The Kings Mate

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Make Amends

It was the start of my third week here, my second week of duties which I feel are getting easier. Well not really easier, I'm just getting used to the schedule I guess. At the start of each week I have a meeting with Mason, he gives me a rundown of the week so I'm somewhat prepared. I walk into the room shocked to see someone else sat there, a man in a blue suit that looked maybe my age stood there.

"Good morning your majesty, I'm Erik your new royal advisor" he smiles holding his hand out, I smile shaking his hand but was utterly confused.

"My new adviser, what happened to Mason?" I ask still confused, I saw him on Saturday and he seemed fine.

"He has been relocated to fulfil a different job"he smiles pulling his folder out "and before you ask, no it had nothing to do with you, everyone just thought this other job suited him better"he smiles taking a seat at the desk, I'm glad he said that I was getting worried I did something wrong.

"Oh okay, well I look forward to work with you" I smile also taking a seat at the desk, he smiles opening the folder full of paper.

"Now, I can see Mason had you running around all over the place, so I've came up with a much better schedule" he smiles handing me a piece of paper "we will have this meeting on a Monday, than you'll spend the rest of the day doing paperwork, apart from today as the paperwork won't come into then, than on Tuesday you will have normal duties, on Wednesday you and the king will do duties together" he tells me which immediately makes me smile, that'll be so nice "it was the kings idea, then on Thursday and Friday more royal duties and finally, you can have the weekend off" he finishes again with a smile, that's much better than what Mason had me to, I actually get days off!

"Thank you so much Erik, this schedule is so great" I smile as he just smiles pulling more things out of his folder.

"As you've probably already presumed you have a lot of letter comes you way, each letter must get a reply but we have a team which sieve through them, just so you can see the more important ones first" he smiles pulling a single letter out "most of them were just congratulating you on being queen and saying how beautiful you look at your coronation, but this one was different which is the reason you're seeing this now" he says handing me the unopened envelope "as you can see it's unopened, on the back it says to only be opened by the queen which immediately was a course for concern, but don't worry we did all the checks and it appears to just be a letter with nothing such as chemicals attached to it" he tells me, wait someone might send me something which could harm me?

"People could send me letters with chemicals attached to them?" I ask actually getting worried, I'm gonna be scared to open any letter from now on.

"Yes unfortunately, but you don't have to worry we have special equipment and a team which checks, nothing that we enter your hands will pose any danger to you" he replies making me feel a little better, but still scared that they even have to have a team that does that, but also glad at the same time "now to your schedule of this week" he explains handing me another piece of paper, the unopened letter beside me.

After our little meeting I was done with the day, Erik is actually really nice and more down to earth than Mason was. I was walking through the halls towards Grayson's office, he also had paperwork today but told Erik he wants to see me after the meeting. The unopened letter was still in my hands, I didn't know why I hadn't opened it yet but it still remained in my hands. As I reach the door I didn't even need to knock, he already knew I was there.

"Come in my love" he says from inside the door, I smile opening the door to see him sat at his desk filling some paperwork out "how do you get more beautiful everyday?"he asks as I close the door behind me, I just smile walking further into his office looking around, it had a strong smell of cleaning products.

"I just met Erik, why is it that I have a new advisor, what happened to Mason?" I ask walking further into his office.

"A new position came up that he would be perfect for, so we decided we would transfer him while Erik would work with you" he explains then looks down at my hands "what's in the envelope?" He asks reminding me that it was still in my hands, I move it up shrugging.

"I don't know it just came, Erik told me there's a team of people who make sure the letters we open won't release any chemicals, doesn't that scare you that you have to have a team for that?" I ask but he shakes his head smiling "I guess you're use to it all" I say looking down at the letter in my hands.

"You will get used it to love, I'll be by your side every step of the way" he smiles still sat at his desk "now give me ten minutes to finish this paperwork and we'll get some lunch" he smiles, I nod smiling walking over to sit on one of his sofas while he finished his work.

I stare at the letter for a few seconds but slowly begin to open it, I was kind of nervous if I'm being honest. It seemed to just be a letter which was handwritten, let's hope I don't have some creepy stalker, it read.

"Dear Clara,
It's mum, I'm probably the last person you thought would be reaching out to you, I'm sorry it's taken me this long. I've thought about trying to track you and your brother down for years, but I wouldn't know where to start and kept thinking you'll probably just ignore me, which you'd have every right to do. When I saw you on that tv that's when it hit me, I let other people in my life dictate what happened with my children.

Trust me Clara I never wanted to abandon you or Kyle, but if I didn't than Cyrus would have killed you. I knew I needed to protect you and that's the only way I knew how, I'm so incredibly sorry. Your father and I just want to try and make amends if you'll allow us to do so.

I hope to hear back from you soon
With love
Mum xx"

I just stare at the piece of paper in front of me, my mum just wrote me a letter after all these years. I didn't know Cyrus threatened to kill us! I don't know what to think or believe anymore, I need to see Kyle.

"Clara, Clara" Grayson's voice snap me out of my thoughts, he was knelling down in front of me with his hands on my knees's "what happened, are you okay?" He asks worry just filling his face.

I open my mouth to speak but couldn't find the right words, I hand him the letter remaining silent. He takes the later while I just stare at the wall, my thoughts just racing with memories of my parents.

He pulls me in for a hug once he finishes reading, I wrap my arms around him feeling tears begin to prick my eyes. I thought my past was all behind me but I guess, it's come back to haunt me instead.
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