Red Viper and the Kingdom of Blood

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The end of the world as humans know it, anyway, is not coming along quite like expected. No atomic bombs, no zombies. Rather, the creatures of the night have emerged from the shadows after deciding humans should no longer be the dominant species. The start of this nightmare is seen through the eyes of a truly unusual creature. A freak, one might say, something that shouldn't exist. Yet, here she is. Sambuca isn't human. The "Red Viper" never expected to find it out through her prey, of course--as a vampire hunter, she figured her unusual method of killing with snake venom would stop every leech in their tracks and knock 'em dead. That is until she runs into a vampire that's immune to the venom just like she is. Goliath is an anomaly. He was meant to be some dark vampire prince, the typical killer with no mercy. This changes he witnesses Sambuca sparing an orphaned vampire child. Initially sent to destroy the last dragon, or, well, half-dragon in Sam's case, his plans shift, and he joins her mission to actually help the city against his evil brother and a traitorous ex-vampire-hunter. Of course, those two are just the beginning of an escalating war. The world is going haywire, magic long forgotten by humans is emerging, and many manners of monsters are joining the fray. The vampires, of course, won't be put down easily. In fact, they probably won't be put down at all...

Fantasy / Action
Desiree Burhans
4.5 2 reviews
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Before You Read Information

Note---> This is not required to be read! This is just an explanation for those who might be curious later in the story. You will go into this with prior knowledge of how this all works if you read this. If you’d like to just skip it, however, and figure it out for yourself, by all means please do so!

The Setting is the modern era, specifically in the northern parts of the world, where there is more forests and icy cold climates.

Vampires in this story are living, breathing creatures just like the other mythical beings you will meet later on. They are sister species to humans and shifters. They are fully alive, carnivorous humanoids that feed upon blood to survive and get power. They branched off of a common ancestor of the triad of humanoid species most common in my story a bit ago, and are similar in relation to the two like humans to neanderthals, or dogs to wolves. They are a nocturnal species, so are a bit more sensitive to sunlight. If the vampire has pale skin, they are more prone to sunburn. Silver is toxic to my vampires and slows their healing down. They do not age nearly as fast as other humanoids not due to magic, but due to natural capability in which their cells have controlled and high doses of telomerase, which preserves their DNA and prevents it from degrading (the entire reason why most organisms age). This is seen usually in cancer, which is why it can grow so easily, but vampiric bodies have a solution to that problem due to extremely heightened immune systems and powerful mechanisms to control cell division so that it doesn’t go haywire like cancer does. As such, they have a higher rate of healing too. Like most vampires in myth, they have super speed, senses, and strength.

“Royal vampires” with certain bloodlines have very potent and powerful magic, that go beyond the power of typical vampires. Any born vampire in my novel has sharp ears, and rather than just two sets of fangs (upper and lower jaw), my vampires have the teeth of a carnivore, jagged fangs for every single tooth. They can choose to either rip the throats out of their victims or allow them to survive, it depends, really. These vampires have various types of venom, most commonly to either paralyze their prey or provide an intense bout of searing pain(which is a flavor enhancer to some). Other types of venom induce a ‘high’ upon their prey, in order to get them addicted and cause them to come crawling back. This type isn’t as common.

In some cases, vampires absorb the powers of those they drink from, especially if they’re a royal vampire. For example, if a royal vampire drinks from a dragon, they can gain the ability to telepathically communicate with serpents, or gain an immunity to dragonic venom.

Turned vampires are humanoids that have been, well, turned into a vampire. Shifters have never survived the process of being turned into a vampire, but humans can, depending on the human. Too old or too young human bodies don’t typically survive the process. Via blood exchange and a special type of venom, vampires create a chemical reaction which sends out pathogens in order to shift every single cell in the human’s body into vampiric cells. In this way, they’re actually changing the species from human to vampire! This process doesn’t kill the human at all, it literally turns them into a vampire, and they’re not sterile. Turned humans don’t get pointed ears, but they do gain most vampire traits. Their teeth fall out and are replaced by the vampiric fangs, for example, their eyes shift to red, and their nails fall out to be replaced with claws. Typically a turned human is less powerful than a born vampire.

Dragons in this story are huge reptilian beasts, usually with wings and varying magical powers. Sometimes they have a human form, in which case they are rather unstable due to it not being their true form. They can consume various metals and add them to their scales, thus enhancing their armor. That is why dragons seek out any treasure they can, and often safeguard it for later consumption. They are extremely powerful, however they have a horrible weakness--fey iron. Fey iron is a potent poison to dragons, and even small dosages can result in death or severe illness. Depending on how much energy and armor a dragon has can determine if they survive a dose of fey iron.

Shapeshifters are humanoids that can turn into an animal; by use of magic and conjuring, they keep their clothing should they wish it to be so when shifting from animal to human. They keep their mass, however, so whatever size they are in human form will be that size in animal form as well. Yes, this means human sized rats and mice generally mean a shapeshifter is afoot. They can berserk, and anger empowers them.

Gods & Goddesses in this story utilize the various mythologies. Since this story happens in modern times, they are not mentioned much by many until they are needed or have done something to gain attention. Since there are variant and widespread religions in the real world, it holds true here in this story. Regular humans go about their lives, of course, oblivious to the fact that many gods exist.

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