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Wolf Bloodline

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In The Way Of Awakening Your Power.

By morning, we were still on our way. I kept thinking about how my uncle was, whether he was alive or not. And Pelena and her daughter didn’t talk at all. It made me very nervous. As I was thinking about how to handle things, the carriage stopped.

“Here we are, Ryuu, you will stay here for now.”

The place we arrived was on a mountain. There was a little house in front of us.

“What is this place?”

“This is Ronk’s house.”

Just as I was about to ask who he was, a very violent sound came from the forest behind us.

When I looked up, I saw the birds flying away from the forest. As I turned in the direction of the incoming sound, I began to hear strong footsteps, someone was slowly coming towards us.

As the sound got stronger every minute, I thought, What do I do, or is could this be a dangerous creature? A man appeared from the area where the sound came from.

He was a bald, bearded,body-built, and extremely tall man. He was approaching us carrying a giant creature on his shoulder. He walked past us without saying a word.

He entered the house, leaving the creature he was hunting on the ground. I figured that it was Ronk.

Pelena got out of the cart and said,

“He doesn’t usually talk to anyone, he’s a little sulky, but if you get to know him better, you will love him.”

Pelena approached his house and knocked on the door,

“Ronk, It’s me, Pelena.”

He didn’t open the door, and there was no sound from inside. I don’t think he heard it.

Pelena knocked on the door one more time,

“Ronk, I have to talk to you.”

He finally opened the door,

“What do you want?”

“The boy needs a place to hide.”

“No, find another place to hide.”

Just as Ronk was about to close the door, Pelena hold the door,

“This is the boy I’ve been telling you about for a long time. He’s a wolf descendant, a relative of Kaika.”

He opened the door and said,

“Come on in.”

When we entered the house, it was so dark, Ronk lit the fireplace and heated the House.

I could see the inside of the house more comfortably now. The house was empty, except for a bed, a table, and a few chairs, there was nearly nothing in the house.

When everyone sat down at the table, Pelena started talking,

“Your uncle wanted to hide who you were to protect you, he wanted to hide your bloodline, we didn’t say anything because of him, but now it doesn’t matter, Because Miron knows you’re a wolf descendant.”

“Are you talking about the man who attacked us that day?”

“Yes, his name is Miron, aka The Wolf Hunter. He hunts everyone in the Wolf line one by one with his ghosts and the powers he gets from them.”

“Why is he doing this?”

“Simply, he’s an evil person. Scaring people amuses him.”

Ronk turned to Pelena and said,

“I didn’t know Kaika had a child.”

“The truth is, it’s not his child, it’s Jiro’s son.”

“Jiro’s son? Jiro died eighteen years ago.”

“He is eighteen years old. He was born the day his father died.”

After those words, Ronk took a long look at me.I was still trying to figure out what was going on.

“Did you know my father?”

“Your father was Alpha Prime himself. The most powerful man of all lineages.”

Alpha Prime? It was very important for me to hear this because my uncle always told me about Alpha Prime when I was little. I didn’t know I was so close to him.

“It seems that the child’s power has not yet awakened.”

“That’s why I brought him here. Only you can awaken the child’s power.”

“Are you sure that I’m the one who should be training the boy?”

“Kaika knew you were going to say that, so he told me to give you this letter.”

After reading the letter given by Pelena, he burned the letter by throwing it into the fireplace. He then took a deep sigh, looking at me.

“Child, you will stay here until your power awakens, and I will train you. You’ll always do what I say, and when your power wakes up, it’s up to you what you want to do.”

Ronk seemed more domineering and more disciplined than my uncle. And he looks like he doesn’t smile.

Pelena stood up and said,

“I’m glad we agreed, it’s up to you from now on.“,

After his words, Pelena quickly got into a horse-drawn carriage with her daughter and told me to be careful before leaving.

I couldn’t say a word to Ronk until morning. In the early hours of the morning. Ronk woke me up.

“We’re starting your training, wake up.

I didn’t know what happened, but I didn’t want to get scolded by Ronk, so I did as he said nervously. We went out without eating,it was extremely cold outside since he lived in a place so high like a mountain.

“Take off your shoes and clothes.”

In deadly cold weather like this?

“Do as I say, now!”

Why is this happening to me? I just wanted to sleep a little more and the look on his face is really scary, *sigh* I think I have to do it.

As he said, I took off my shoes and clothes. I was shaking outside half-naked. Ronk started running slightly, asking me to follow him.

“Come on, don’t stay behind.”

I was running while I was shaking. Ten minutes later, I started sneezing. I felt like I was getting a cold, but I kept running to get stronger. I have to do something.

As I ran, I started to get wounds under my feet from the pointed stones on the ground. We ran for almost two hours, Ronk never opened his mouth, he continued without getting tired.*

*Breath* *Breath* “How long are we going to go on?”

“Don’t talk, just follow me.”

When we got home, I couldn’t stand up. Ronk lit a fire, heated the flesh of the creature he killed yesterday and gave me a large piece of meat. I was so hungry at that moment. I tried to warm myself by staying by the fire. After Ronk finished his meal, he put out the fire.

“Stand up and follow me, we are moving on to the next training.”

After a short walk, we stopped. Ronk looked at me,

“You are going to push that big rock, down the mountain.”

Really? That rock almost weighs as a house.

“How am I going to push that? And it’s not big, It’s huge!”

“Everything seems impossible until it’s over. But in fact, it is not.”

“Wouldn’t it be better if I did this training later? I don’t think I can do this now.”

“You’ll do whatever I say, now push the rock.”

I got behind the rock.

“Here I come!”

I started pushing the rock with both of my arms. I tried to push it, but it was nearly impossible. Ronk went into a corner and just watched me pushing it. For half an hour I was unable to move the rock.

It was almost evening. I was so hungry and so cold. Ronk had watched me try to push the rock for hours without breaking his stack. Looking at him hopelessly,

“This isn’t working.”

“You are not trying enough.”

“It is impossible for a normal person to move this stone.”

Ronk got up, went behind the rock, grabbed the rock with one hand, and lifted the rock. Then dropping the rock to the ground,

“Tomorrow you’ll try again and again and again until you move that stone.”

He’s right, I can’t be like this when I’m only at the beginning of training.

“Ronk-san, I have a question.”


“How many trainings do I have to go through before my strength wakes up?”

“We’ll see it. Rest, for now, we’ll continue tomorrow.”

After I ate and warmed up, I immediately went to sleep. Ronk woke me up again at the same time as yesterday. He told me to take off my shoes and top again and we ran the long way we ran yesterday. After jogging and eating, we went to a different area this time for training.

The place we came from was a long way from home. In these parts of the forest, there were many wild animals and monsters. Creature sounds in the environment could make any person very nervous. As usual, Ronk was moving forward without talking. He suddenly stopped,

“Here we are, weeping forest.”

“What am I supposed to do here?”

“Stay alive and come home.”

“One second! What do you mean, stay alive?”

When Ronk got behind me, he just disappeared. Now, what Ronk said made sense. I was alone in a vast forest of dangerous animals and creatures. Given the situation I was in, I started running quickly home without looking back.

When I was in the woods, I faced a lot of difficulties. I saw weird bugs, I climbed, fell and I hid from some monsters.

My only goal was to get home as fast as possible without infecting any creatures or wild animals. I ran, I ran for hours. But for some reason,I couldn’t find my way home, and when it got dark, the sounds of the creatures multiplied, I heard more scary sounds. At that moment, a creature appeared in front of me.

It was a bear with two heads, twice the size of a normal bear, and had more pointed teeth. People called this creature “Bearos.” My uncle told me a lot about creatures like this when I was a kid. The survival rate is very low when a Normal human encounters a creature like Bearos.

I didn’t act to avoid attracting the creature’s attention. It was coming at me slowly. I didn’t know what I would do in a situation like this. They knew the smell of humans, so I was sure It will attack if it smells me, but if I try to escape, It will catch me pretty easily.

As it was going to smell me, a strong animal sound came out from the forest and distracted Bearos. When Bearos went to the sound, I ran out of there as fast as I could,


and after a while, I stopped running. I hid in a place that looked like a cave and waited for it to be morning.

In the morning, I set off and managed to get home half-dead at noon. Ronk was waiting for me at the door. I broke into the house without telling Ronk anything. I put on my clothes, and after I warmed up a little, I fell asleep.

When I got up, I smelled a good smell of meat. Ronk was cooking a big piece of meat again.

“You must be hungry, come, eat some.”

I was starving, I started eating without waiting.

“At least you could have told me you’d leave me alone in the forest.”

“We don’t know what will happen tomorrow or any other day. When you were living with your uncle two days ago, you might end up training with someone you don’t know. Consider it and be prepared for anything.”

“Did you save me in the woods by making that sound?”


Ronk stood up,

“We will try to awaken your power as quickly as possible. get enough rest, your other training won’t be easy.”

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