Paint Me In Your Shade

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Odette Ferguson, an eighteen-year-old transfer student arrived at Wolf High with the words, 'slut', 'bitch', 'whore' and more engraved into her skin and it frightened anyone who looked her way but to their surprise, Odette was as bubbly as a human could be. She wore her heart on her sleeves but it came with the price of having bipolar disorder.

Fantasy / Romance
Vanessa Nicole
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Paint Me In Your Shade 1

Mr James, the principal of Wolf High knocked on the door of Mrs Anderson’s class interrupting her lesson. When she saw it was Mr James, she stood up straight and glared at her class making them stand up. The wolves stood up and smile, greeting him, they sat down and immediately their eyes and ears perked out looking and listening to the petite and curvaceous, fair beauty that followed behind him.

Just as they were marvelling at her side appearance, their eyes widened in horror. She had on white shorts that were slightly stuck into the crevice of her round butt but the fair legs she had were marked with bruises from weeks ago and recent. The cuts on her legs were worse as they carved the words, “Whore”, “Slut”, “Bitch”, “Useless”, “Die”.

Her long ink-black hair curved around her butt in its ponytail and on her neck was red scratch marks refusing to heal. She wore a moss green tank top and on her arms were those horrible words carved into her arms with scabs lining them along with purple, pink and blue bruises.

>All of you remain calm< Mr James said through the pack link. He smiled at the class and looked down at the girl beside him and introduced, “Everyone, this is Odette Ferguson. Our new transfer student. Her transfer was abrupt but I hope that all of you make her feel welcomed.”

Mr James stepped back and said, “Odette, Mrs Anderson is your homeroom teacher and this is your classmates, be sure to make friends okay,” he said giving her a reassuring smile.

Odette beamed at him with a nod. Mr James left and the class avoided looking at her. After the momentary pause, Mrs Anderson spoke, “Alright, class you heard Mr James. Odette, would you like to tell the class about yourself so that we can get to know you?”

Tilting her head, Odette narrowed her eyes on Mrs Anderson then nodded and became energetic, “Welp, for starters, I am short, I get it from my grandmother on my father’s side. My father, myself and my siblings recently moved here about a few hours ago and my siblings, there’s three of those little shits! All boys,” she said with a groan. “I hate cooking but have to cook since my father burns even water and we will most likely die from food poisoning. My seventeenth birthday in on the 8th of next month. What else, what else…” she asked herself thinking real hard.

“I like mint chocolates, do not like reading but I do it anyway. OOOO yes, my hair is so long that my siblings think it’s a joke and pull it just for the fun of it and sometimes when I zone out and do not pay attention to them,” she said and started laughing. “I draw and paint as well when I get inspiration and to relax.”

She looked at Mrs Anderson and frowned, “I can’t think of anything else at the moment.”

Mrs Anderson nodded, “There’s a seat open beside Region, please have a seat.”

Odette scanned her classmates and saw a handsome boy with tattoo’s on his forearms pat the seat beside him.

Turning to Mrs Anderson she thanked her and scurried over to her assigned seat. Sitting down she sighed and took off her backpack and took out a notebook, she turned to Region and asked, “Why’d your parents name your Region?”

Region’s eyes widened, “Is that really the first thing you are going to ask me?”

Odette shook her head, “I was going to ask you what subject we were having but… I remembered your name so…”

“English! They named me Region because they were smoking pot,” he hissed and placed his head down. Odette smirked and looked up to see that everyone was still looking at her.

Mrs Anderson cleared her throat, “Odette, will you be able to write me an essay of ten thousand words so that I could mark it as your overall score for the first and second term that we already passed?”

Odette frowned, “Would a story work in that case?” she asked.

Mrs Anderson’s eyes sparkled, “Yes, that will do, it can be about anything you want.”

“Oh…” Odette said and hummed. Picking up her bag, she pulled her laptop out and switched it on, “I recently wrote a story on an unrequited love, its ten thousand nine hundred and forty-three words – can you give me your email address so that I can send it to you.”

Mrs Anderson scurried over as she told Odette. She scanned the files on the laptop and asked, “How long have you been writing?”

Odette shrugged, “As long as I can remember.”

Class began but the pack link was filled with questions wondering if Odette’s father was the one abusing her. They also found it odd that she would wear such revealing clothes with those marks on her body.

Mrs Anderson was pissed and no matter how many times she told them to pay attention, they did not. It was soon known to the entire school and county that they had a new transfer student and she was abused in what looked like the worse way.

When it was time to change classes the hallway was full and silent. Everyone’s eyes were on the girl following at Region’s heels.

Odette did not know how everyone found out about her and felt embarrassed. Even during lunchtime, she sat alone at a table eating until someone interrupted her thoughts. Slamming his bag down on the table to get her attention, he sat down opposite her and smiled, “Yo, you are the new girl Odette right?”

Odette looked at him profoundly and nodded, “Who are you?”

The boy beamed and jumped over the table and hugged her, “I am Spencer, nice to meet you, wanna be friends?”

Odette pushed him away gently as she gazed at him listlessly, “Sure but keep your distance, if my brothers find another man clinging to me they might just kill you.”

Spencer rolled his eyes. He looked at the marks on her body and couldn’t help himself, “Why don’t you cover it up?” he mumbled.

Odette grinned, “It’s a turn off right?”

He shook his head, “No, you are just scaring most of the girls and omega’s”

Odette frowned, “Omega’s?”

Spencer widened his eyes in realization, “Gay boys haha,” he said holding his hands up although it was not really the truth.

Odette shrugged, “Well I don’t give a shit.”

Spencer sat up straight and looked at her, “Then what is your reason?” He asked even though everyone was telling him to shut the fuck up.

Odette looked over at him from the book she was reading and smiled, in a low voice that everyone heard over the noise, “I am a survivor.”

Spencer hummed and rested his head on the table as he gazed up at her. Time seemed to slow in her presence and out of nowhere Region sat down at the table and asked, “So who’s the one that fucked you up?”

Odette looked at him from under her lashes. This boy was really handsome but he seemed so overbearing not to mention he was a high schooler with so many tattoos.

Spencer jumped over the table and sat in Region’s lap as if it was normal. Odette glanced at them and returned her gaze to the book in her hand, “Are the two of you a couple?”

“Naw, this fool just likes to have my scent on him,” Spencer said as he rubbed his hand up and down Region’s muscled chest. Odette chuckled mouthing ‘O’ and read the book in her hand. After the couple made out Region asked her again, “Who did it to you?”

Odette looked up from the book with an irritated gaze, “My mother had this bright idea that her high school sweetheart was fucking his own daughter behind closed doors and did not like that he was spoiling me and she snapped.”

She shrugged and yawned, “It’s a long story but that’s the short version.”

“Ody?” A low voice called out to her grabbing the three’s attention. When Region and Spencer looked over, they saw that the boy had similar features to Odette, those similar green eyes and ink-black hair.

“Sit,” Odette said listlessly.

The boy nodded and greeted the couple who nodded at him curiously, “How is your first day going?” Odette asked him.

The boy smiled and leaned against her, after she wrapped her arm around him she tugged him closer and kissed the back of his head, “Well, it’s going good. I made friends with my classmates and they want to know when can I hang out with them.”

“Why aren’t you with them now?” She asked as she placed all her weight on him suffocating the boy who groaned, “Why must you be so weird?” He struggled and gave up trying to set her up straight and just pushed her off the chair.

Odette sighed heavily and took her time getting up. She looked at her brother who was flustered and saw that his ‘friends’ were staring at her with wide eyes. One of the girls squealed and hid behind the boys. Odette gave them a stern look as she asked, “Who the fuck are you all?”

“Ody don’t scare them,” her brother wined and hugged her. She lazily sat back in the chair and looked at the one boy who resembled Region, pointing at him she asked, “You two related?”

Region nodded, “Yuuup! He’s my third brother Legacy. Your sibling?”

She looked down at her brother and said, “Your parents really know how to name you guys. This is one of my babies Julian. My tiny baby is named Odin and my middle baby is named Brody.”

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