The Kings Mate

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Welcome Back

The next day was a Sunday so luckily, I didn't have any duties today. Today myself and Erik were heading to my first pack, the one Cyrus got us kicked out of. Gray wanted to come along but I thought it would be best if I go alone, that way I can tell Gray after and stop him from going and attacking my father if what he told us was really a bunch of lies.

Erik and I were walking side by side towards the doors of the castle, I feel like I spend more time with Erik than anyone else, even Gray. As we make it outside a bunch of cars were waiting, guards were also waiting outside who immediately, bow their heads in my direction. I send them all a quick smile before walking over to the car, as I climb in I clock Gray standing in one of the windows watching me. Someone I haven't saw much of recently, I sigh beginning to climb in where shouting erupts from the other side of the car.

"No I need to talk to her, she's probably the only person that isn't going to lie to me" a woman shouts managing to push her way passed the guards "your majesty, I'm Masons wife, he hasn't come home since coming to work a few weeks okay, I've tried to ask the people here but they either don't know anything or hang up the phone! I've even sent you many letters" she says quickly as guards were attempting to pull her away, she actually was holding them back.

"I'm sorry, I had no knowledge that you sent me any letters, I also don't know why Mason hasn't came home" I tell her being completely honest, the last time I saw him was just after a long week of duties and he seemed fine.

"Please you have to know something!" He cries just as Erik walks in front blocking my view of the lady, I'm surrounded by a huge circle of guards where it blocked my view of the outside.

I could hear the woman screaming and shouting but it starts to get further away, before I could question it anymore I'm ushered into the waiting car. Erik wastes no time getting in and telling the driver to hurry up, in seconds we were racing out the castle and away from the distraught woman. I sat there shocked for a second but turn to Erik, he appeared to be looking everywhere else but me.

"Okay what just happened?" I ask looking at him for an answer, he proceeds to look down at his watch frowning.

"We're running 5 minutes late that's what happening" he grumbles before shouting to the driver to hurry up "don't worry ma'am we will get you there on time" he smiles but his eyes soon dart to his paper, he's avoiding the question.

Now I've known Erik for a few weeks and he's always told me everything, even the bad stuff. So I know if he could he would tell me what's going on, so I know one person has told him not to tell me anything. That same someone has been at work all the time lately, I'm also beginning to think that someone is hiding something from me, if you haven't realised that someone is Gray.

Before I could try to pick at Erik we enter the pack border, I immediately start looking around seeing familiar woodland. Buildings start to appear down the road, some were new but most were here long before I came along. As we drive further people lined the streets waving at the car, I smile sending as many as I could waves back. We soon pull up in front of the old pack house, these people really haven't changed much since I left, but it was nice actually. Once the car stops my guards jump out moving some of the people back, my door is opened by my driver who holds his arm out to help, I smile accepting the help climbing out. Cheers and claps erupt from around us, I stand there waving of a few minutes at all the people.

I begin to follow Erik up towards the entrance of the pack house, my guards walking beside me as we went. Stood at the bottom of the steps were three faces I knew well but hadn't seen in many years. The Alpha, the Luna and their son Chase, who I think was now the Alpha, stood there smiling at me.

"Welcome back" The Alpha smiles with a bow of his head, oh he really hasn't changed he's still so happy.

"Thank you, it's lovely to be back" I smile coming to a stop in front of them "whoa Chase you grew" I smile looking up at him, he laughs bowing his head as he went.

"I think it was probably for the better, welcome back" he smiles at me, I now turn to the Luna who was also just smiling.

"You've got the same smile" she says bowing her head, this causes me to smile at look down as Erik appears beside me.

"Shall we?" He asks with a smile gesturing to the doors, they all nod before turning to lead me into the pack house.

Once we get inside it makes an even higher smile form on my lips, they really haven't changed anything in here, it's all as I remembered. I'm led into what looked like an office, my guards wait outside the door, but there were also one at each window outside.

"Call me when you're ready ma'am" Erik says bowing his head, I smile thanking him as we closes the door waiting outside it.

"Wow you role squad deep" Chase jokes walking over to his desk, I laugh looking down.

"I know, honestly it's a lot to get used to" I smile as I see my guard look in the window checking before turning.

"Can I ask you something before we get into it, what happened to you after we didn't hear a peep?" The Luna asks, I knew this question was going to come up and yet, I never prepared myself to answer it.

"Well, for a few years after we left here we bounced from pack to pack, but when I was ten and Kyle was fourteen...." I say looking down but sigh just having to come out with it "our mother took us deep into the woods and left us there" I say still not looking up, the luna gasps from shock, I send her a little smile.

"What happened after, is Kyle okay?" The Alpha asks worriedly, it was nice that they cared, much more than our own parents.

"He's fine, we were in the woods for awhile until he found his mate, than we moved into the hillside pack" I explain, the Luna gives me a sad look on hearing the name of the pack "I know it didn't really get better for me after moving in there, but it's okay look me at now I'm queen" I smile opening my arms up, it did feel good to be in this position as no one would have believed it if they saw me a few years ago.

"You could have come back here, as you know you and Kyle were and still are members of this pack" the alpha says, oh you won't believe the amount of hours we spent looking for this place.

"We did try, but our mother dumped us in the middle of nowhere so we couldn't work out where we were" I explain causing a memory to appear in my mind.

Kyle holds my hand as I carefully walk over a fallen tree trunk, we'd been walking for hours and I was starting to grow tired. But I need to be a big girl and carry on, I jump off the tree trunk laughing a little as I went, that was fun. I look up to Kyle who just smiled a little smile down at me, he takes my hand once again leading me through the woods to who knew where.

"Maybe the packs this way, if not we'll turn around and look that way" he tells me but was basically talking to himself, my ten year old self wouldn't know what he's talking about.

"What if we don't find the pack?" I ask looking up at him worriedly, he sighs making us stop kneeling in front of me.

"We are gonna find it and until then, I'm gonna look after you Clara you know that" he smiles wrapping his arms around me tightly.

Kyle's always looked after me since even before what happened, well happened. I owe so much to him but he'd tell me I didn't, he's the best big brother anyone could ask for.

"Now, I wish I was here just to say hello but I'm not, we're building a case on Cyrus Jacobs" I start to tell them, the alpha eyes just go wide "I know, but when I was announced as queen my parents showed up, they claim that the only reason they abandoned us was because of Cyrus, apparently he was going to kill me and Kyle if they didn't dump us somewhere" I say looking down a little.

"The only way me and Kyle will even listen to them, is if they testify against Cyrus, that would prove they really want to make amends and are not just following Cyrus" I explain, they were all just looking at me hanging on every word "well they were answering some questions and I just got this feeling, our father wasn't been honest with us and even Kyle had the same feeling, now we were young when we left here so as much as we're trying, there's just some parts of the story we can't be sure of so that's why I'm here, if you would could you answer some questions we have?" I ask mainly looking at the Alpha I spoke, he nodded immediately.

"I'll answer any questions you might have, as long as that bastard gets put away for life" he says talking about Cyrus, I smile thanking him "what an evil man, abandoning two children" he says shaking his head while the Luna wipes her tears away.

"Erik" I say not even loud but he still walks straight through the door "they are okay with answering the questions" I tell him where he nods pulling his notebook out, while also pulling a chair for me sit down, I smile sitting down as he stood behind me.

"Okay, let's start" he says while the Alpha and Luna just nod.
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