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Our Darkest Secrets

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Lucy baller, a seventeen year old girl, who doesn't know the definition of normal, maybe that's because Lucy life is the opposite of normal. Her life is filled with secrets, dark one's. With Secrets, mysteries and unatrual romances being thrown into the light, lucy won't know will become. And she not sure she'll like it ethier *my original work* *Cover made by @nickalaytoday (from wattpadd) thank you!* *Trailer @liasteashop (from wattpadd) thank you!* started writing in 2021

Fantasy / Thriller
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Hey guys thank you for trying my book, this book was originally posted in wattpad! Wattpadd version has who i invision as my charters! This one will be updated ever Friday but the wattpadd one is updated ever Monday and is multiple Chapters ahead!

Trailer made by liasteashop (on Wattpad)

Hole you enjoy!


My lungs closed like the breath was just knocked out my chest, this couldn't be happening, no, not again

Lucy sighed frustrated and threw the book she was reading across her room, making it hit the wall with a thud.

Don't get her wrong she loved reading and she loved the book but she didn't understand how the main character are so dramatic sometimes.

Lucy let's out a huff before getting off her mattress that lays on the floor.

Lucy looks around her small tiny room.

Her eyes scan past the holes in the ugly yellow shaded walls, to the slightly dirty ripped black curtains, to her book the laid on the ugly and smelly carpet.

Lucy room wasn't much, it had yellow walls that looked like they were mixed with brown paint and they had holes here and there.

The carpet was also a icky yellow color, it felt dry and tuff and there was patches of fuzz Missing.

On the right side of the back of the room was her mattress, it wasn't on any bed spring or anything, it was just placed on the floor, no sheet, just one pillow and a thin blanket.

On the left side hand of the room in the center of the wall was a desk, it had piles of homework from her school and chip bags that she snagged from a vending machine.

Lucy cursed and made her way to her book on the floor. she couldn't cause any damages to it, it wasn't hers and miss. bridge's form the library said if Lucy can't take care of her books then she can't borrow them.

Lucy didn't want to lose her privilege to take books out of the library, they were her escape.

Escape from what?

Escape from this place, and most of all herself.

Lucy didn't know who her real parents are, all anyone knows is that Lucy was left at the door step of a church, not just any Church, one of the churches that prays the devil.

She thought it was ironic actually, Jimmy, the guy she lives with, tells her that she a demon all the time, so she guess the background story she has just matches her, but it still didn't make her stop and question why they left her, didn't they want her? Or did they have to give her up?

Lucy shook her head silently disappointed in herself. She didn't know why she cared, if they didn't want her then she sure and hell didn't want them either.

But did she need them? No, she didn't she survived this long with Jimmy and Matt, they might be total pot heads but they cared for her when no one else did.

They gave her a bed, a crappy one but a bed, food when they could, a roof over her head, and most of all they loved her, and that was what mattered.

Lucy swiped the book off the floor and slammed it shut, she silently curses herself again for not being gentle with it, she walks over to her desk and places it down gently before scooping all her homework she completed up and tosses it messily into her backpack.

Lucy lifts her backpack up and her shoulder and looks at her phone for the time.

5: 30 A.M

She had exactly a half and hour to get to school, by foot, she wasn't going to make it in time, she lived in the crappy side of town way to far away from school to be there in half and hour by foot.

She knew she was going to be late, and she honestly didn't care, if she actually got to school in time she would give her teachers a heart attack.

A small smile slips onto her lips, giving her teachers a heart attack might not be the worst thing, of course she would actually do that.

Lucy turned on her heels and stomped out of her room and into the kitchen where a blond haired boy sat.

his head bent down, making where Lucy can only see his blond hair, his shoulders where slumped.

A weight landed on Lucy chest at the sight, she knew that the stress of raising her and keeping a roof over their head was getting to him.

"Matt?" Lucy voice was soft and low and filled with worry.

At the sound of Lucy voice the blond haired boy head snapped up, revealing his bloodshot eyes.

Lucy looked into his eyes and couldn't help but wonder if it was from the lack of sleep or if it was because he relapse.

Lucy remember when jimmy and Matt sat down and talked to her about how they were going to try their best and never do drugs again for her, Lucy was never more proud and happy, but that was all washed away when jimmy relapse and never tried to quit again.

Matt on the other hand kept trying no matter how many time he relapsed, and that gave Lucy some kind of comfort.

Matt lips formed into a small smile at the sight of Lucy.

"Hey kid, are you hungry? I think we might have some of those cereal bars left" he said going to stand up.

Lucy impedingly took a step forward her hand shooting out.

"No I'm fine, I have to get to school before I'm late" Lucy hand clamped down onto matt arm as if she was worried he disappear before her eyes.

Matt worried eyes looked at her hand that held his arm, he then looked at her sadly and suspiciously.

One thing about matt is he can never hide his feelings, and if he could, Lucy would be able to sense it anyway.

"You never cared about if your late for school, what's changed?" Matt voice held great suspension and all it did was make guilt claw at her gut more.

"It's just, I want to start fresh. Keep my attendance some-what good this year" the lie passed by her lips easily, she couldn't tell him the truth, that she felt guilty for being a burden, that she still had fear that he slip away and leave her too.

Matt smiled, he pulled her to his chest, hugging her.

"I love you kid, you couldn't make me more proud" he whispered into her hair.

Lucy smiles softly and wrapped her arms around his waist slowly, her eyes shutting as she stood there and let Matt hold her and make her feel more loved.

She feels a tiny tug in her loose ponytail at the nape of her neck, she pulled away and scowled at matt.

"Don't tug my pony tail" Lucy hissed swatting his hands away.

Matt chuckled.

"You should leave your hair down more often"

Lucy shoot him a glare, she hated her hair down, it always somehow made its way into her face, and it still did when it was in her usually ponytail.

"Never, I hate it down"

Matt smiled at her amused.

"I thought you had school?" Matt questioned mockingly.

Lucy sent his a glare, mad that he was mocking her.

"I do" she said her head nodding.

"Then why are you still here" matt cooked his head.

"Ugh, no reason"

The cabinet door flew up and Lucy had shoot out just as a cereal bar came flying right into her hand.

Lucy smirks and shoves the bar into his hand.

"Eat up Mattie, you need to gain some weight" Lucy said her eyes looking down at his skinny form.

Matt narrowed his eyes at her but the tiny smile on his lips told her he wasn't mad.

"Go to school" he said

Lucy smiles before heading for the front door but Matt voices called out stopping her.

"Don't play any Magic tricks in school Lucy!"

Lucy turned her head a flashed him a wink.

"No promises!" And with that Lucy bolted out of their tiny house.

A soon as Lucy got out of the house she started cutting through the other lawns toward a alley way so she didn't have to walk on the streets, and just like last year she was stopped by a familiar dark face.

Malcolm, he was a senior at his school with a bright future ahead of him until he got involved drugs, he dropped out not to long after he started Taken them.

Lucy didn't know him well, all she knew was he was always a year ahead of her in school, and that he was very interested in art and had a Future in it too, and no matter what rumors were told about her, he always send her a small smile and wave in art class.

They weren't friends, they were just classmates that made friendly gestures to one another, even when Lucy was one of the most outcast of outcast in her school.

"L-Lucy" Malcolm rasped coming towards her.

Lucy smiled softly, an uncomfortable feeling come over her, she been getting that feeling for months now from him.

"Hey Malcolm" Lucy said taking a tiny step back.

Malcolm looked at her weirdly with his dark black like eyes.

"H-how are you" Malcolm voiced wavered.

Lucy looks down at his hand that he started to lift.

"I'm the same, you" Lucy asked slowly narrowing her eyes, like she waiting for him to attack.

"Better, better" Malcolm repeated, he slowly places his hand on her shoulder making lucy flinch.

He hand was cold, freezing cold, and she wondered if it was a side effect from the drugs or staying in the cold.

Lucy quickly shook his hand off.

"I got to get to school" Lucy voice was rushed before she started to rush down the alleyway leaving the dark skinned boy Behind.

As Lucy rushed away from Malcolm, but he somehow manage to consume her thoughts.

Was he ok?

Lucy might not be friends with him but that didn't mean she didn't care, she might not admit it but she had a soft spot for him.


As soon as Lucy made it to school, she ran right into her principle, who wasn't very happy to see her.

"Lucy! Your ten minutes late!" The principle shouted, face red from anger.

Lucy stood there looking at her like she was dumb, and it took her a lot of control not to roll her eyes.

"10 minutes really" Lucy question. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out her phone and quickly Checked the time.

"Ha look at that new record" Lucy joked looking back at her principal.

His face was bright red.

"Lucy this is serious! Your education is serious!"

Lucy rolled her eyes this time.

"No it's really not, I come to this school for 7 hours per a day, just to get my dreams shot down, 'oh Lucy maybe you should try something that you can actually do"' Lucy said mocking her consolers words from last year.

The principal glared at her with a disapproving look.

"You said you wanted to be homeless! That not a career Lucy!"

Lucy made a tsk sound.

"And yelling at your students isn't your job, but you still do it" Lucy looked up at him sweetly as the words slipped from her lips.

The principal face became more red.

"Lucy ball-" the principal was cut off by the bell ringing.

Lucy head perk up happily.

"Oh look at that got to go before I'm late!" Lucy chirped before bolting away from him before he could give her detention.

The class room doors flung open and eagerly kids began to flood out of the classes.

Lucy smirked, at her success getting out of detection, as she dodged the now panicked and rushing kids in the hallway.

As soon as Lucy got to her locker she unlocked it a flung it open causing to hit the locker next to hers making a big clang sound.

Lucy ignored the glances and glares she got and and tossed the text books she needed into her backpack before heading off to history.


Lucy gazed off into the window as she clicked her pen constantly.

Her mind seem to take place on Jamie, she wondered what he was doing at the moment, he never came home last night and it made her worry that maybe he finally went over the edge of the cliff.

Lucy gut twisted at the thought of losing Jamie, he and her might not be as close and she is with Matt but doesn't mean she didn't care for him, just like matt, Jamie took her in and Jamie loved and cared for her.

"Miss. Baller!"

Lucy blinked at snapped her head to the front of the class room to her history teacher.

"Yessssssssss" she drawled out cocking her head.

"I wouldn't mind if you paid attention to the lesson"

Lucy rolled her eyes at her history teacher, Mr. Stanley.

"Then you also wouldn't mind if I didn't pay attention" Lucy turned her head back to the window.

"This isn't up for discussion Lucy! Pay attention or get out!"

Mr. Stanley voice was loud, and his face was turning red, her teachers faces had habits of doing that and it made her wonder if they needed medical help.

Lucy smiled shyly and grabbed her bag and stood up.

"Ok" she shrugged and headed to the door.

"Lucy don't you walk out that door!"

Lucy turned around at cooked a eyebrow at her teacher.

"You just said "pay attention or get out", I'm clearly not going to pay attention so I'm going to get out" Lucy turned on her heels again and headed to the door.

"Stop! Or I'll give you detention!"

Lucy stopped, she didn't want to be in trouble with Matt.

She turned to Stanley again.

"You see you can't do that"
Lucy said before pursing her lips.

Stanley glares at her, the vein in his neck plopping out.

"And why is that" he grinded.

"Because you told me to get out if I couldn't pay attention, so I'm just doing what you told me to do"

Stanley mouth slacked and his left eye twitches.

Stanley went to say something when a knock sounded on the door.

"Sorry to disturb your class sir but I need Lucy baller" a clam bored voice sounded.

Stanley face seem to go to pure relief.

"Yes please take her!"

Lucy smiles a bit.

She turns and goes out of the door not even bothering to spare a glance at the boy who had saved her.

As soon as Lucy left the class room, and she heard the door close shut she turned around to look at her savor.

The boy had short brown hair and brown eyes, and was wearing a simple tee-shirt with a jacket over top it and some Casually jeans, and a camera hanged over his neck.

Lucy eyes narrowed.

She knew him, she wished she didn't but she did.

She sure and hell wanted him to go away.

Lucy baller is not the type of girl who should be next to James Addamore.

What do you think!?!? ;)

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