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The Unbidden: The First Tome

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A compilation of 3 side stories (3 novella) that stand along within the main series, but stand alone all on their own. They also help to flesh out the world and provide you with new perspectives from new and old characters alike (Very long parts).

Fantasy / Adventure
Apollyn Haborym
4.0 2 reviews
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Hello, and welcome to the first compilation of side stories - or as I like to call it - The First Tome. There are 3 stories for you to immerse yourself within in this tome, each of which are loosely related to the main story, but otherwise serve to expand the universe itself from those native to it.
The main thing to note is that each part is significantly longer than a chapter within the Main Series (MS) due to the fact that it's just a side story. I had to split it up into 3 parts for each just because of how long they were. Each story is 25k-30k words each!
I'm not sure whether to talk about who each of the characters are you'll be following, but if you paid attention to certain details in the MS, I'm sure you'll remember about them.
I hope you enjoy this compilation. Just as with the MS, I pour a lot of my energy and time into making what I feel is a compelling and enjoyable series, so I always greatly appreciate the time you're taking to read it, as I know your time is just as valuable as mine!
Thank you.
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