The Kings Mate

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The office was silent as I sat there staring at the letter, why would my parents choose now to reach out to me? My life was just starting to go in the right direction, now the road block that caused all this mess has turned up in the middle of the road again. Kyle has always told me that we don't have any parents anymore and I need to put the thoughts of them behind me, but obviously due to this letter that's something I can't do.

I could just ignore the letter but than Erik said there has to be a reply to every letter, I wouldn't even know what to say if I decided to reply. They've been out my life for so long that I don't even know who they are, it would be like pouring my heart out to a stranger and I don't do well talking to strangers at the best of times. We could claim that the letter never arrived if they write another, but that would be lying and seeing that's it's only my first year doing this job, I don't wanna start it out with lies.

But I know myself too well though, if I ignore them I'll start to feel terrible and regret ever ignoring them. If I tell Kyle that's what he'll tell me to do, he always claims that he was older than me so he saw more than I did. That might be true but I still saw some things, stuff that's stayed with me my whole life. Maybe this is a trap and she's wrote this to lure us in, or now I'm queen they know if they get on my good side it'll benefit them in the long run. There's more questions than answers on this situation, one that I know for my sake I can't just ignore.

I sigh looking down at the floor than to Grayson, who was just holding my hand beside me. I knew it would be hard to talk about but he should know all the facts, to a situation I was about to drag him into.

"I guess you wanna know what she means by abandon and why I'm acting like this" I say looking over at him, he just smiles giving my hand a little squeeze "the trouble started before me and Kyle were even born, my dads brother Cyrus, my uncle, he's into some bad stuff and in doing that bad stuff brought my dad into it" I start to explain with a sigh, I know all this due to Kyle and the little bits and pieces I remember myself.

"Cyrus and his mate don't have any children, he would say that children just get in the way and he doesn't have time for things to get in his way, so you can probably guess what his reaction was when Kyle and I came along" I laugh an awkward laugh, Kyle once told me Cyrus threw a chair at the window when I was born.

"He would say that his brother, my dad, ruined his life by having kids, things were fine for awhile yeah Cyrus didn't like us and wouldn't treat us that great, but when I was around seven he got into a huge fight with the Alpha of our pack, so big that the Alpha kicked us out his pack" I explain but smile a little "before this Kyle and I would spend most of our time with the Alpha and Luna, our parents were always off with Cyrus so we'd stay with them for weeks on end, so when the Alpha kicked our family out they offered to keep me and Kyle and raise us as their own, Cyrus thinking if he said no the Alpha would be forced to keep him in the pack, told the Alpha where he could stick that offer but the Alpha still kicked him out, just before we left though he whispered to me and Kyle that he didn't officially kick me and Kyle out, which meant we were and still are two of his pack members and if we ever wanted to, we can come back to our pack as he said" I smile remembering how nice the Alpha was.

"For a few years we'd bounce from pack to pack, never staying long as Cyrus always caused trouble wherever he went, then when I was around ten and Kyle was fourteen" I say but stop looking down, Grayson pulls me closer to make me better "our mum took us into the middle of the woods and told Kyle it was his job to look after me now, she said it was his time to step up as an older brother as her and our dad couldn't as parents anymore, she told us we couldn't follow her and had to stay where we were until the next morning, I was terrified as I was only ten but Kyle looked after me and the rest is history I guess" I finish, glad that the story telling was over.

"I can see why you reacted to the letter the way you did, I'm so sorry you had to go through that my love" Grayson says holding both my hands in his now "you do not have to respond if you don't want to" he smiles but I shake my head, it would eat away at me if I didn't.

"I should talk to Kyle about it, but I can't just expect him here when I click my fingers" I sigh looking over at Gray, who smiles giving me a look "wait I can do that?" I ask surprised, there's a lot of power I have now.

"You are queen my love, you can summon someone and they will be here within the hour" he smiles causing my eyes to go wide, so I could ask for anyone and they'd be here?! "I can get Josh to contact Erik who will come see you, Kyle will be here soon" he says going to move but I take this head.

"There's no rush, I thought we were going to have lunch" I smile actually looking forward to spending some time with him, he smiles placing a kiss on my lips.

After lunch I spoke with Erik, he was more than happy to help and said he was excited for his first task as my advisor. The more time I'm spending with him the more I see how nice he is, I think I'll get along with him more than Mason. I was now waiting in Gray's office, he told him I could speak to Kyle here as it's the most private office place here. Apparently he's also having a desk made for me to go beside his, so it'll be our office and we'll work together here.

The door knocking makes me stand up straight, I say they can come in where Erik walks in bowing his head.

"Your brother Kyle ma'am" he says moving aside, where Kyle walks into the office sending me a confused look.

"Thank you Erik" I smile, Erik bows his head again walking out and closing the door "wow, you did arrive within the hour" I smile to Kyle who once again was confused.

"Is everything okay, some guard people came to the pack telling me the queen has summoned me and I need to leave immediately" he worriedly says, I just nod sighing going behind me taking the letter.

"I received a letter today" I sigh holding it up "It's from mum"
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