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Awakening (Born From Shadows #1)

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"Run. Hide. Scream. Nothing can save you now," she said in a deadly calm voice. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Tatianna Fiducia is a peasant in a kingdom built for gods. Forced onto the streets at the young age of six, her heritage unknown to everyone including herself. When she caught up in another family's drama her life is changed forever. On the run she prey's that she makes it out of place she had called home for many years. A Fantasy Romance WARNING MATURE THEMES

Fantasy / Romance
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There are many stories created in time, each differing from one another depending on who tells the story. Stories of how the world of Crénia was formed. How each species theorised the first sun rise and set along the horizon. In every story there is truth, just like every tale has a lesson hidden within.

At the beginning, it is said by the Dwarves, nothing but dust floated through the stars. Through the sun’s heat and fire this dust then slowly forged into a world, just as metal is forged to a blade. The humans say otherwise. That a group of all-powerful beings, Gods, took pity upon the void of darkness and then created a world with life to bring joy and happiness into the emptiness. The Fae, wonder of the true story. Though they do not try to come up with an explanation because they believe it is too vast to have such knowledge.

The Elves has a different perspective entirely. They believe that this universe is all that survived from a massive explosion that took place in a much larger Universe. That the world is only a pocket of what once was and that Crénia is just a small amount of debris from the disaster.

Then there is ancient species of Elfir. No one knows what they think or believe. The powerful being’s knowledge extent is unknown to everyone but themselves. The immortals are of a different level of intelligence entirely compared to the others that walk the realm and their true thoughts are remained forever guarded by the depths of their minds.

Each story is different except one. A story that is the same no matter who or what is telling it. The history of the ancient world. The blood, carnage and destruction which lead to the hierarchy of the species and the ancient laws formed. Every species will account what is known as The Dark Times the very same way.

The war that every civilisation has, one started over power and land. To dominate over every species and be in command. The war that started when the humans landed upon Crénia, wanting to take it all for themselves and disrupt natures balance. The Elves would not allow the land to be ruined. Though the species were small in numbers, their strength and power was matched by no other…or so they thought.

The humans untied with the dwarves that were tired of living under the elves shadow within the underground tunnels of the mountains. The Fae allied with the Elves, both creatures of nature and fought to protect the wildlife and land. The creatures of darkness took this as an advantage to control small areas and take what they could whilst the main species were distracted with one another. The greed of the goblins eventually leading to their ultimate downfall.

Years passed and the fight reigned on, neither sides winning or losing, despite the Elves advantage the humans had more numbers than the Elves thought could exist. Eventually after a decade of never-ending battle and blood lust their continuous fighting stirred up an ancient beast that did not want to be awoken, or to find its beloved home invaded by smaller, insignificant creatures.

It tore through the middle of the land, ripping everything apart in its way, leaving nothing but ruins and death. Half of the human’s and dwarves were killed and a quarter of the Elves and Fae.

All within a day.

The day the battle ended, a peace was treated formed and an oath to never wake the beast ever again was made.

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