The Thornhill Chronicles: The Last Heir

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Excusse the bad cover anyone have any ideas let me know. Love, magic, witches and sex. 18 year old Ethan goes to Thornhill academy like he always planned after he turned 18 but he never imagined how bad of an idea it was. Sorry for the bad summary haven't finished writing it. Sorry for my shit english especially the grammar. Hope you enjoy.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

' ‘Do you have to go’ my mum asked as I was packing my bags I turned to her looking into her eyes that were the brightest green I have ever seen and I smiled and turned back to my closet to sort through my clothes.

‘Yes we had a deal,’ I said putting more t-shirts in the suitcase.

‘I know but everything that happened… ’ she hesitated, ‘I can’t lose you too’ she looked at the floor.

‘You won’t I will be only an hour away,’ I sat next to her, ‘You know I can’t control this’ I looked at my open hands, ‘especially now.’ I returned to packing.

‘Okay, finish packing and come downstairs,’ she said as she got up and left the room, I knew she didn’t like the idea of me going to the Academy but I had no other choice.

A couple of minutes later I zipped and made my way downstairs, I heard my mother telling Moira our housekeeper to clean my room after we leave tomorrow morning. As I walked into the living room Moira left through the other door and my mother was sitting on the white sofa with a glass of yellowish liquid.

‘Mum really?’ I asked pointing at the glass, ‘tequila at twelve?’ she didn’t answer just smiled. She opened her mouth wanting to say something but she didn’t have a chance as our doorman Dominic walked in and behind him.

‘Marcy!’ I exclaimed

‘Eth’ she shouted back and ran up and jumped on me wrapping her legs around my waist. ‘ you have to leave me here alone?’ she asked standing on her own feet.

‘Yes, ‘ I said,’ it’s only Edinburgh’ I lied. She sent me an angry look and turned to my mum.

‘Hello, Mrs Castle,’

‘I told you to call me Joana.’ My mother said as she placed the glass on the coffee table and hugged Marcy.

Marcy took me to my room to get me to dress in party clothes as we decided to go to Newcastle for our last night-out tomorrow.

After getting dressed Marcy tried to put my hair up but she failed so she combed through it with her fingers and agitated it to look messy.

We got on a train to Newcastle after buying some premix cocktails to drink on the way. Partying with Marcy always leads to me not remembering anything from the night only that she always manages to find me a hot guy to hook up with.

I don’t know how I ended up in his apartment as he struggled to take my black super skinny jeans that felt like a second skin I laughed. Finally, the blue-eyed guy took my jeans off and reached for a kiss. We kissed for a while then he changed positions and now, I am underneath him gasping as his tongue went down my chest and barely existing abs. I arched my back as he found what he was looking for

I pulled him up to a kiss and started to take his clothes off as he was still dressed. The guy was muscular but not buffed as some guys are, he was nicely tanned with no tan lines, the first thing I saw when taking his jeans off, was no underwear a moon tattoo on one of his hip and a sun tattoo on the other. I threw the jeans across the room and leaned for a kiss his lips were soft, but the kiss was aggressive. I started kissing and sucking on his neck making my way down his chest and carved abs, he gasped as I reached the thing I was waiting for since I saw him in the club. He started to breathe heavily and with no hesitation, he pulled me up for a kiss and then placed me on the bed pulling my legs up. He reached across the bed to the nightstand and seconds later I flinched grabbing the bedsheets.

After a good couple of minutes, we both lied down on the pillows breathing heavily.

“Do you want something to drink, Ethan,′ the guy asked a minute later, I was surprised he remembered my name.

“Yes please, I would like a glass of water,′ replied breathing heavily and the blue-eyed guy went out of the bedroom and as he disappeared, I grabbed the guys jeans and took his wallet pulling his driving license out. I put it back as I heard footsteps, I stood next to the fireplace looking at the pictures standing on the mantelpiece.

‘Here you go,’ the guy said, handing me over a glass of water.

’Thank you, Luis,′ I smiled and drank half of the water at once.

’I am surprised you remembered my name,′ he smiled, and I walked towards him leaving the empty glass on the mantelpiece. As I kneeled in front of him and Luis gasped curling his toes as I took him in my mouth. He helped me get up and picked him up and he wrapped his legs around Luis kissing him as he walked towards the bathroom.

I woke up as the sound of my ringtone filled up the room, I got up. Luis wasn’t in the room. I walked towards the pile of clothes that were laying on the floor and picked up my jeans taking my phone out of the pocket. The phone showed half eight and 10 unanswered calls from my mother. I started to get dressed as my mother called me again and screamed asking where I am and that they have to leave in an hour.

After getting dressed, I heard a noise coming from the other room, so I followed the noise and I was in an open kitchen where Luis wearing only underwear was making breakfast.

‘’Morning, how did you sleep?’’ Luis asked, walking towards me planting a smooch on my lips and walking away to the stove.

‘’Not bad, you have a very comfortable mattress,’’ I said biting my lower lip, ‘’Listen I don’t want to be the guy who leaves in the morning after a hookup, but I have to be somewhere in an hour. I am sorry.’’ I uttered.

‘’No worries but I insist you eat something’’ Luis said pointing at the stove as I walked toward him. I looked at the stove where all the components of an English breakfast were done cooking. ‘’ I am alright thanks, but I won’t say no to coffee,’’ I said half smiling.

‘’Alright,’’ Luis said handing me a mug with black liquid inside.

’’Thanks,″ I mumbled, that’s what I needed it I thought to myself as I took a sip of coffee. I drank it in silence as he started to eat his food, I put the mug into the sink after drinking and I made my way under the table smiling seeing that he’s as excited as am I.

It was quarter to nine I make my way into the lift smiling and as the lift door close, I mumble words in Scottish Gaelic under my breath, my hands spin in the air. White sparks form a circular portal that overlaps the doors, my bedroom peeking through. I run through, appearing in the middle of my room, and sprint straight to the bathroom to hurl my morning coffee.

As I rinse my mouth with mouthwash I hear my mum barge into my room.

‘I am here.' I shout from the bathroom after I spit the rest of the mouthwash out, she walks in with a disappointed look on her face.

‘You know your father hates waiting’ she looks at me placing her hand on my forehead.

'Slànachadh' she said in Scottish Gaelic and I immediately felt better.

'Thank you,' I said and she looked at me smiling.

'Now at least tell me you've packed?' she said putting her hands on her hips. I smiled and clicked my fingers and white sparks light up in my hand.

'Yes everything is in the car,' we both walk out of the bathroom and out of my room taking the stairs downstairs.

As we enter the kitchen I see my father Steven finishing his coffee looking up from his phone as he sees us.

'Ready?' Me and my mum both nod she takes her handbag and all three go outside where my dad's Landrover is parked the boot full of my things.

As my father pulls out of the driveway I look at the empty seat in the backseat where my brother would normally sit and I think to myself, You can do this.

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