The Kings Mate

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A Ultimatum

The next week was actually okay, Erik was scheduling my work so I had time to come up with plans about my parents. They were actually due to arrive today, this was the day they were going to tell us what Cyrus gets up too. Once we get all the information he can be arrested which we'll be so fun to watch, wait is it bad I wanna watch someone get arrested?

Grayson's been acting off for awhile, he's constantly working and when he does come back he stinks of cleaning stuff, it smells as though he's been cleaning bathrooms all day everyday. I think about asking him but I don't know if I'll like the response he'll give me, I just have a bad feeling he's doing some stuff I don't wanna hear about. We did do our first day of duties together the other day, it was actually really great and people loved it.

I got a message that my parents and Kyle were here, oh let the arguments begin! The little contact we've been having with our parents since the first meeting, let's just say it's lucky children were not around when the contact was taking place. Not from me though but from Kyle, he's still hellbent on not letting our parents in.

I begin to make my way down to the lobby to see meet them, whilst walking Erik was giving me a rundown on what was going to happen. My parents were to give us all the information they know on Cyrus, with that information I can send guards over to arrest him and finally, my parents and Kyle will have to testify against him so he stays in prison, something Kyle is still unaware about.

Just as we make it to the entrance of the lobby I hear shouting, great they started without me. My dad and Kyle were shouting about who knows what, I tend not to keep track anymore as they kind of repeat what they were arguing about before, I probably know exactly what is being said right now if I cared.

"Okay enough, could I at least say hello to you before world war three breaks out?" I ask coming to a stop in front of them, this makes the arguments stop but I knew it was only a rest period.

I notice Emma sending me a little awkward wave from beside Kyle, oh what a nice introduction to our family she's getting! I send her a soft smile before leading them into a meeting room, I don't think the ballroom would be suitable for this type of interaction.

We all take our seats in the office actually remaining calm, I sat at the head of the table with Erik stood behind me. Emma and Kyle sat one side while our parents sat the other, it was like a face off or something.

"Aren't you going to introduce us to your mate Kyle?" Our mother asks as we all sat down, I mentally sigh looking at her, why would she ask that?!

"No, she deserves better than to be introduced to such terrible people as yourselves" he points out actually pointing at them, I look down my the papers of questions that Erik gave me.

"Why are we only asking about Kyle's mate, when are we going to meet your mate Clara?" My dad asks me this time, I look at him getting annoyed myself.

"The king is busy" is all I say still reading the questions, but my dad had to open his mouth again.

"The king ha, so we don't even get to hear his actual name" he says crossing his arms, oh how I love family gatherings!

"Gray is busy with more important work than meeting you, now can we please get back to the task at hand?" I ask with a sigh but my dad just smiles, okay he isn't done.

"Gray, Can I call him Gray?" He asks with a smile crossing his arms, I immediately feel a presence walk into the room behind me.

"No you cannot" I hear Grayson's voice behind me, my dad immediately uncrosses his arms looking shocked "the only person that's allowed to call me Gray is Clara, close family and friends call me Grayson, in this present moment you are neither, so you will call me sir" Gray says directly behind me as he spoke, I look up at him smiling but turn to my dad again who was nodding, I think he met his match.

"Now I am rather busy but I am here to support my mate, more than you as her parent ever have" he continues while pulling a chair out placing it beside mine, he takes his seat looking over the pieces of paper in my hands "now you are going to tell us everything you know about, Mr Cyrus Jacobs, if you leave any detail out you won't be calling me Sir, Grayson or Gray, you'll be begging me for mercy" he evil says causing my dad to gulp, whoa okay this took a turn!

"Anyway thank you Gray, let's start with the questions shall we?" I ask mainly looking at Grayson, but soon turn to my parents "well we need to start with how Cyrus started getting into his line of work, so just start at the beginning" I smile towards my dad who still sat in the same position, he soon nods his hands shaking as he sits up straight.

"Cyrus first got into all is this when we were teens, the alpha asked him to do a quick job for him to pick stuff up, I don't know what it was maybe like a few supplies the pack would need, well Cyrus ended up taking a few unimportant items that no one would never know disappeared" he starts to explain, that poor Alpha he really did put up with a lot "well after he did the job he came home, he told me he got this weird kick out of taking the stuff and just had to do it again, from there the things he took started to get bigger and more expensive as he went" he says cracking his fingers as he went.

"We know you were involved in this Mr Jacobs, how was it that you became involved?" Erik asks from behind me, he told me on the way here he would ask some of the questions that maybe would be a bit controversial if I were to ask.

"It was just after I met Melissa, she actually just fell pregnant with Kyle" he says looking at Kyle from across the table, Kyle shakes his head with an eye roll "we were just kids with no money now we had a baby on the way, I needed money to start providing for my family, I knew what kind of stuff my brother was doing and saw what kind of cash he was making so I had to do it" he sighs looking down at the table, my mum takes his hand in hers on the table.

"What kind of activities would you and Cyrus Jacobs partake in?" Grayson asks this time, he was still reading over my shoulder at the questions, but I didn't mind.

"We'd steal supplies and sell them for more money, with the money we made from that we started giving people loans" he sighs looking at the table "when someone fell back on their payments we'd add more onto their bill and send them a message as Cy called it, the jobs we'd do just get worse and worse as time went on" he confessed still not making eye contact with anyone, he looked kind of ashamed or embarrassed about it all.

Something was bothering me though, my memories of what happened and even what Kyle remembers, it doesn't add up with what he's saying, it's like he's leaving bits out.

"What led you to the decision to leave your two young children in the woods?" Erik asks snapping me back out my thoughts, I look to Kyle who wore the same expression, it looks like I'm not the only one noticing inconsistencies in his story.

"It's after we were kicked out of The Dark Wolf Pack, we bounced from pack to pack but always got into some kind of trouble with the Alpha's, Cyrus didn't like how we had to drag kids around, he told us it was a bad look" my mum began to explain, I look down at table as she spoke memories coming into my mind.

I feel a hand being placed in mine under the table, I look over at Gray who was sending me a soft smile. I send one back turning back to look at the table.

"He gave us a ultimatum, we were to abandon our kids in the woods and leave or, he'd kill them himself" she sighs it was her turn to look down at the table, this makes a memory spark in my mind.

I held onto Kyle's hand tightly as our mother led us through the pitch black wood, she kept telling us we had to keep quiet so Cyrus wouldn't hear. She looks behind her worriedly before hurrying us through, Kyle kept whispering to me it was going to be okay.

After walking for what felt like a lifetime she makes us stop under a huge oak tree, she stood us under the oak tree tears in her eyes.

"I'm going to have to go now, but I need you two to stay here" she says looking between us "you can't follow me okay, just stay together and you'll be okay" she smiles but Kyle shakes his head.

"Mum you can't leave us here, Clara's only little and we don't know what things live in this wood" Kyle says but she shakes her hand placing her hands on his shoulder.

"That's why you're going to look after her, you dad and I can't be parents anymore so it now falls on you, it's your time as her older brother to stand up and look after her" she tells him but Kyle takes ahold of her hand to stop her walking away "Cyrus will kill you if you stay, you two kids just get in the way and I don't have time for that!" She screams ripping her arm away from Kyle, in the process Kyle falls to the floor.

"I can stay in the woods alone, just take Clara with you!" Kyle pleads but mother straight face refuses "you can't leave us here mum please" he begs but she was already walking away back through the woods.

"Stay here until morning" was all she says before she disappears in the darkness, Kyle continues to shout her name while getting to his feet but go no reply.

"Kyle, are we going to be okay?" I whisper looking up at him frightened, he looks down to me wrapping his arm around my little shoulders.

"You're going to be just fine, I'll look after you" he says holding me tightly.

That's the first time I've thought about that night in years, I think to stop myself getting hurt I blocked it out my memory. Kyle offered to stay behind on his own so I would be safe, I forgot he ever tried to do that.

I take a look to Kyle who was just sat with his arms crossed, he's always been looking out for me. He turns to look at me where he just sends me a look, staring into his eyes I knew where his mind was going and honestly, I was thinking the same thing. There were pieces of the story they were leaving out, I bet they're hoping he don't remember everything but we unfortunately do.

"That will be all the questions for today, we'll be in contact soon with more information, stay low and definitely don't let Cyrus catch on" Erik says snapping me out my thoughts, I must have been in my head when gush asked the rest.

My parents stand up smiling but I look to the table once again, they're hiding something and it stuff I honestly can't remember myself. Gray looks down at me studying my face, I think he knew I was in my head about something.

"Now this is over, Clara and I have a urgent meeting we must attend, Erik will you show them out" Gray says towards Erik who bows his head with a yes.

Gray than takes my hand leading me out the room through a different door, the door didn't even look like a door! I'm taken into his office where a second desk stood, aww he did get the second desk.

"What is on your mind, I could tell from your facial expression?" He asks as he closes the door, I sigh walking around the room.

"His story doesn't add up or fit the timeline I'm aware of" I say looking at the floor as I spoke "I thought it was just me that remembers it different but then I looked at Kyle, he was thinking the same thing" I sigh looking at him, Kyle was older than me when it all went down which means he remembers much more than me, I trust his judgement.

"So that man was lying to us, I warned him" he growls attempting to walk out the room, I quickly run over taking his arm.

"I need to know all the facts before we confront him, trust me if I'm remembering what that man was like before, he could lie his way out of any situation" I tell him closing the door he opened, but an idea comes to mind "and I know the perfect person to get all the facts from" I smile looking at him, let's hope I'm still welcome.
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