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Kara & Aharon - a love beyond time

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''The only crime I have committed is falling madly in love with you, My love!'' - Kara When two brave hearts meet, many things can happen, but they never thought that they would become one heart, that they would fall for each other so much that the rules would become nothing more than obstacles to overcome. Copyright © 2021 by MrsBarryAllenx3 All rights reserved. This Book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotation in a book review. Plagiarism or any copy of my story or ideas are prohibited and will be reprimanded if found.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

It was noon when the loud groans of the Valkyries could still be heard in the halls of Asgard. At this time Kara let each of her recruits prove their skills, she was a strict but very understanding mentor and even if she seemed quite cold-hearted to everyone who met her for the first time, she was one of the most joyful inhabitants of Asgard, she could just not stand mistakes, no matter how small they seemed. Again,” her stern voice rang out and the two young Valkyries started moving again. Her dark skin seemed to reflect the sun, which was still brightning the sky with its light while her eyes followed the movements of her recruits. If it was up to the self-confident young woman, her protégés could sweat until evening, but Namine, her closest confidant and best friend, had other plans. The angelic woman strode into the arena with a mixture of elegance and healthy self-confidence and grinned wryly at Kara. Namine felt sorry for the recruits and although she was worried that Kara would train them to death, she also just wanted to spend time with her friend again - it had been too long since they had seen each other. ''Recruits! It is already late. You can leave as soon as you’ve cleaned up,″ she called out, and although some of them were already getting ready to clean up, the majority looked over to Kara for a wordless confirmation in the form of a slight nod. With a slightly angry look she looked at her friend. “You can’t keep interrupting my training sessions, Namine. This is the third time this week.″ With a grin on her face, the blonde Valkyrie shrugged her shoulders. “If I said I missed you would you believe me?″ Sometimes Kara wondered why she even bothered with Namine anymore and didn’t just ignore everything and everyone until she was given an assignment like Sváfa, but she was able to answer that question in the same breath. Kara, Namine were created together with Valkyrie - the third in the group - as the first of their kind by their king Odin, which is why these three have a special connection to each other, even if each of them could not be different from the other.

“Are you still mad?” asked Namine after a while in which the two had walked silently side by side. With a feigned annoyed expression Kara looked at her. “Do I still seem mad?..,, The blonde Valkyrie shrugged with her shoulders. She just wanted to spend time with her friend again. "I’m really sorry, by Odin’s name, but you looked so desperate and tired, and I haven’t seen you for three days, and -″ Kara’s laughter interrupted her rant. She's always been the soft one of the two. "All right, I just wanted to annoy you. But stop it, they are under my supervision, that means I am responsible if they fail and Odin has no use for them and sends them to Valhalla to do nothing but serve wine and ale,″ she snorted at the thought alone, no definitely not with her girls. Valkyries were warriors, not maids. Besides, you should also work on your own defense Namine. Just because there is no war at the moment, you're slacking off, my recruits might beat you,” she teased as they made their way into the palace garden. “Excuse me? My defense is-“, she didn’t get any further, Kara had brought her down with a wave of her hand. ''Miserable. That’s what you wanted to say, isn’t it?“, laughing, she ran into the garden with an indignant Namine right behind her.

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