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Realm of Wings

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A world divided; power-carrying wings; magic sparkling, bursting to be unleashed… Secrets are existing, curiously wondering when they will be revealed. Hidden knowledge is waiting impatiently, wanting to be known by the unaware creatures of the Fae world. Strange natural occurrences are screaming to be calmed, urging the realm’s inhabitants to find a way to combine the separate parts into one whole again. Will the rightful heir find its way back onto the throne? Will the Realm of Wings flourish to its former glory once again, or will it stay in its current condition? The Fae world, Kyalthemar, is about to see some changes, as a certain force of nature is going to wreck through its existence.

Fantasy / Romance
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A/n: Thank you all, for joining me on yet another one of my adventures. Please let me know what you think of it, by leaving me some of your precious comments!💛🧚‍♀️

Additional note and disclaimer: I have decided to make a series of this book, splitting it into parts, maybe two or three (I haven't started writing the sequel yet.) So, even though this book is now marked as complete, the story is not close to being over!

Enjoy reading and if you have any ideas for me to put in the sequel, please let me know! Thank you!

Moonlight shimmered through the veils at the high windowed walls of the room. An eerie buzzing lurking at the door, threatening and terrorizing the people within. A sudden loud thump against the barricaded dark wooden wall, a hope to keep that creature out, sounded as it was trying to get inside. Peering through the already made cracks, as the door had already splintered here and there, the creature roared and growled.

The few men that were on this side of the door, endlessly trying to keep the wall up, to keep the creature from barging in, knew that this would be their last day; their last remaining hour alive. But nothing would make them change their minds, nothing could make them falter their loyal defence towards the ones they have given their lives to. Not that they would defy their loyalty, even if they hadn’t solemnly devoted to protect the ones that were being threatened right now, because no person on this realm would ever willingly want to side with the monstrosity on the other side. Even though it didn’t occur to them at that moment, that someone actually did make a deal with the devil.

Another bang, another failed attempt of breaking through, made her shiver, her, a once renowned Queen, yet now overtaken and thrown off that pedestal. She had given her everything, her strength, pride, power, magic and now even her life, in order for her people to be safe.

But the betrayal had come from deep. Her own sister, known for her brutality, even though she had always kept a hand above her head, towards all the other people that wouldn’t believe her to have a kind heart, had shattered hers. The Queen never could truly believe that she would take it in her mind to come up with such a cruel way of taking over, but yet she did.

Slowly but certainly, she had been corrupting the hearts and minds of that of several high positioned people and now managed to sentence her own sister, her Queen, to death.

Another loud growl and some uncoherent yelling came from the other side of the door, at which the few remaining loyal men were shortly pushed backward due to the impact of the creature that bounced against the other side again.

The Queen knew she had minutes to spare, to do what had to be done.

“You can’t carry me, I’m too heavy!” She cried, while her mate, the King, opened the windows and urged for her to climb on his back. He on his own, didn’t listen nor argue with her over that fact of her being voluptuous, but simply just picked her up in his arms as she refused to act upon his urges.

While his strong golden wings fluttered endlessly, the runes on his face started to glow, his wings started to buzz with a strength and speed that he never had to use before. Inch after inch, his feet dragged himself upwards into the air, at which the Queen gasped in disbelieve. No other Fae ever managed to carry another through the air, as that was, according to etiquette, prohibited from doing so.

Due to all of them having wings from birth, there was no need of carrying another. Their wings never aged, only grew, and were taken care of by their owners with ointments and gentle touches, to keep them in upmost condition. Fae are proud creatures and should your wings get damaged, in any sort of way, you would lose your rank, title, credibility and just simple respect from everyone around you. You would be deemed unworthy of being Fae at all, if you couldn’t take care of your own wings. So, carrying another person was out of the question, just as it is when you allowed yourself to be carried.

And even though the Queen herself was with child now, about to be in labour as they tried to escape, she was the lightest creature alive. But even so, her King couldn’t carry her with him. As a Fae never carried anything, other than their clothes or sometimes some light-weighted weapons, the Fae were not equipped to burden their muscles of flight with carrying anything other than their own. The royals or any other high ranked person had their magic to solve their disputes with, but other than that, they didn’t resolve themselves to any hard labour to get them physically strong. They never had to, so none of them were buffed up creatures like the one that was still banging on the wall, not far from them.

The King landed on the ground again, still in the near vicinity of the windows of the room while breathing heavy and closing his eyes in shame. “I’m not strong enough, love.” He admitted defeated at which the Queen put her hand on his face, futilely soothing him that it was okay.

Their gentle touches towards each other didn’t go unnoticed by the remaining men at the barricade, but they didn’t know what to do now either. They had followed their leaders into this room, hoping that they would find a way to save their unborn prodigy. But looking into their eyes, their own started to water as their faith was faltering slowly. They knew they wouldn’t live for long, but knowing that what they had done so far wasn’t going to help in the cause of rescuing their new prince or princess, was eating up their confidence.

The King guided his Queen to the bed, that was luckily still untouched even though everything else in the room had been moved towards the door, to keep the muscles outside. She had winced from the pain as her back touched the silk sheets, because of her own broken wings, that her sister had ordered for to be taken.

“There is only one thing left for you to do.” She had said to her mate, while breathing away one of the first contractions she had felt just now.

“There is nothing that I can do, love.” He said while he laid down next to her, stroking her silky white hair while putting it to the side, so it wouldn’t stick on her sweaty face.

“Yes, there is. Cut me open and take the baby with you.” She said without hesitation.

Her mate looked at his Queen with undeniably love, but also with desperation and disbelief upon hearing her say these words. Even though he knew she was right, as the baby was going to be even lighter than her body is, to be able to be carried, he couldn’t compel himself to hurt her and leave her to die in here.

Another, louder crash was heard behind the barricade and this time the creature managed to push its horns through the wood of the door. The men and both the royals gasped upon the impact and knew that they had no time to spare, should they want to do this, to follow her preposterous idea.

The men at the barricade stood up, let their fingers and body be filled with the few remaining energy surges they had left in their already exhausted bodies and one of them threw a small dagger towards his King.

“My King, you know what to do! This is the only way to proclaim back the title!” The King’s dearest friend and most loyal companion urged him to follow up on the Queen’s demands.

The King handily caught the dagger and while the barricade was nearly being broken down and the determined few Fae rushed their golden orbs towards the door, to keep the minotaur out of their Queen’s way, he looked her in the eyes.

He knew that this was indeed the only idea that they could hold on to now, and even though he hated to have to be the one to do this, to get out of this situation alive, while his beloved silky, white-haired precious, had to die in his stead, he didn’t hesitate to act upon it.

“Our lineage will find its way.” He whispered to her as he sank the dagger below her hardened belly.

Her hands shot up towards his face while tears pushed themselves out of her eyes, knowing that this was inevitable, knowing that her King only did this because he loved her beyond normal reasoning, knowing that their child would remain alive and might be able to flourish on its own, as it would otherwise be sentenced to death here with them, she screamed…

She screamed in pain as her mate and lover slit the dagger across her abdomen, sinking lower to get through several layers of tissue, to be able to reach for their unborn child.

They both couldn’t hear the growls and slashes around them anymore, as the Queen had perished and the King was in sorrow. But even still in this moment of sadness, of losing his beloved wife, he managed to grab the baby, cut its umbilical cord, wrapped the new-born crying and all in a blanket from the bed, and rushed himself outwards.

Only as his hearing came back to him, while holding the littlest of creatures in his arms, he looked back towards the room where he flew from. To see the minotaur roaring in anger, as he couldn’t have relished in killing all of his appointed targets.

And right next to it, stood the Queen’s sister, commanding every Fae that was loyal to her, to fly after the King. But he was out of sight, as he had used his last remaining magic to summon a portal and fly right through it, to another world.

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