The Kings Mate

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What’s Coming To Him

"Kyle?" I ask unfolding my arms, he begins to make his way over to us giving our parents looks as he went.

"Like I expected, all you guys want is to worm your way back into Clara's life as she's queen" he says shaking his head "unfortunately, Clara is too nice of a person to see that, which is good that I'm here" he continues, he comes to a stop beside me staring down at our parents.

"But how did you know we were having this meeting?" I ask looking over at him, he smiles towards me with a shake of his head.

"I'm your older brother Clara, I know how your mind works even if you try to hide it" he smiles while I just roll my eyes, he was probably right "I knew it would eat away at you if you didn't respond, I checked with the people here if I could come visit you and they said sure" he smiles, I look down to Erik who shrugs his shoulders.

"Please son, we didn't want to leave you two but we had no other choice, your uncle Cyrus was gonna kill you" our dad said joining the conversation, not gonna lie for a second I forgot he was standing there.

"Okay first off, I'm not your son and he is not my uncle" Kyle spits out toward our dad "don't act so innocent, you might be able to convince Clara that you had the best intentions but not me!" Kyle screams at him, I jump back at little from shock.

"Cyrus forced us Kyle! We would never have left you there if it wasn't the only way!" Our mum cries, Kyle just shakes his head at her with a smile.

"Then why are you still living with him, if you're so scared of him I mean?" He asks the smile still remained on his face, that was actually a very good question.

"Don't you think we've tried leaving?!" She cries which immediately makes an idea pop in my head, I take steps back walking towards Erik.

I gesture for him to follow me into the next room, he bows his head before eventually following me out the room. I didn't know much about the rules and what kind of power I had as queen, but if my idea could work out it'll be great.

"Is there anyway I could maybe get Cyrus convicted? I mean he does and did some bad stuff and if my parents really want to make amends, they could testify against him" I ask as he closes the door, he stands there thinking for a second but eventually nods.

"There is one way I think that might work, we'd have to have probable cause to go and arrest him, we would have to either get evidence that he's done those bad things or, catch him in the act" he explains, which would mean we need to know what kind of illegal activities he's up to nowadays "your parents would have to testify against him, your brother would also have to testify ma'am, for what he witnessed when you lived with your parents" he explains but I didn't know if Kyle would do that.

"Couldn't I?" I ask as shouting erupted from the ballroom, I could make out Kyle's voice and maybe my dads.

"No ma'am, I don't recommend it" he says which makes me sigh, a scream coming from the ballroom makes us both look at each other.

Erik walks out first instructing me to stay behind him, as we walk in Kyle and my dad were fighting on the floor. Kyle seemed to have the upper hand, my mum was screaming trying to pull Kyle off our dad.

"Stop!" I shout my voice echoing, Kyle immediately stops his fist midway from hitting our dad round the face "now I'm going to overlook this as I know tensions are high right now, but as for you two, if you're serious about making amends with us and are truly scared of Cyrus, we have come up with a plan" I tell him once again standing on the step platform, Kyle gets off of our dad walking over to me.

"Clara you can't be serious, they don't want to make amends! Cyrus has probably put them up to this" he tells me as dad finally pulls himself off the floor.

"We'll soon see, now we all know what kind of activities Cyrus partakes in, some of which you've also been involved" I say looking over at my dad mainly, from the little bits and pieces I remember "now me and Erik over there have come up with a plan, you need to tell us everything Cyrus has his hands in, we'll send guards over to arrest him and you'll testify against him" I say crossing my arms looking over at them, they give each other a look terrified.

"Cyrus will kill us!" My dad exclaims, my mother nodding along with him "you don't understand, when he finds out we're working against him he'll kill us, even if I'm his younger brother" my dad says, I take a look to Erik who nods knowing what I was thinking.

"If you agree with testifying against him, you'll be put in protective custody, no one will be able to get to you and Cyrus will be put away also being unable to get to you after" I explain my marvellous plan, they once again take a look at each other "if you want to make amends and get back into our lives as you claim, then why not take this offer and be free of Cyrus, to actually have the opportunity to be in your children's lives once again?" I ask while Kyle just shakes his head walking to stand by the window, if they turn this down that's it, I'm not trying with them.

"Okay we'll do it, just tell us how we'll go about it" my mum finally speaks up, my dad looks over shocked at her but she didn't seem to care "anything to show you two how sorry we are" she continues looking between me and Kyle, Kyle just shakes his head still looking out the window.

"We'll be in touch with more information, you'll tell Cyrus the police called you in for unimportant questions" Erik tells them standing beside me, my mother nods while my dad still looked unsure.

"Anything to get back into our children's lives" my mother smiles before they're led out.

Once the door finally closed a let a sigh out, that was one of the most terrifying things I've had to do, but I managed to hold it together. I take a look to Kyle who was at still by the window, since our parents left us he kind of blocked them out his memory. Whenever I would bring them up he would act like they died or something, the conversation would be shut down almost immediately. Now they're in his face and not away somewhere, he has no choice but to acknowledge them.

Erik bows his head telling me he'd get the ball rolling, I smile thanking him watching as he left the ballroom. Once we left I slowly make my way over to Kyle, who didn't turn for even a second. I opened my mouth to speak but he does before could.

"Don't, I know you're gonna apologise for calling them for a meeting, but you don't need too, again I know how your mind works so I knew what you were gonna do" he explains still staring at the rainy day, I sigh placing myself beside him to stare out the window beside him "I know it's terrible for me to say or think, but for years I hoped they died or something" he confesses with a sigh, he always acted as though they were.

"I don't necessarily hate them because what they put me through, I could handle that no problem, it's what they put you through" he tells me looking with sad eyes.

"Kyle, we went through the same thing" I say but he shakes his head rubbing his hand through his hair.

"No we didn't! After I found Emma and we moved into hillside pack things looked up for me, but they just got worse for you!" He cries which was actually true, things weren't great when we had to defend for ourselves in the woods, but they didn't really get better after "the Alpha didn't accept us from the start because of where he came from, I was with Emma so we kind of had to suck it up but you! He would treat you so awfully and I couldn't even do anything to stop him! I'm your big brother but I couldn't protect you!" He cries breaking down, I wrap my arms around him holding him tightly.

"You didn't have a choice Kyle, you know what would have happened if you tried, look at me I'm okay now" I say holding him tightly, he continues to cry apologising over and over again.

"I hate them for what they did, them abandoning us is what caused all that" he said wiping the tears from his cheeks "I'll be by your side all the way through this, not because I want a bond with them because I don't, but I need to finally start protecting you" he says giving me a little smile, I send one back as his face goes blank, this means someone was mind- linking him.

"I better go Emma's getting worried, keep me in the loop okay" he says looking down at me, I nod with a little smile as he sends me one last hug "oh talking of the Alpha he's disappeared, the Luna has just been crying while the Beta's not telling anyone anything, hopefully he's got what's coming to him" he says walking backwards towards the door.

He waves me goodbye walking out the ballroom leaving me alone, I turn to the window staring out at the raindrops falling from.I wonder where the Alpha, I lived at the hillside pack for a few years and he never missed a day of his work. Part me of hopes his okay, Kyles right I'm too nice.

I smile as I see a cars driving out the castle, that's probably my parents and Kyle leaving. Honestly I should have expected him to show up, Kyle always knew what I was up to growing up. The sounds of the doors opening causes me to turn, Grayson runs in out of breath but stops at the door.

"Your parents?" He asks holding the doors open, I smile turning around to look at him.

"Been and gone" I smile while he just sighs walking towards me, the doors closing on there own.

"I'm so sorry my love, I got caught up with work but I should have been here" he sighs taking my hands in his "I'm breaking too many promises with you" he sighs feeling bad.

"It's work I understand, don't worry Erik was with me the whole time and Kyle showed up, his brother senses were tingling" I laugh, he smiles but shakes his head.

"I can't keep letting work pull me away from you, I won't keep letting work pull me away from you" he says pulling me closer "when I say I'm going to be there I will" he says placing his forehead on mine.

I smile looking into his eyes, it would have been nice to have him there but I'm a big girl now, it's time I toughened up.
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