The Kings Mate

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The Parents

The next morning went by so quickly, I loved the way Erik was scheduling my work, it actually felt like I was doing something not just running around all over the shop. It was the first day I didn't need to cover my neck! If felt great not to always have a boiling hot neck from the scarf I needed to wear, also it meant I was getting closer to Gray too. It was the end of my duties for today but my day was far from over, my parents were due to arrive within the hour. I hadn't thought about the meeting until I saw the castle, I've been so wrapped up with my duties that they totally slipped my mind. It was probably for the better though, knowing me I'd be worrying about it all day and wouldn't have been able to focus.

I begin to make my way into the castle, when I got halfway up the stairs I see Gray shouting at someone through the window. He looked rather angry, I've never actually saw him like this before. I look away and continue my journey up the stairs and in through the double doors, everyone inside bow their heads towards me as I enter. I send them all smiles as I hear doors begin to open and close from upstairs, glancing up I see Gray putting on a different coloured suit jacket. He runs down the stairs in front of me.

"I know your parents are coming and I will be here, I just need to head out for a second" he says standing in front of me, I just nod and smile where he places a kiss on my lips before running out the door. Wow he's in a hurry!

Erik walks from behind me smiling, he bows his head at me before speaking like he always does.

"Your parents will be arriving soon ma'am, I suggest the ballroom would be a suitable place for you to have the talk you'll be having" he says holding is arm out, wait Gray isn't here.

Clara you're a big girl now, you can't expect Gray to be at your beck and call constantly. I sigh nodding allowing him to guide me to the ballroom, which I'd only been in a handful times but it was still beautiful. Once we enter I stand on the raised platform where the thrones stood, Erik takes the things from my hands so I was stood there with my hands behind my back.

"I can stay with you if you like ma'am, just until the king returns" Erik smiles stood at the bottom of the platform.

"That would be great Erik, thank you" I smile at him kindly, he bows his head with a smile moving to the side at the bottom of the platform.

We stand there silent for a few minutes, until the doors open at the end of the ballroom. A butler makes his way in first followed by two people, my parents were following quickly behind the man. They hadn't changed looks wise, my mum still hand bleach blonde hair but a worried expression fills her features. My dad just looked a bit older, his dark black hair still pulled back, his style hadn't changed a bit I think that's actually the same leather jacket he wore growing up.

"Wes and Melissa Jacobs, ma'am" the butler smiles bowing his head, I smile sending him a nod where he leaves.

This is when I begin to make eye contact with my parents, my dad went to speak but Erik is quick to interject.

"Bow your heads" he tells them, they look at him confused and a little shocked "before you speak to the queen you bow your heads, she is also the first to speak in an encounter such as this one" he says in a harsh tone, whoa he is big on rules isn't he?

"She's our daughter"my dad replies looking annoyed at Erik, his attitude hasn't changed a bit either.

"She's also the queen, so either bow your heads or leave" Erik says quickly shutting him down, I look to the floor for a second.

No Clara you're queen now, you're not some little kid that they abandoned. You don't have to be scared to look at them. I move my head back to look at them, where they both reluctantly bow their heads.

"I wasn't surprised when I got your letter, if I'm honest we were all expecting it, Kyle included" I say putting on the same act I use for my duties, but a much tougher one.

"Where is Kyle, is he coming?" My mum asks eagerly, I shake my head whilst crossing my arms.

"He ripped up the letter when I showed him, he wants nothing to do with you but can you blame him?" I ask where my mum looks down at the ground defeated "he told me not to respond to you but I have to, he actually doesn't know I'm having this meeting with you so make this quick, I'm going behind the back of the one person whose took care of me though out my whole life" I say still having the very hard exterior up, I wasn't going to let them break me.

"We just want to be a part of your life again and your brothers" my dad says which causes me to smile and shake my head.

"You chose a pretty convenient time to do so, well convenient for you" I smile looking at them both "how's Cyrus? I would call him uncle but that man is no family of mine?" I ask my arms still remained crossed, the wall is still up and strong.

"We're so sorry Clara, if we could take back the last ten years we would but-" my mum begins to cry but I cut her off.

"But you can't, you can't change the fact that you abandoned your two children in the woods on their own! Anything could have happened to us but you didn't care! All you thought about was yourself, I guess that would be a harsh reality to accept" I say looking at my dad in the eyes, I wasn't afraid of him or was going to back down.

"We had no choice Clara! Cyrus threatened to kill you and your brother! It was the only way!" My mother once again cries and screams, I continue to shake my head.

"Where's Cyrus now then? I bet he put you up to this didn't he, I'm not some little kid that you can manipulate anymore, I've grown up and can see right through what you're doing" I say calmly, it's shocking how I've remained calm through this whole thing and haven't broke down crying.

"Cyrus doesn't know we're here, he doesn't even know we wrote you a letter, please Clara we're your parents and yes we know that we messed up big time, don't you think we've been paying for that these last few years?" My dad says starting to act like mum "there isn't a day that goes by that we don't think of you and your brother, we wish more than anything in the world that it could have gone differently but we can't change it!" He cries looking at me, whoa he never cries when we were growing up, this is a whole new emotion.

"You would change it to better yourselves, you haven't changed people like you don't, you just get better at hiding who you really are" a voice says from behind them, across the ballroom stood an annoyed looking Kyle.

I guess it's time for a unplanned family reunion!
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