Fallen Stars

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Repetition 1.14

The woman’s skin was porcelain; fragile and flawless. Her eyelids fluttered open and and she gasped as air rushed into her lungs. She felt her blood flowing and her body’s warmth, and traced a hand down her naked sides. She shivered slightly as her long, slender fingers brushed the skin and nails just scraped it enough to tell her that she could feel.

When she opened her mouth again she gagged, the taste of the air was bitter and metallic. She closed her mouth and covered it with a hand, before slowly pulling it away and opening her mouth again. The taste wasn’t bad but it had been a shock.

She tried to speak, but only short bursts of air came out. She coughed loudly, and felt a vibration in her throat, not that she knew what it was exactly she had felt. “Whe... Where?” She barely got the words out before her throat seemed to get stuck on just air rushing out.

A look around revealed nothingness. There was no ground beneath her body, and around her only a void as far as she could see. She stood up and off the... no, not ground. There was nothing beneath her, she could move lower than she was seeming to stand. It was as if a force was holding her there, yet she felt nothing like it.

“You’re doing fine.”

The woman turned around quickly in a panic, the voice had come from behind her. But she saw no one. “W-who’s there?”

Her speech was coming back, and while her eyes weren’t adjusting to the total absence of light she was beginning to be able to make out her own body now. She lifted a hand up and looked at her hand before she clenched it into a fist. “Show yourself!”

“I wouldn’t want to bite the hand that feeds me.” The voice now seemed to come from every direction. It seemed to say something else shortly after, but it was impossible for her to tell what; it was too faint.. The woman whipped around to try and finding where it came from, but to no avail. “Hopefully you’re awake soon.”

“What are you talking about?” she asked, and took a careful step forward. She closed her eyes tightly before realizing she hadn’t fallen to her demise, and took another step forward. “I am awake!”

There was a bright light in the distance, and she had a strange feeling of familiarity. She pushed forward towards the light, hands covering her eyes as it grew brighter and brighter. There was a slow, steady beeping sound ahead, and the voice seemed to be talking to someone else. Was she listening to a recording? A broadcast?

The light filled her vision. A name flashed through her mind: “Celestia.”

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