies, and plot holes that you might find. This is not supposed to be perfect, nor is it supposed to be anything more than a strange work of art that has seeped through my fingers from my imagination. That being said, I hope you won’t be too harsh on my beautiful throuple.

Fourth, lastly and definitely not the least, I’ve had some help from a fellow reader – Soliloquy. You have seen this user’s comments on a few of the chapters or you might have skipped those. Regardless, this user’s help has been wonderful, and ideas have been implemented to reflect that.

I hope you all enjoy. Read. Comment. Bash it. Do whatever 😊

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