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Red Viper

By Desiree Burhans All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Fantasy


Sambuca isn't human... Despite her venom-green eyes and teeth all ground sharp, she convinced herself that she was. Eventually, her past begins to catch up, and she finds herself in a complicated mess. Her world gets turned upside down upon meeting a mysterious stranger known as Goliath. From there she starts to learn her true nature. On top of that, when a series of events leads to a corrupted king taking over not only a vampiric kingdom, but a human city as well, hell breaks loose. Battle sparks even in these modern times between forces most humans only dreamed of. With the help of a rather odd pack of shapeshifters and a very traitorous ex-vampire-hunter, she tries to put a stop to this madness.

Optional Before you Read Information

Note: This is not required to be read! This is just an explanation for those who might be curious later in the story. You will go into this with prior knowledge of how this all works if you read this. If you’d like to just skip it, however, and figure it out for yourself, by all means please do so!

The Setting is the modern era, specifically in the northern parts of the world, where there is more forests and icy cold climates. Location wise would be somewhere in southern Canada, however I don’t have an exact place in mind.

Vampires in this story are living, breathing creatures just like the other mythical beings you will meet later on. Now, they remain unaffected by sunlight, garlic, or anything else you hear about in the myths. They feed blood to survive, drinking it from humanoids for nutritional needs. They have evolved with enhanced speed, strength, and senses, becoming one of the most dangerous predators in the world. They have faster healing as well--however can be killed by normal means if used fast enough. They are sensitive to silver and cannot heal out of a silver wound with their normal enhanced speed. In terms of magic, pure blooded vampires are gifted with variations of powers they are born with. These powers can be magnified and changed based on what manner of creatures they drink from. Another creature can be turned vampiric by blood exchange, however they will never be nearly as powerful as the actual born vampires. Vampiric feeding tactics utilize venom, much like a snake does. The vampire venom serves two purposes--to paralyze or cause pain. Pain mixed with adrenaline makes the blood of their prey taste extremely rich, and can be addictive.

Dragons in this story are huge reptilian beasts, usually with wings and variant magical powers. Sometimes they have a human form, in which case they are rather unstable due to it not being their true form. They can consume various metals and add them to their scales, thus enhancing their armor. That is why dragons seek out any treasure they can, and often safeguard it for later consumption. They are extremely powerful, however they have a horrible weakness--fel iron. Fel iron is a potent poison to dragons, and even small dosages can result in death or severe illness. Depending on how much energy and armor a dragon has can determine if they survive a dose of fel iron.

Shapeshifters are humanoids that can turn into an animal; by use of magic and conjuring, they keep their clothing should they wish it to be so when shifting from animal to human. They keep their mass, however, so whatever size they are in human form will be that size in animal form as well. Yes, this means human sized rats and mice generally mean a shapeshifter is afoot. They can berserk, and anger empowers them.

Gods & Goddesses in this story utilize the Greek mythology. Since this story happens in modern times, they are not mentioned much by many until they are needed or have done something to gain attention. Since there are variant and widespread religions in the real world, it holds true here in this story. Regular humans go about their lives, of course, oblivious to the fact that here Greeks were right.

Other mythical entities are mentioned vaguely but show up more in the sequel to Red Viper. Comment here with any concerns, and I will reply to any questions!

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