The Kings Mate

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Death Warrant

This week has had to be the most hectic in my life, now I know I've said that a lot since I arrive her but this one, well it hit a peak. Mason has been sending me here, there and everywhere. He keeps telling me it's to get me out there and seen, the people need to know I'm the type of person who will go into the community.

Thankfully, it was Sunday a day I can get off, in no way did that mean I was getting a lay in. Today Kyle and Emma were visiting, I haven't saw them in nearly three weeks. It feels like a lifetime since I got to give Kyle a hug, a hug I've definitely needed.

I was fully ready and waiting outside the castle, I asked them to come early so we had more time to spend together, with my schedule you never know when my next day offs gonna be. A car pulling into the gates makes a huge smile fill my lips, I begin to slowly walk down the stairs as it pulls up. One of the butlers open the door, where Kyle climbs out. In less than a second we've got each other wrapped in a tight hug, I didn't want to let go if I'm honest. When we finally do pull away I see Emma beside him, I smile also wrapping her in a hug smiling.

"Welcome to my humble abode" I smile pointing up at the castle behind us, Emma laughs saying humble "it's hard to be humble when you live here" I joke looking at both of them.

Emma was smiling while Kyle, he was just staring at me. I take both of their hands pulling them up the stairs, they needed an official house tour, or maybe castle.

We were taking a walk through the amazing ballroom, when Emma says she needs the bathroom. I look around and clock a butler polishing some expensive looking artefact.

"Excuse me, would you mind showing my friend where the bathroom is?" I ask nicely, through all the work I've done I've got so much better at talking to people! Not everyone through.

"Of course ma'am, right this way" he says with a bow of the head towards me, Emma smiles following the man out leaving me and Kyle alone.

"Alright spill the beans" I say crossing my arms, he just sends me a confused look "Kyle, you're my older brother I know you better than you know yourself, I know somethings off that you didn't want to say in front of Emma"

"I've missed you so much Clara, it's the longest we've been apart and I wasn't even able to communicate with you" he says with a sigh, the longest we've been apart were a few days before this "I've been so worried of how you'll be doing here, but then I saw you standing on top of the stairs outside and you looked so happy and at ease, I felt like you didn't" he says but pauses, I knew where he was going with this though.

"Like I didn't need you anymore?" I ask, he nods looking down "Kyle, I'm always gonna need you, I'm gonna be honest with you and say this is the hardest thing I've ever had to do, I don't get a break at all this is my first day off. There are days where I don't even have time to eat breakfast, I wake up and it's go time until dinner and straight after it's time for bed, I've barley saw Grayson at all this whole time, even through Daisy's been there being great I've felt so alone in all this" I confess looking down as I spoke "everyone here is used to it but I'm not, Mason keeps telling me it'll get easier and it's my role as queen to do all this stuff, but that doesn't make it any less difficult. That's why I need you Kyle, you're my big brother I'm always gonna need you" I say tearing up, he immediately wraps me in a huge hug holding me so tightly.

The doors open and in Emma walks, she wraps her arms around us both causing us to laugh. She laughed as she pulled away but gasps bowing her head, Kyle also does the same as I turn to see Grayson walking over.

"Hello sir" Kyle says bowing his head, Grayson comes to a stop beside me smiling at the two.

"You are Clara's older brother which makes you her family, she is my family which makes her family also my family, my family do not have to bow or call me sir" he smiles holding his hand out, whoa he said family a lot in that sentence, Kyle smiles shaking his hand "now I don't know about you but I'm growing rather hungry, will you be joining us for dinner?" Grayson asks the two, they grow even more shocked looking at each other.

"We would love to, but it's a such short notice we don't want to be an inconvenience" Emma smiles at him, I could tell how badly she actually wanted to say yes.

"Trust me the cooks here are amazing, they probably already know you're staying for dinner and have made you some" I laugh but it was probably true, I don't have a clue how they do it.

They both smile accepting the offer, before Grayson leads us all to the dinning hall. Dinner was going amazing and the cooks somehow knew Kyle and Emma were here, honestly how?!

"So what is the dynamic of the pack you reside at?" Grayson asks Kyle, okay that's a kind of odd question and one even I wouldn't know how to answer.

"It's um- different I guess, the alpha likes order and you know things to be done right" Kyle answers but kept looking at me and Emma for help, I didn't know how to help him answer the question.

"The pack is just the pack, now anyway um- what crazy weather we've been having" I say quickly having to change the subject, Emma begins to ramble about the weather successfully derailing the conversation.

I felt Grayson's eyes burning holes in the side of my head, for the rest of the dinner I never turned to talk to him.

I was sat awake staring at the ceiling, I managed a few nights to go sleep but I've gone back to not being about to. It was great seeing Kyle and Emma today, I felt like the old me was starting to come back. My thoughts are cut short by Grayson opening the door, he peeps his head in shocked to see me awake.

"I didn't know you would be awake now" he says closing the door behind him, I sigh putting my heed against the head board.

"Neither did I" I smile looking out the window, I feel the bed dip beside me an arm pulling me closer to him, I look down at his hand to see it all bruised and beaten up "what happened to your hand?" I ask taking a hold of it to look it over, when he doesn't answer I look up at his face where he had a few cuts on his face.

"I got into an altercation with a man who thought he could disrespected my family" he says looking straight ahead his eyes going a shade darker, I place my hand on his face where the cuts were.

"I know you're king and you have to do stuff like that, but please be careful" I say looking at him, he smiles placing a kiss on my head "earlier at dinner you asked Kyle about the pack, why?" I ask still looking up at him, he shakes his head.

"I was just making conversation" he replies but I really didn't believe him "it was our first time meeting, I was trying to get more information about him" he shrugs, I smile placing my head on his chest feeling my eyes begin to close.

"I know why I've been able to go sleep easily these last few nights, it's because you're here" I sigh my eyes still closing, he slides down further so we were both laying down, in seconds I was asleep.

*few hours prior*

Grayson was sat in his office filling some paperwork out, he wanted to get all the paperwork done so he'd have more time to spend with Clara. He finishes the last of his paperwork when the door begins to knock, he places his pen down telling the person they can come in.

"You wanted to see me sir" Mason said bowing his head, Grayson wanted a word with him about Clara.

He heard her telling her brother how she feels about this place, he never knew she didn't have time to have breakfast or even get a break. That was all down to Mason.

"It's about Clara and how much work you are arranging for her each day, she isn't able to have many breaks or days off" Grayson says sitting up in his chair, Mason nods not seeing anything wrong with that.

"She's queen sir, she has responsibilities that she must keep too, it may be hard but it comes with the job title" he shrugs still not getting it, Grayson sighs looking at his desk trying to remain calm.

"She never asked to have this title it has been forced upon her, I have looked at the schedule she has been keeping to and it is utterly ridiculous, you have her doing nearly twenty appearances a day on opposite sides of town" Grayson says looking at the piece of paper with all her tasks on "no one that I know of has ever done that many a day, why would you force my mate to do all those?" He asks Mason who still didn't seem to get it.

"She has a lot of prove sir" he says straight faced, Grayson gives the man a look saying to elaborate "I've read the documents on her she was a rouge! She was a part of the lowest group of wolfs in the world! She needs to prove that she is up to the task of being queen! And if not she'll break and you'll have to get rid of her and find someone better" Mason exclaims finally loosing his cool, Grayson sighs placing the paper on the desk walking over to Mason.

"You have just signed your own death warrant, no one disrespects my mate" he growls looking in Mason eyes before lunging at him.

Grayson begins ripping Mason to shreds, literally.
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