Nature's Lass

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They reside in a biosphere, away from the eyes of the humans. Only the bloodline of rangers know about them. Everything was fine until one day when the humans opened a pitch factory close to their home. The members started falling ill and the most tragic difficulty they faced was still births. Scarlett Ashford wants to save her kind. She embarks on a journey filled with uncertainties. She meets someone completely unexpected and is offered help. But should she trust him, when he is known as the abomination of her kind? Should she run away from everything? Should she risk her sanity to bring joy to others? But she can not run away, she is the daughter of nature, the Nature's Lass.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

It had happened yet again.

Another new soul marred by the scars of the battle that our mother nature is fighting.

The baby was laying there on its mother’s lap lifeless and cold.

Not a single eye around was dry.

The healer slowly pulled away the baby from his mother’s lap but she wouldn’t let go. Nine months of care and nurturing had brought her to this day. She couldn’t let go something which was always a part of her.

The father stepped in. He handed his baby to the healer and took his wife in his arms. The healer wrapped the white cloth over the baby and proceeded for the impending rituals.

The howls and requests of the mother pierced everyone’s heart. But what could they do?

The leader declared a state of mourning.

Everyone moved out silently not looking back at what was left behind.

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