The Kings Mate

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Kyle stood frozen in place, his face was blank as he stares at the letter in my hand. He seems to snap out of his trace where he proceeds to pace, I knew he was trying to collect all his thoughts.

"I knew this was gonna happen, I kept telling Emma sooner or later they were gonna reach out now you're queen" he says still pacing the room "you might be queen but I'm still your older brother, you just need to ignore it and throw that away" he continues, pointing down at the letter still in my hands.

"I can't, when someone writes a letter to a royal they have to get a reply" I tell him, it was a rule I didn't know existed until toady.

"Then say you never received a letter" he says but I shake my head him, he knows me better than that.

"That would be lying and lying is bad" I tell him crossing my arms, he laughs pointing at me.

"No you see, most lies are bad but some are justified and okay" he tells me, I continue to shake my head at him "all parents lie to their kids, they tell them Santa Claus exists or the Easter bunny or-" he begins to ramble but I cut him off.

"Are you really comparing our parents to Santa Claus?" I ask with a raised eyebrow, that's just plain weird "Kyle, I know exactly the way you're feeling cause I felt the same when I opened the letter, but whether you like it or not they're still our parents, you should read the letter" I say going to hand it to him but he smacks it out my hand.

"No! So I can hear all their lies! Lies that you're falling victim to! You don't understand Clara I saw everything they did!" He shouts as the letter hits the floor, I go over picking up the letter but he takes my arm pulling my sleeve up.

"You see this, they caused that" he says pointing down at a certain scar on the upper part of my arm, it's the reason I wear clothes that have sleeves that cover the top bit of my arm.

"Just read the letter for me, if you care about me at all, you'll read it" I say looking him in the eyes, he sighs taking a look to the letter on the floor.

He reaches down picking it up and begins to read, while he's doing so I pull my sleeve back down so my scar wasn't visible. He shouts lies beginning to rip the letter up, once he was finished he throws it in the bin.

"Everything she's said in that letter is a lie! As you're older brother it's my job to keep you safe, which means keeping you away from them" he tells me before walking to the door "I have to get back but Clara, don't respond" he tells me, I nod looking down at the ground as I hear the door open and close.

I roll my sleeve back up looking down at the scar, it's seems as though it's slowly starting to fade away.

"It will, now we've found mate all scars begin to fade, you should show mate"my wolf tells me but I couldn't, it was much to painful to talk about "it won't be if you talk to mate" she says which I knew was probably true.

The door knocking snaps me out my thoughts, I quickly pull my sleeve back down telling the person to come in. Erik walks in bowing his head.

"I just saw your brother leave ma'am, is that all from me today?" He asks, I go to nod my head but stop myself.

"Actually, there's one more thing if that's okay" I say, he happily nods saying of course "I need you summon two other people, but not for today but for tomorrow after all my duties, I need you to summon Melissa and Wes Jacobs, my parents" I tell him, he nods bowing his head before leaving closing the door.

I'm sorry Kyle but I'm so like that, I have to see them.

I was now getting ready for bed, after the day I had I needed some rest. I walk out the bathroom to see Gray already sat in bed, he smiles opening his arm out. I smile walking over getting in bed beside him, we sit in silence for a few minutes.

"I've asked Erik to bring my parents tomorrow, Kyle told me not to but I can't just ignore them" I say which makes him hold me tighter "will you come with me?" I ask looking up at him.

"I'll be right by your side" he tells me, I smile placing my head on his chest "my love, the other night you were telling me how your old alpha used to treat you, you were about to tell me what happened when you attempted to stand up to him" he says which makes me look down at my arm, I sigh sitting up slightly so I could see him.

"He got rather angry and put me in my place as he called it, he did that with everyone but, he wanted to give me a permanent reminder of what I'd always be" I sigh still looking down, I knew he'd want to know what I mean by permanent reminder "after he put me in my place, he got at really sharp metal thing and.....wrote what I was to him on my body so I'd know what I was forever" I say tears welling up in my eyes, I've always tried to put that memory at the back of my mind but it's hard.

"Where?" Gray asks looking at me, I take a glance to my upper arm than back at him, he takes ahold of my sleeve but I stop him "my love, I just want to see what he did" he says looking at me, but I still shake my head.

"I don't want you to judge me or look down at me if you see it" I say feeling a tear about to leave my eye, he takes my face making me look at him.

"I will never judge or look down on you, you are perfect to me that will never change" he says staring deep into my eyes, I just nod letting him start to move my sleeve up.

Once the area was fully exposed I knew he saw the scar I hide from the world, the word "rouge" carved into my skin. I let the tears win the battle and allow myself to cry, Grayson growls but pulls me closer to him wrapping his arms around me.

"I'm gonna kill him, I'm going to make sure he pays for ever putting his hands on my mate" he growls as I continue to cry, he moves holding my face in his hands "you aren't a rouge, you never were my love, as you said your previous Alpha never kicked you out his pack, your parents were rouges but you and your brother aren't, but you are now queen and also my mate, which means no one messes with you anymore" he says but I shake my head.

"It doesn't matter it's still on me, I'm still ugly!" I cry which immediately makes him pull me up out of bed, he pulls me all the way over to a mirror standing me in front of it with him behind me.

"Do you know what I see when I look at you? I see a breathtaking beauty who I've been blessed to have as a mate, you are beautiful my love" he tells me looking at me through the mirror "and that tiny scar on your arm won't be there in a matter of weeks, now I'm here all your scars fade but even before then you are still the most beautiful person I've never laid my eyes on, and will ever lay them on" he smiles placing his head on my neck "one day soon, you'll wear the most amazing mark on you given by me" he smiles looking at my neck, I look at myself than at him through the mirror.

"How about you put that mark on me now?" I ask looking at him with a smile, he looks at me surprise filling his face "I would be proud to wear that mark, why not now?" I ask turning around to look at him, where he still looks surprised.

He studies my face for awhile making sure I was sure before his lips crash to mine, sparks flew everywhere as I'm pushed against the wall. He makes his way down to my neck finding the right spot, once he finds it I feel his canines extend against my neck. He bites down into my neck causing me to take a sharp into of air in, I grip onto his shirt as I feel weird sensations make there way through my body, right down to my tippy toes. After a few minutes he pulls his teeth out, where he slowly moves looking into my eyes smiling.

"You're mine" he says placing his forehead on mine.


Grayson was laying in bed beside a sleeping Clara, the thought of that disgraceful Alpha who harmed his mate was preventing him from sleeping. He turns to the side seeing the clock, it appeared to be 4:30 in the morning. Beside the clock was his phone, he picks it up calling Josh. Josh was probably asleep so mind-linking wouldn't work, it rings a few times before a half asleep Josh picks up.

"I apologise for calling so late but it's a matter of urgency, I need all my duties to be cancelled tomorrow something has come up" Grayson whispers through the phone, he takes a glance back down to Clara to make sure she's still asleep "you must send guards over to the Dark Moon Pack, they must bring the Alpha here using any force necessary, my only request is for him to be alive and conscious when he arrives" he says his eyes going a shade darker as he spoke.

"Alright, I'm on it" Josh replies fully awake now, he hangs the phone up jumping to work.

Grayson places his phone back on the beside table, he slowly drifts to sleep needing all the rest he can get for what lies ahead.
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