A Chapter from Infinite Bonds

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Scott is adapting to his new environment in the mysterious manor at the top of the hill. Will he discover something new? Will he become scarred for life? Will he find love? Only time will tell.

Fantasy / Erotica
Eve Masters
Age Rating:

Chapter 7


I was not at all prepared to have my ass penetrated by another man! I thought that I would be ready, but thinking about it now, can anyone really ever be ready for something like that? Even though Master Marques told Matthew yesterday to prepare me for four hours I still don’t feel ready.

Being inside his room is always intimidating for me. All of the other slaves are being dismissed so I prepare to be dismissed as well. Instead, he summons me to his bed. The tiny hairs all over my body stand up and I feel small bumps start to form. Exhaling slowly, I move even slower to the side of his enormous bed.

I feel my body being wrapped and then pulled vigorously into his bed by what I now know to be his tail. I wasn’t sure at first, but by his expression, I’m sure that I’m having a small panic attack! All I see is his face close to mine and the firm erectness of his dick rubbing against my inner thigh.

“Hahahhaha…. you are worse than the other two, which makes you even more adorable.” His deep brooding voice whispers to me.

As he leans in closer and begins to kiss me…I can hear it now…my heart throbbing loudly and my breathing even louder. I must look silly to him! So, scared out of my mind! Take my blood any day that’s not a big deal… but this!

His tongue though, I must admit I’ve gotten used to his long passionate kisses that leave me spellbound. I can’t help but melt into him each time he does this to me. Just then I feel his arms wrap around, behind, and up my back. I hear myself moan in his embrace again. He laughs a bit as he pulls away from me only to plant his lips and warm moist tongue onto my hard nipples, biting and tugging at them! I feel my dick get hard and stand on attention, but I’m not embarrassed by this anymore. After two and a half months of being his slave, I’ve learned it’s more shameful to not admit your arousal. It’s ok to be aroused but coming without a Master's or Mistresses’ permission is not a good thing to do. It’s hard to control something like that, but with the right teacher and over time…you learn to only respond to certain people in that way.

Master Marques and Master Ahriman are said to be the harshest of the Masters. I know this to be true after seeing how others act inside of the cellarium. Even after witnessing their interactions I’ve gotten so used to Master Marques that I can’t imagine being treated any kind of other way. With that said, I find it so weird that he is this deeply attentive to me right now. He is seriously sucking me off paying attention to my every reaction! I’m like…beyond myself! And it is so hard to keep myself from coming but I can’t control it anymore! Before I realize it I’m…coming!

I prepare for the worse, but…is he? He is…he’s laughing and asking Matthew for a cloth to wipe his mouth!

“You don’t have to be so tense at this point Scott.” He says to me handing back the cloth. “Relax and be yourself…we will be here for a while.” An evil grin appears across his face as he goes back down and bites my inner thigh playfully.

He sucks and teases me for what seems an eternity before finally…it happens. I was so busy paying attention to every sensation and touch of his fingers and tail that I didn’t realize it until the very last moment that he is completely inside of me! His thick, long, warm dick pushing in and out of me so very slowly…it’s almost agonizing! I actually wish for him to go faster and deeper into me! I don’t know what happened! I would beat myself up for this if I wasn’t enjoying it so freakin’ much!

This man is a true master! I was getting so much pleasure and tantalizing sensation from his every touch, kiss, even the warmth of his breath that I’m beside myself and wasn’t aware at all that he had entered me so swiftly and stealthily. This feels so amazing that I don’t care anymore that his dick is inside of me!

I don’t know how long we have been at this, but I’m amazed that I still have fluid coming out of me! I think that Matthew is sleep. I can’t really tell. He is in his same position of being on his knees on the floor in front of the door with his head lowered. I only glance at him for a second while Master Marques bent me over and started taking me from behind.

I’m not exactly sure what time of day it was when he finally let me pass out and go sleep but I find myself waking up still in his bed with the sunlight streaming through the thin silk curtains hanging down the canopy. I moan softly trying to pull myself up just to fall back down.

“He’s awake.” I hear his voice.

I look to where the sun is shining through and see his form standing there holding a cup of something, looking out the balcony doors.

“Ready his bath in my tub.” He says not moving an inch.

“Yes, Master Marques.” It’s Matthew!

Don’t tell me that we both spent the night here! Is this allowed?! Well…he is one of the masters so I guess he can pretty much do whatever.

Master Marques finally turns around and walks over to me. He offers me the cup of what I can now smell is coffee…black…caffeinated.

“Drink this. You don’t have school today, so you are not permitted to leave this room at any time for anything. Do you understand?” He orders me, lifting my chin and staring into my eyes.

“Yes Master.”

“Good. Matthew has chores of his own to do but will come by to check on you often. I have to head over to the office for a few. The only people allowed in this room are Matthew and Daniel. They both have keys, so it’s not necessary for you to open the door. There’s books, a tv, games, and enjoy the balcony.” He says.

After giving Matthew one of his spare keys, he heads out while I take my bath.

It’s peaceful in his room and spacious. All day long I haven’t been bothered by anyone. Daniel came to drop off my food and drinks rather I was hungry or not. Matthew stopped by religiously making sure that I was doing ok. Lol, you would think that I was royalty from the way I’m being treated!

So, this continued for the next two days right before Matthew is supposed to move into his new room inside the manor. My ass has been getting pummeled for the last two nights too. It’s amazing that I can still walk!

The Saturday that Matthew is scheduled to move came quicker than I thought it would.

“Don’t worry! I will still be around to train your new groomer. I just won’t sleep in the same room with you anymore.” He says with a big smile on his face.

“That’s cool… I guess. It will still be strange though, getting a new groomer. It was hard getting used to you bathing me, now I have to get used to someone else doing it.” I tell him mournfully as I help him pack up the last of his belongings.

“True, but the guy replacing me was specifically chosen by Master Marques and is one of the top groomers.” He tries to persuade me.

“If you say so.”

That same afternoon.

“Scott that was sweet boarding man!” Lucian says to me giving me a congratulatory high five as we head to the lockers of the extreme sports gym to get our stuff.

“Thanks bro! You too!” I smile big taking my boarding shirt off in front of my locker.

Then out of nowhere I feel someone’s hands on my chest from behind. I move to get away, but I’m pulled closer to him.

“Wait…just let me stay like this for a moment.” It’s Seiji’s voice in my ear and then I hear him sniffing me!

I don’t know what to do! I start to tense up.

“Seiji! Dude! Stop, control yourself!” I hear Lucian say to him before pulling him off me.

They both leave and I stand still in front of my locker with my shirt still in my hands shocked and still stunned at what just happened.


“His pheromone level is off the charts! You could smell it from Uncle Marques’ room!” Seiji states the obvious.

“Even if that’s the case Seiji, you’re not supposed to touch another’s slave unless they gift them to you.” Lucian says strongly.

“I know…I know…but man…he smells soooo good! I just had to have one touch. Promise you won’t tell anyone!”

“It doesn’t matter if I tell anyone! That is going to haunt him for the rest of his life! And the adults will definitely pick it up from him.” He says jokingly with a huge grin on his face.

“Damn! It was worth it.”

“What did you do Seiji?” I ask him, knowing exactly who they are talking about as we sit in my room playing God of War.

“Nothing. Just drop it. And better not tell Kim bro!” Seiji tells me with an evil glare before getting totally crushed by me in this game!

“I already know who you guys are talking about. What did you do Seiji, give him a kiss?” I laugh dipping my tortilla in some guacamole.

“Nah, just a back hug…while sniffing him!” Lucian says before bursting into laughter.

“Poor guy. I can’t imagine.” I say with a look of pity on my face.

“Hm, well it’s the same thing that the dropnutems have. I’m sure you guys noticed that they secrete high amounts of pheromones. How can you not!” He says.

“Oh, yea, but I know that someone already has dibs on them so of course I won’t go near them just smell them from a distance. I do that with Jakartha all—lla—ll the time….” Seiji says slyly with a smirk on his face playing his second round of God of War and staring at the screen while nodding his head.

Lucian smacks him on the back of the head!

“How can you even joke about that man?” I shake my head in disapproval with a small chuckle watching the two of them start to go at it verbally while still playing the game attentively.

Later that night, there’s a knock at my door.

When I open it I see Matthew standing there with Scott on a leash on all floors in front of him. They walk in right pass me without me saying a word. I shut the door and turn around in anger.

“What is this?!”

“Master Marques sends this gift to Young Master David. He told me to tell you that this is an early birthday present.”

In that instant he presents a key to me. I assume it’s for Scott’s leash and chastity belt. I refuse to take it and walk over to the window with my arms crossed.

“I can’t believe he would do this. I have a female mate and if I can help it my next mate will be female too.” I grumble looking out of the window pretending not to notice Matthew placing the leash holder on the center coffee table and walking over to kneel in front of the door after making sure that it’s locked.

Unbelievable! I can’t believe that he is seriously giving Scott to me as a personal slave! Look at him, just kneeling there wearing a thin sheer silk tunic staring at the ground. His hair has gotten longer since I last saw him. I wonder how hard it was for him. I bet he had a difficult time adjusting. Hmph, getting pounded by my nutem father must have been a trial all in itself. Man…he does smell really good though.

No! I can’t give in to this! I won’t! I’ll have a talk with dad and he will definitely talk to Marques.

“What? You are in on this?!” I yell. I’m sitting across from dad at the table in our mansion eating breakfast the next day.

“I think that it’s a great idea so that you can get over your prejudice of male and male relationships.” Esmeralda says in her sweet condescending tone that I have just realized extremely annoys me.

“I’m not talking to you,” I say cruelly. “Why are you even still here? Dad, why is she still here?”

“David stop acting like that. She is still my second mate.”

“Yea for like…forever. It’s not like she’s permanent or whatever! Anyway, I don’t care. Why are you going along with this?!” I say still fuming.

“Because you are not human, and it is healthy in our society to accept every part of our culture.” He says convincingly.

“You don’t like your gift?” Marques says to me, staring me down through his glass of orange juice sitting right across from me.

“Oh yea…I love it!” I reply sarcastically.

“Don’t worry too much. He will grow on you.” He remarks smirking before taking a bite of his crispy pork bacon.

Each night afterward Scott and his groomer come to my room. On the third night I find myself being even more overwhelmed by his scent. But it’s the same as it always has been. I guess because his are kind of all I smell lately.

Tonight, I actually accept the key from Matthew and undo the chastity belt.

“Get on all floors and turn your back towards me.” I order Scott after removing the belt and sitting back in my armchair.

I found myself just sitting there for a long time staring at him. But I can’t bring myself to do anything more than this.


“Don’t worry Scott. He’s coming around.” I tell him as we enter his room in the Sanctorum.

“Yea…I’m not worried. Heh.” He replies sheepishly, rubbing his head.

“Um…Hi. I’m Ethan. Your new groomer.” A slender light chestnut-haired man says.

He stands up from the chair that he was sitting in and waiting for us in.

“Hi. I’m Scott.” Scott introduces himself before rushing past him to undress.

“Scott. Sorry about that. You understand that he will have to get used to you.” I tell Ethan reaching out to shake his hand.

“Here is your key to his belt. I will stay here while you bathe and dress him.” I inform him.

“Ok.” He says cheerfully.

He seems to have an upbeat personality. I would never peg someone like him to have been under Master Marques’ thumb. He looks like someone that would get smacked a lot by him.

“No, he doesn’t like that. You have to hold him by the hand instead.” I instruct Ethan on how to touch Scott.

He has always been particular about how I touch him. Even after Master Marques finally took his virginity and I had prepared him ahead of time he still prefers to be held by the hands and feet when bathing. Grabbing his arm or calf or thigh will make him upset.

“He hates skin on skin contact, so try to avoid it as much as possible,” I inform him as I watch him dry Scott off. “Don’t tug or pull on his skin, dry pat him.”

“I notice that his bath wash is mostly oils. Is that so that you don’t have to put added oil on him to avoid skin contact?” He says.

“That and it’s something that I picked up from Master Kara. Many of the Masters and Mistresses prefer washing with oils because they clean better than store brands and it does save time on oiling up after a bath.” I explain.

“Oh, I see. I saw Master Sebastian do that a few times too, but I never applied it myself. I just used other washes that are lying around.” He admits.

“Here, put this back on. No clothing. He only sleeps in the belt.” I quickly hand him the chastity belt before we leave the small tub area that is only here for Ethan’s training.

“Really? Is that okay to do?”

“Yes, only for us trusted groomers I’m told.” I smile brightly.

He laughs shyly after putting Scott’s chastity belt back on.

“Okay. I will be back here in the morning. Oh! Here is a list of his allergies. I will bring with me tomorrow a list of his likes and dislikes foods and all.” I say to him handing the piece of notepaper to him.

I watch as Scott grumpily crawls into the bed and under all his plush sheets and blankets. I don’t know if he’s mad about me leaving him and getting a new groomer or David not laying a finger on him or …. both.

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