The Kings Mate

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Mr Roberts

Erik started asking the starter questions like, what year did you become alpha? When did you first encounter Cyrus? All the normal questions that was protocol to ask. I actually didn't have any of the questions, Erik thought it would be better if I had a question to just ask it.

"When and what was the first incident you were aware of?" Erik asks still going through the questions he wrote down, he was covering everything at this point so I didn't feel the need to step in.

"Well, I become aware that something was happening when a few of the supply people noticed that the shipments weren't adding up, they would order a certain amount of one thing but there would be a missing crate every time " the alpha explains which does actually back up my fathers story, he claimed that Cyrus started robbing the supplies that no one would notice "we did a secret investigation into everyone that would handle the shipments, when it came to Cyrus and your father, their stories never added up so it became clear it was them" he says resting his hands on the desk in front of him, my dad didn't say they got caught it was probably to make it seem like they were better at thieving then they were.

"Did they suffer a punishment?" Erik asks writing in his notebook, the alpha shakes his head looking down.

"I didn't feel the need to put a harsh punishment on them, it was just a few supplies that we didn't really need, but they were told if they did it again there would be and they were watched for a couple months after that" he explains sighing, as I've said before he is the nicest person you'll ever meet which meant, Cyrus and my father knew how to walk all over him.

"Looking back maybe if I did punish them, they wouldn't have done the awful things they did after, which resulted in me kicking them out" he says which was the next part of the story I struggled to remember.

"What event or events happened which caused you to kick them out?" Erik asks still writing in his notebook.

"To be honest I should have kicked them out years before I actually did, they broke into five pack members houses and robbed everything" he starts to explain getting angrier as he spoke, the Luna takes his hand trying to calm him down "when I found out, I was planning on either kicking them out or locking them up, but then my younger sister......Melissa found out she was mated to Wes" he says which immediately cause my eyes to go wide, my mother is his younger sister?!

"Wait, you're my mums older brother?" I ask shocked, I had no idea I was remotely related to the Alpha.

"Yes I'm your uncle, but that's why I couldn't kick him out because then my sister would have to go too, so I got surveillance to watch their every move but somehow they still managed to slip passed it" he sighs once again, Cyrus is an extremely clever man never underestimate that guy "then Melissa got pregnant with Kyle, I was so distracted helping my sister as Wes was never home to help, that even more or their crimes went over my head!" He says annoyed with himself, but it's what he said there that got my brain working.

My dad told us back in the interview, that he only started helping Cyrus because my mother got pregnant with Kyle. But the alpha has now told us they did all this crime before he even met my mother, so that's the first flaw in his statement.

"A few years pass, you came along Clara and were staying with us more than your own family, which we never minded I knew you were safe when you were with us" he smiles towards me, I send him a quick one back before he carries on "I kept over looking the little things they would do, but the last incident there was no way that it could be overlooked" he sighs which immediately makes the Luna begin to tear up.

"We found out that your dad and Cyrus had this money lending business going on, it came up once but we never heard anything from it so we assumed that it just fizzled out" he starts to explain, while Chase walks over to a cupboard taking something out "that was until the night of July 12th, in the early hours Mr Roberts ran into the pack house, he was covered in blood screaming he needed help, no one could understand what happened until they went to his home" the alpha says but has to pause, Chase walks back over handing me a photo.

A little family were smiling back at me, there were three children, two boys and a little girl, they looked so happy.

"That's Mr Roberts and his family, his mate Ella and their three children, Jackson who was 10, Oliver who was 7 and little Amelia who was 4" Chase explains walking backwards to stand beside his dad, who seemed to be struggling to tell the rest of the story.

"It appears that Mr Roberts was having some money issues, so he took out a loan with your dad and Cyrus but he wasn't following up with payments" the alpha begins to explain the story again, I don't like where this story is going "your dad and Cyrus went to his house and murdered his whole family, they kept him alive so he could witness their murder and pay for not paying them" the alpha sighs which immediately makes me sick to my stomach.

My father helped kill a whole family, including three little children?! Tears immediately prick my eyes as I look back down at the photo in front of me, this poor family didn't deserve this. I've always known the kind of evil man Cyrus was but not my father, I always thought Cyrus was the one that did all the bad stuff but it was my own dad.

"Mr Roberts sits alone at home, no family or friends" the Luna says tears rolling down her face as she spoke, she had to excuse herself the alpha following her out.

I turn to Erik who is was still behind me writing in his notebook, he looks up sending me a little smile.

"I think we know what must be done" he tells me, I nod turning back to look at that desk, not knowing if I had it in me to do what needs to done.
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