The Kings Mate

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Zero Sleep

After a little drive, we soon arrive in a little town. As we make it past the sign, people just lined the streets, as we drove by they all cheered and waved. Did all these people really come here to see me? In no time we pull up at a building, outside stood a man in a smart looking suit, either side were railings where people with cameras stood. My guards stand either side of the railings as my door is opened, I put a smile on my face climbing out the car. Immediately, the cheering got louder as I take a look around, I send a few people little waves before walking over to the guy in a suit.

"Welcome your majesty" he smiles bowing his head, we shake hands where I say hello " I'm Mike Falcon, these two are Maria and Jackson" he smiles walking backwards a little where two children stood.

"These are for you" Maria smiles handing me a bunch of flowers, I thank her which she replies with a little curtsy. Jackson bows his head at me with a smile.

"Come this way your majesty" Mr Falcon smiles leading me into the building, I thank him following him in where more children stood.

Let the show begin.

The whole day went so quickly, I went to four other places after the orphanage. The only time I sat down was in the car, I don't think I've spoken to that many people in one day ever. Daisy's been great though, throughout the whole day she was standing on the sidelines sending me encouraging looks.

We soon were pulling up at the castle, where I see Grayson walking into the building but soon turns clocking the car. He smiles waiting at the top of the stairs for me, it was great to see him again I didn't actually realise how much I missed him until now, I haven't had much time to think about anything else really.

"Same time tomorrow, your majesty" Mason smiles from the front, I send him a little smile but nod, I guess I'm gonna have to start getting used to having no free time.

As the car stops Grayson opens my door, he holds his hand out to me smiling. I take his hand getting out the car, as usual he holds his arm out which I take. We begin to make our way into the castle, I'm taken into a room I've never been in before but looked like an office. As soon as the door closes I'm wrapped in a tight hug, I immediately wrap my arms around him just loving being this close.

"You do not know how great it is to have you back in my arms again, you were all I thought about today" he says placing his face in my neck "how was your day?" He asks moving slightly so he could see my face.

"Honestly, I've never felt this exhausted in all my life" I smile looking down at him "it's lucky makeup was invented" I joke but he looks up at my face, it was as though he was studying it.

"You are beautiful with or without makeup" he says looking me in the eyes "I will tell Mason he must cut some of the workload down" he suggests but I immediately shake my head.

"No it's okay it's my job now, I'm used to having to work a lot and run on basically zero sleep, I'll be alright" I shrug but he tenses letting out a quiet growl.

Before I could question him the door begins to knock, the person on the other end tells us dinner was ready. Grayson sighs pulling me to walk out the door, I just follow behind until we arrive in the dining hall. He leads me over to a chair pulling it out for me, I smile thanking him taking my seat. He sits beside me as a bunch of people walk in, food is placed in front of me which once again I hadn't a clue what it was.

"It may look strange but it's actually very nice" Grayson smiles knowing exactly what I was thinking "here" he says taking a piece of my food into his fork holding it up.

I open my mouth taking it off the fork and he was right, this food tasted incredible! How do people cook things like this? I mean I probably could cook like a semi okay pizza, not homemade but frozen. These people just work wonders, I wonder who teaches them to cook or maybe they taught themselves, I have so many questions!

"I thought you were going to think aloud" Grayson says snapping me out my thoughts, I smile looking over at him then down at the food.

"Where do you find these amazing cooks?" I ask still looking amazed at the food in front of me, it tasted like chicken but it wasn't chicken!

His reply was just a laugh also eating, we spoke about our days and made other small talk. After dinner we went up to my room and spoke even more, I loved talking with him I could actually only speak to him for a day. I got changed into comfy clothes where he sat on the bed, I send him a smile sitting next to him.

"Again, I don't think I've never been this tired before" I sigh leaning my head on his shoulder, he moves so my head was on his chest with his arm around me.

"Your days will be like this for the first few weeks, it slows down after that" he says while I feel my eyes begin to close "what did you mean back in my office? You said you are used to working a lot on no sleep" he asks me as I feel myself going into a sleep daze.

"The Alpha would force the people who weren't born in his pack to do most of the work, while the people who's families were there for years did nothing" I say not having a filter as I was that tired "he really didn't like me so I got the hardest jobs, there were times I'd have to go days with virtually no sleep" I say my eyes fully closed, it wouldn't be long until I was fully asleep.

Gray let's out a low growl, which causes my eyes to open for a second but soon drop close snuggling into this chest.

"You should have told him that you needed a break" he tells me which was something Grace would tell me to do.

"I would never do that, especially after what he did to me the first time I...I tried" I say, once the sentence was finished I drift to sleep.


Melissa remained in her room after shouting at Cyrus, she knew what kind of reception she would get if she were to walk out now. She didn't know how she got the courage to talk back to him like that, but as soon as she saw her daughter on that tv, her mother instincts kicked in and the need to protect her daughter at all costs were just at the forefront of her mind.

Wes walks into the bedroom locking the door behind him, he even went as far to put the chest of draws in front of the door, he knew what would happen to his mate if Cyrus was to enter the room. Melissa doesn't look up from the bed as he did this, she knew how badly she had messed up.

"He's mad, I don't think I've saw him this mad since we actually had Clara" Wes says staring at the door but turns to look at Melissa "now I'm not saying you went around the situation the right way but, I one hundred percent agree with what you said back there" he tells her which immediately makes Melissa well up again.

"That's our daughter Wes, I'm not gonna let him worm is way back into her life after forcing her and Kyle away from us" she cries still sat on the bed, Wes walks over holding her hands in his.

"That's why you're gonna write her a letter, if someone writes to the royals they have to read it and reply" he tells her, she looks up shaking her head at him.

"She won't want anything to do with us Wes, your brother made damn sure of that" she cries as painful as it was to think like that, she knew it was true.

"You will word it in a way that makes her see it different, it's Clara, she was always so forgiving and gave everyone a fair chance, just write her a letter" he says placing his head on hers.

Melissa eventually nods causing Wes to get up and rummage through a draw, he pulls out a bunch of paper and pens passing them to his mate.

"You write the letter and I will send it when Cyrus goes to sleep" he smiles moving the chest of draws and leaving the room.

Melissa spends a few minutes staring at the paper in front of her, with a sigh she begins to write to her long lost daughter, the queen.
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