Mars and my new weird Life & Discoveries. by Chris Hooks

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Chris is tired of same old same old with his life and is looking for something new and different. His life he loved climbing, exploring caves, and many other things, however things in his life needs to change but to what ends. This causes his life and others lives to change and for the better mostly due to what long forgotten race has left scattered pieces the others may find in many thousands for years latter was it planned or not.?

Fantasy / Scifi
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My life and need of change

Hi my name is Chris Haswell, my life has never been well lol. I was born on 21 February 1994 into a lower middle class family with my Dad working in building newer up to date lower pollution, energy-efficient power plants and my Mom works as a nurse at the local hospital. The date now is 21 February 2024 "Happy Birthday ya" now 30 yrs old, both of my parents are planning to retire in 15 years. I always loved to climb and exploring since I was little and after I graduated high school I have taken college courses in geology, anthropology and some side classes on mapping caves, water scuba diving and climbing.

I noticed an posting looking for workers for a Mars expedition to map caves or caverns. I applied for a job interview and everyone that passed has to attend a briefing. I signed an agreement contract for 12 years after taking classes that were mandatory to deal with space, working in low gravity and in low or no oxygen environments. The 12 year contract was for 1 year to Mars 10 years there and 1 year back to Earth with a bonus for extending commitment to stay on Mars for 5 more years.

I passed all classes and will be leaving to Mars on 5 January 2025 just 2 weeks away. I spent this time to box up and store all my things I wouldn't be taking with me to Mars and to visit my family and friends. I had so much I wanted to do and time seemed to fly bye and it was time to go.

The company provided all our transportation from home to the space port on Mars. This was a very long and boring trip that would last a little over a year to Mars. I found we had to exercise daily with weights, endurance and clean our clothing, our selves lol, rooms and common areas. The food was MRE's(military meals ready to eat), caned or dehydrated. Gravity on board the ship was generated parts from the ship rotated causing centrifugal forces to simulate gravity.

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