Fallen Stars

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Repetition 1.12

The room the truck finally stopped in was barely lit, but in the distance there were visibly some crates and a few other trucks like it. Kyosu hung beneath the truck, hanging on for dear life as his body jolted forward. Two doors opened, and boots hit the ground on either side with a heavy thud. He tightened his grip onto the bars as the boots moved around the truck, their owners not saying a word as they walk around to the back.

There was a creak as the back doors to it swung open. “Don’t try anything, girl. There’s nowhere to run even if you did.”

There was no response, but instead of a pair of legs dropping down from the rear of the truck, two metal bars with wheels did. They squeaked as the two men pulled something out of the back of the truck, and another two bars fell down with a snap.

“Looks like she slept through the attack. I wish I could sleep that deeply,” the other man remarked with a shrug. Kyosu moved his head down as best he could to see the men pulling the cart, but he couldn’t see past their waists.

“Yeah, but then you’d never wake up.”

There was a short chuckle, and then only the sound of the cart’s squeaking filled the air. That too stopped after a few seconds, only for the room to fall completely still. The silence was deafening, and every noise seemed to escalate as Kyosu’s heart thudded. He swallowed and cursed at himself: what if they heard it?

But the silence was broken by a door opening without a sound, light piercing into the room. The two men were walking away from him and through the door, into a doorway that was too brightly lit to see through. Kyosu looked around the room to see if there were any other soldiers in it. From what he saw, there were none.

The door shut with a hiss, and he lowered himself to the floor. His arms and legs were burning from lactic acid, and he felt them shake when he rolled out of under the truck. He grabbed onto the truck support his shuddering legs as he pushed himself off of the ground, sweat dripping from his brow. He wiped it off with a hand only to fling the sweat off and onto the ground.

“So, where are they taking her?” he asked, looking in the direction the men had vanished. It was light enough that he could make out that they had left from a doorway to the left of the garage door the truck had come in through, although both were closed now. To his right sat dozens of tied-down crates, possibly hundreds. He couldn’t see that far, however. To his left he saw at least twenty trucks before the darkness disguised the remaining ones, however many there were in that direction.

He crouched and started towards the door, feet barely leaving the ground as he sneaked through the darkness. As long as no one came in through the door, he would be safe in his approach. It wasn’t as if he was hidden particularly well, but he wanted to be as quiet as possible in case there were soldiers on the other side.

There was the sound of hinges creaking, and he whipped his head to the right in a bout of panic: where would he hide? He darted back to the truck as light spilled into the room, and as soon as he ducked beneath the front tires light covered the ground he had been standing on. A long shadow extended past the truck for a few seconds before, without warning, shrinking to nothingness. He turned his head to look in that direction, but the light was still shining across the room. Yet he saw no one standing in the doorway or near it. Had they stepped around and behind the door? He shook his head, no, the shadow hadn’t moved - it had simply vanished.

He heard someone in the distance whispering, but only the idea of them whispering was conveyed through the distance. The door shut, and darkness covered the room again. His eyes took about ten seconds to adjust again and he tipped his head down to look past the truck. He didn’t think that he had seen some soldiers come in, soldiers wouldn’t be whispering and sneaking about their own ship – unless, of course, he was accidentally eavesdropping to some couple’s secret lovemaking.

“I’m guessing another door leads to where they’re taking her,” a male voice said quietly, but loud enough for Kyosu to hear it – not that he saw the speaker. He peeked his head over the truck now, eyes searching for the speaker. He paused for a moment when he saw faint movement, as if the darkness was moving.

“It’s good there’s no soldiers in here,” an female voice said quietly, “Though I suppose we’ll have to search a lot of the ship still.”

“Well of course, it is a military ship. We got lucky that the trucks crashed like that though.”

“Yeah, it is.” Another female voice – younger than the first.

Kyosu’s throat began to tickle and he froze with fright. He closed his mouth tightly and swallowed, hoping to stop the oncoming cough, but to no avail. A hacking cough came through his still-closed lips, and then silence.

“Who’s there?” came the first female voice, a sense of authority coming through it. He slowly stood up with his hands risen over his head, legs shaking slightly. He swallowed, and looked into the darkness for whoever had asked it.

“I-I’m not a soldier, I’m trying to find an Angel host. I’m with the Emerald Knight,” Kyosu said as his knees rattled together. And then the darkness peeled away to reveal two women and a man. In the darkness he could barely recognize their features beyond body shapes and hair lengths, but it was the former that allowed him to identify the one as a man and not a woman.

“Emerald Knight... You mean the superhero from TV? You’re kidding, right? The guy’s not real.” She laughed slightly and tipped her hand the man silently watching him with one eye visible from behind his hair.

“He is, I’m helping him find the host of Harut. She’s supposed to be pretty powerful, I guess, I don’t really know more than that her being in the military’s hands is bad.”

“You better stay away from her if you’re thinking of hurting her,” the younger-sounding woman snapped as she stepped forward. Kyosu took a step back and rose his hands higher.

“Whoah, slow down – I don’t want any trouble, I’m just trying to be a hero!” Kyosu shouted as he lowered his hands out in front of him, pushing down on the air in front of him ever so gently. “And why does it matter to you what happens to the host”

“A hero? I’m the one that has to save her, not you. I need her to realize how much I care about her,” the young woman murmured under her breath. She glared at Kyosu and stepped forward, the shadows the group cast moved around her feet and she clenched her fists. “I have to do it... not you. She’s mine.

Kyosu backed up another few steps, his hands still over his head as he looked between the other two. The older woman put a hand on the younger one’s shoulder and she stopped where she stood. She said closed her eyes and inhaled as deep as she could, before exhaling as the older woman spoke.

“Ariel, calm down. He’s on our side, it seems – we don’t want to antagonize him,” she said as she pulled the girl back. She looked up at Kyosu. “I’m Raelyn, and this is Ariel. Sorry about her, she’s just... very protective of her friend.”

“And my name is Nihilium,” said the man as he shrugged slightly. Kyosu nodded slowly, and said nothing. “You weren’t in my vision.”

“Your vision?”

“I can see the future,” Nihilium said as he put his hands into his pockets. The man looked up and down Kyosu’s body for a few seconds, before he turned towards Raelyn. “Although you must be rather unimportant if I didn’t see you.”

“Hey!” Kyosu interjected, but Nihilium continued with a short smile.

“In any event, you said you were with some campy superhero or something, right?”

“Well, he’s not campy, he’s Emerald Knight-”

“He’s a fictional character,” Ariel interrupted with a whisper to Nihilium. The silver-haired man just shrugged once again. “You don’t believe him, do?”

“Perhaps there is an Emerald Knight. There’s nothing stopping there from being someone with similar powers becoming a hero named after the character,” Nihilium commented.

“Well, it doesn’t matter if you believe me or not,” Kyosu said as he stepped forward. He glanced at Ariel before looking between Raelyn and Nihilium both. He paused, and then continued when no one interrupted him: “I’m here to find Harut’s host and get her off the ship. Are the three of you going to get in my way or can we work together?”

Raelyn smiled, and stepped forward. She extended a hand as she closed her eyes for a short moment, head tilting. Kyosu noticed that she had purple gloves on her hands, but found himself taking a hold of her hand. The handshake was firm and brief, ending with Raelyn coughing just slightly to clear her throat. “I’d be more than happy to have your help – what’s your power? I assume you’re a host, given the situation? What’s your name, by the way?”

“It’s Kyosu... and, well, it’s complicated – I kind of... lost my Angel. Emerald Knight said that after we rescued Harut’s host, we’d find my Angel, since she was taken by that Jacques guy.” He paused, and looked towards the door that the men had vanished into. “The host, she was in this truck – there’s a door over there that some soldiers took her through.”

Ariel nodded and turned towards it, and the other two turned to follow her. They began to walk towards the door without a word, Kyosu starting just a few seconds later. He noticed a movement in the shadows around him, although it was hard to tell for sure what kind of movement. There were no light sources to cast some of the shadows he saw, and they seemed to move off of the ground to circle him.

“She can control shadows,” Raelyn said with a quick head turn back to Kyosu. “I can make metal into weapons, but hopefully we won’t have to – assuming they don’t see us hiding in the shadows.”

Kyosu nodded, and moved just a bit faster to get closer to the group. The door opened with a gentle creak and soon light poured in – only for the shadows surrounding the group to block it out. The shadows slowly thinned so that they could see through them and into the doorway. The hall consisted of metal walls with pipes lining them, and stretched out to the left enough that it probably reached the end of the ship.

“Any idea where they’d take her from here?” Ariel asked as she looked back at the three. “I’d imagine there would be a cell somewhere...”

“I’d put it near the center, personally,” Nihilium said as he looked around the hallway for any signs to point them in the right direction.“We need to find a stairwell.”

“They wheeled her on a cart,” Kyosu said in response. Nihilium turned back to look at him as he continued, “And I don’t know if they’d have an elevator.”

“A cart? Then it’s probably on this floor,” Nihilium said as he turned back to in front of the group. A hallway that branched off passed by on the left, but a sign that read “to engineering department” dissuaded them of any further interest. They continued down the hallway in relative silence.

“It’s odd that there haven’t been any soldiers so far,” Ariel remarked with a whisper, “But I suppose they don’t expect anyone to be on the ship.”

The gentle, rhythmic thud of footsteps came from the next hallway that branched off this main one, and the shadows thickened around the group as Ariel put a hand up for them to stop, and then flattened herself against the wall. Raelyn and Nihilium followd suit immediately, but Kyosu didn’t realize what they were doing until the soldier emerged from the hallway. Nihilium grabbed onto his arm and pulled him against the wall, but the boy crashed into it with a thud.

“Who’s there?” the soldier barked, glaring into the direction. The shadows surrounding them would easily disguise their presence from someone who wasn’t looking for anything out of the ordinary, but with the overhead lights on it was impossible to disguise the face that there was effectively a wall-covering shadow that had no apparent source. The soldier walked forward, his locked on the shadow as his large, blue eyes pierced into the shadows – but, thankfully, missing the individuals cloaked in them.

He stopped directly in front of Raelyn, and stared into the shadows just above her face. She held her breath and watched with wide, frightened eyes as the man’s hand came closer.

She flung her hands out of the shadows, beams of light erupting from them and at the floor. Metal erupted from the floor in the shape of two spears that instantly pierced through the man’s body, crossing each other as they punctured through his lungs and heart. He gasped out for a moment, air rushing from his lungs and into his body, before he collapsed down onto them. The two spears remained attached the the ground, however, and held him slightly off of the ground. His arms and feet dangled down to to brush against the ground however, and he was only held by the point the two spears crossed.

Ariel dropped the shadows from around them. She gagged but held it down, turning around to put a hand against the wall in the process. She closed her eyes and put a hand over her mouth as the smell of blood entered her nostrils, another gag following.

Kyosu stared at the corpse with wide eyes. He had known that seeing people die was a very real possibility... But the blood dripping down in front of him? The look locked on the man’s face, his eyes wide open and mouth agape? He shook his head, but try as he might he couldn’t pull his eyes away.

Raelyn heaved as she fell forward and onto her knees. “Oh, god...” she muttered, closing her eyes as Nihilium put a hand on her shoulder. “What did I do?”

“Raelyn, come on, you didn’t kill him because you wanted to,” Nihilium said as he shook her shoulder. “He was going to kill us, you panicked. We have to keep going.”

Ariel wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, careful to look away from the hanging corpse as she turned to look at Raelyn. The woman in purple’s eyes were filling with tears, and while she was using Nihilium for some physical support she seemed to be pulling herself together quickly. Ariel’s own eyes were practically dead, as if she had simply zoned everything out. Kyosu shook his head and walked around the bloody spears however. He saw a sign labeled as “Detention Block” and smiled just barely.

“Nihilium’s right,” he declared to the others. “We have to keep going anyways, we’re almost there – that hall leads to the Detention Block. Ariel, isn’t your friend in there?”

“Yes,” Ariel said as she nodded softly. “But I’ve never seen...”

“Didn’t you just threaten to kill me if I did anything to her?” Kyosu asked, stepping forward to grab Ariel’s arm. “Where’s that fighting spirit? Who knows what this guy did to her – for all you know, they’re hurting her in the Detention Block.”

Ariel’s eyes widened in an instant. Raelyn said nothing as she watched the girl march forward, the redhead’s body trembling with every step she took. “If they laid a single hand on Christina...” She spat the words out like poison as she led the way forward and into the hallway, shadows swirling around and behind her. Kyosu paused to look at Raelyn and Nihilium, the later still shaking slightly as she put a hand over her mouth. A short, gasping sob escaped through her hand.

“Go on, make sure Ariel doesn’t do anything stupid,” Nihilium said as he looked up at the man. Raelyn walked away from the body slowly, shaking her head. “We’ll catch up.”

The young man nodded, and in a moment began to run down the hallway. Raelyn stepped away from Nihilium and walked towards a wall near the hallway. She put her hands against it and lowered her head into it, and the man stood back in silence.

“I’m a doctor,” she said as she looked down at her shoes. “I shouldn’t be hurting people, let alone killing them. I took the Hippocratic oath, Nihilium – I swore to do no harm, and I killed that man.”

Nihilium said nothing and closed his eyes, breathing in deeply. Raelyn forced her breathing to even out as she held back sobs. She stopped shaking as she closed her own eyes, and turned her head around slowly. She opened her eyes to see Nihilium beginning to walk down the hallway, and turned the rest of her body around.

“Nihilium,” she said as she began to walk. “We’ll have to kill more people still, won’t we?” He nodded, and Raelyn followed as silence filled the void.

Bellona stuck her head up and into the the window, peering around the room. She and Emerald Knight had managed to sneak aboard the ship using her power, but she had already paused time for nearly half an hour off-and-on again. She was exhausted, her breath heavy and chest heaving, but she managed to stay quiet as she looked around the room as she placed her fingers on the safeties of her two pistols. She ducked back beneath the window frame, and looked at Emerald Knight immediately.

“There’s about twenty soldiers in there, only one door – I don’t think we’re going the right way,” she said as she looked around the narrow hallway. “Maybe she’s not on the deck?”

“It’s possible they parked the truck in a lower level,” Emerald Knight said with a hand stroking his hairless chin. He nodded and turned around from Bellona, and began to slide to the right. Bellona followed him until he stood up and stepped away from the window. She tightened her grip on her pistols as she stood up, fingers still resting on the safeties.

“We passed by a stairwell not too far back,” Bellona said as she leaned around Emerald Knight to look past him. “Do you think we can slip down it without being seen?”

“Probably. How much time do you have left to spare us?” he started to walk and turned his head back to look at Bellona. She followed behind him, the two not bothering to hide as they walked. Other than the room that Bellona had peered into they had seen no soldiers inside the hallway.

“Maybe a half hour, at most. Why, think we’ll run into trouble?” Bellona moved a bit faster so that she was walking right beside the man in emerald armor. A sign hung down from the ceiling about fifty feet away that pointed to the right, directing them towards the nearest stairwell. The sound of their footsteps echoed slightly in the distance, but as soon as Emerald Knight opened his mouth to respond they heard steel warping and popping on the stairwell itself.

“Speak of the devil,” Emerald Knight said as he rose his fists and walked a bit faster, his cape fluttering behind him a little harder. His emerald gems embedded in the rings on his fingers glowed and expanded slightly, forming bumps that would only add to the impact of his punches. “Looks like we’ve got some company, did you invite them over?”

“What the hell kind of attempt at a wisecrack is that?” Bellona snapped as a smirk came across her face. The soldier on the stairwell sounded closer, and the moment he stepped foot onto the hallway they stood in Emerald Knight rushed forward. His cape billowed behind him as he moved through the air, waving like a flag.

With a solid Pow! his fist crashed into the soldier’s jaw. Spittle, blood, and teeth flew out as the soldier hit the ground. His gun fell from his hands and clattered to the floor. He said nothing, but even if he had tried to his jaw was clearly broken. His voice only came out as a gasp and some unintelligible gibberish. Emerald Knight grabbed the soldier by his collar and yanked him up and off the ground, before giving him another solid punch to the face. The soldier slumped back unconscious.

“Who the hell is that? How’d he get on the ship!?”

“It doesn’t matter, he’s an intruder – take him out!”

Gunfire opened from lower on the stairs. An alarm started to ring throughout the hallways and the sound of boots filled the hallways. In a flash, Emerald Knight’s emeralds morphed into a shield of the gemstone and Bellona turned so her back was against his. She turned her head to look towards the direction they had been moving in and aimed both of her pistols in that direction. She switched her safeties off, and put her fingers on the triggers.

“Well this wasn’t our plan,” she said with a short smirk, head turned back to look at the Emerald Knight for a few moments.

“Good thing that half of acting is improvising, then,” Emerald Knight responded. The gunfire ceased for a few moments. He emeralds in front of him peeled away just slightly, just enough for him to see through the now-blackened gemstone.

The first of the soldiers came into the hallway from a small passage further down the hall than the two had gotten to, and Bellona fired both pistols without a moment of hesitation. The soldier fell back as two bullets pierced through his shoulders, the gun in his hand falling to the ground as he shouted out in pain.

“There’s only four down the stairs,” Emerald Knight said as he began to step forward, the shield filling in the hole that he had made to see down to the lower level. “We should be able move forward.”

“Right,” Bellona said with a short nod. The next soldier came around the corner with his gun firing almost immediately, but she froze time before the bullets reached her and Emerald Knight. She grabbed the two that had been about to hit her and moved them to the side, before firing one of her own pistols in a direct line to the man’s head. The bullet whizzed through the air with a whistle, and stopped the moment it came into contact with his skin. Time started again, and he fell to the floor with a bullet hole through his brain; his own shots hit the steel walls beside the two of them.

She stepped down a step, slow and steady as she moved backwards to avoid giving the approaching soldiers an opportunity to flank them. “Don’t tell Kyosu, but I’m kinda starting to enjoy this whole hero business,” she said. Emerald Knight started to say something but was cut off as gunfire filled the stairwell below them again, flashes of light casting their shadows up into the brightly lit hallway above. The first few soldiers from that hallway appeared in the entrance, but Bellona had been waiting for that moment.

Once again she froze time, but this time she walked forward and back up the stairs. She pressed each of her two pistols against their heads and pulled the triggers, the bullet tore through the chamber only to embed itself inside their skull. With their bodies frozen in time, however, she didn’t have to worry about the mess from the explosion. A short peek out and into the hallway and she saw a few other soldiers approaching, and then looked down at her pistols; she had maybe ten shots left in each before she’d have to reload, and she hadn’t brought much in terms of ammo.

It wasn’t as if she was planning to kill anyone today, they had been anticipating a mission that wouldn’t require them being caught.

She put one of the pistols into the pocket of her “Emerald Squire” outfit, safety on, and grabbed an assault rifle from one of the soldier’s hand. A quick squeeze of the trigger down the hallway, bullets frozen in mid-air, and she threw the assault rifle into the hallway. It landed silently.

She assumed her position behind Emerald Knight’s back, and time resumed. The men she had shot into at point-blank had no time to scream out as the bullets appeared in their skulls, and fell backwards. There was a shout as the assault rifle’s bullets hit around the others in the hallway, but no one cried out about getting hit.

“You should really try killing a bit less,” Emerald Knight remarked when the gunfire from further down the stairwell ended. “It’s not justice to kill men doing their jobs.”

“Yeah, but if they hadn’t shot me first I wouldn’t have shot them.” She smiled and pulled her other pistol back out of her pocket, turning the safety off in the process.

“You’re not exactly the hero-type are you?”

“Not at all.”

“I’ll have to keep an eye on you then, I won’t hesitate to take you down if you start hurting people for no reason.”

Emerald Knight thrust his shield forward and let it fall down the stairs, control the gemstone itself as it fell to make sure it didn’t tip over. There was a crash, and in a flash the soldiers at the bottom of the stairwell were on the ground with the shield on top of them. He put his hands on the shield and suddenly the emeralds began to shrink down and form into small bands of emerald, binding the men on the ground. “Let’s go before the others in the hallway catch up,” Emerald Knight said, and Bellona nodded.

He led the way around the men and into a long, brightly lit hallway. Several passageways opened up on the right, and the sound of alarms ringing was still audible. There was no way they could sneak through a ship on full-alert without some extra aid.

“What about Kyosu?” he asked as he stopped at the entrance to the hallway H pulled out a translucent, red gem from a pouch. “He’s on his own.”

“I’m sure the guy will be fine,” she said with a short shrug. She yawned loudly and stretched her arms out wards. She turned her head to either side, looking around the hallway. “I mean, the soldiers are going to probably form some sort of defensive maneuver, right? Intruders and all, gotta protect the vital parts.”

“That’s a fair point,” Emerald Knight said as he tapped the gem – it grew to form a cross-crossing pattern that fit into the doorway, and he smiled weakly. “I haven’t used my powers like this in a while. I don’t know how much longer I can keep it up.”

“If the host is held in this area, I should be able to pause time long enough for us to get to her and get out. Hopefully finding Kyosu in the process,” Bellona said as the two began to walk down the hallway. “And if he’s found her, that’ll take some time off what we need.”

Emerald Knight cracked his knuckles and tilted his head. “And if you can’t?”

“Well, I don’t want to risk passing out while doing it,” Bellona said as she put a hand over her mouth to cover a yawn. “I’ve never done it, but if I use it enough I start getting absolutely exhausted, kinda like with your gems.”

“Yeah,” Emerald Knight said as they walked through the hallway. “But at least my passing out from exhaustion wouldn’t lock time eternally.” He smirked slightly, but that vanished when he sound of footsteps echoed from out of a passage further down the hall. Emerald Knight rolled his eyes and counted the individual footsteps, and then gave a short nod. “Five of them, if I’m right. I’ll take care of them, you hang back and don’t use your power unless you have to.”

“Of course,” Bellona said as she rose her pistols up, pointing at the ceiling. “You sure you don’t need any fire power?”

“No, don’t worry about it.” Emerald Knight walked forward and towards the passage the footsteps were coming from. They were getting closer and closer, and Emerald Knight had a grin on his face now. It was just like an episode of his show, except in real life.

Bellona sighed as she watched the first soldier rush into the open, only for Emerald Knight to punch him square in the jaw. The soldier fell backwards and into one of his comrades with a shout. Bellona smirked and leaned into the wall.

“You’re something else, aren’t you? Short, strong, and handsome.” She sighed and shook her head with a dry laugh. “If it wasn’t for the first and second part of that, I’d say you’re my type.”

“Admiral Alistair, there’s been, ah... an intrusion.” The man stuttered at the doorway to the admiral’s quarters as he ran his hand through his buzz-cut, blond hair. His wide eyes were the same dark, navy blue as his uniform, and while they hid behind a pair of glasses it was clear that he was staring right at the admiral. He swallowed and the collar of his uniform moved for his throat’s movement. “I-it’s Emerald Knight!”

The admiral’s chair turned around from the desk at the far wall to reveal a woman that was far taller than average, and her body was built like an Amazonian warrior who never worked out, her limbs were long and gangly. Her uniform was white and spotless, the only crease on it was from her legs crossing over each other. Her right foot bounced in the air and she tightened her grip on the double-wide armrests of the chair. Her hair was the dark red of blood, her eyes emptier and blacker than night, and the frown on her thin face was deeper than the Mariana Trench.

“So he has finally found a reason to come into action? Interesting.” She pushed herself off of the chair. Standing at full height she looked down at the captain that was a stammering mess at her door, eyebrows furrowed. “Captain Morrison, cease your disgraceful blubbering. It disgust me – act like a captain or leave.”

“My apologies, ma’am! It’s just that he’s already infiltrated the ship to the deck that N-three R-zero is held on!” The man stood perfectly straight except for his head, which was tilted so that he could look up and at the woman’s eyes. He put a hand up to his forehead in salute, before continuing: “And he isn’t alone – he’s brought a group of five with him, although they are separated!” He shouted in his panic, his body shaking as the Admiral stared at him with cold, black eyes.

“And how many men has he taken out?”

“Altogether, twenty-three!”

Admiral Alistair nodded and began to walk. She put a hand on his – sending a shiver down his spine – and pulled the salute down as she passed by. He turned to follow Admiral Alistair through the small hallway that made up the officer’s deck of the ship. “At ease, captain. Alert the men to defend the Angel host at all costs. She cannot be taken off this ship alive.”

Admiral Alistair didn’t wait for a response as she walked to the stairwell that led through its bowels.

“Where you going, Admiral?” Morrison asked as he followed her to the stairs. He stopped while she continued down the first set of stairs, only pausing at the flat section for a moment to answer.

“To pay Emerald Knight a visit.”

She vanished down the flight of stairs, leaving Morrison alone on the officer’s deck. He swallowed hard and put a hand on the pistol in his holster. With heavy feet he turned around, muttering to himself: “Alright, Jim, you’re on your own up here then... but hey, it’s not like anyone’s going to be coming this way, yeah... I’ll just make an announcement over the intercom...”

He pushed the door open to his own quarters only to close it behind him. His whole body shook slightly and he gripped the pistol’s handle tighter.

He pressed down on the button to broadcast to the ship. “Attention men, this is your captain speaking! This is not a drill! here has been a security breach by a group of six individuals led by a man known as Emerald Knight! Their target is a prisoner aboard this ship! Defend the detention cell block at all costs! I repeat...”

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