The Kings Mate

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The New Alpha

A little while later, the alpha and Luna return apologising for having to leave. I completely understood why they needed to leave, just hearing about what happened made me want to throw up but to have to see it, I couldn't even imagine that type of pain. Erik tells me the king wants me home soon which meant I had to wrap this up, we would need to continue this meeting at a later date.

"Thank you so much for answering our questions, as hard as some were to answer" I smile standing in front of them, Chase was just standing a little behind his dad.

"It's fine, we'd answer a million questions if it meant those monsters got put away" the alpha says cracking his knuckles as he went.

"Is it inappropriate that I want to hug you?" The Luna asks me smiling, I laugh a little shaking my head.

"Of course it isn't" I smile walking over where we wrap each other in a hug, she holds me tightly saying she was happy to see me again.

I smile pulling away where the Alpha goes in for a hug, I accept holding him tightly especially after the story he had to tell me. It took so much strength and courage for him to even talk about it, but I'm so thankful he was so open. Once we pull away Chase moves forward smiling.

"If we're dishing out hugs I want one, cous" he smiles, I laugh also giving him a hug thanking him.

"As the queen said thank you, we will have to get in touch soon for more information and you'll probably have to testify against them, but we'll get back to you with all the details" Erik explains as I sat beside him, the alpha agrees with a nod before I'm led out the office.

As I step outside the whole pack erupts in cheers, I send everyone a wave but it's what I noticed on one of the buildings that made me nearly cry. A banner with huge writing read "Welcome Home Clara". I make my way down the steps of the pack house still waving at everyone stood at the bottom, it felt nice that people were happy to see me I didn't get this at the hillside pack, everyone hated me there.

The door to my car opening reminded me Gray asked to see me, I walk over sending everyone a final wave before climbing in where the door is closed behind me. In no time we were driving out the pack and heading home, I look out the window my dad just playing on my mind, I didn't know what I was meant to do.

A huge part of me was saying to arrest and punish him like Cyrus, he participated in all the horrific crimes Cyrus did so he deserves the same fate. But then the daughter side of me keeps making an appearance, would it be right for me to put my own father away? I know he's done some awful things but he's still family, my mother to my knowledge had no part to play in what happened and if I send my dad away, she'd be having to go through being pulled apart from her mate. I had a lot of thinking to do and didn't know how much time I'd have to make the decision, I needed some good advice from someone who knows what they're talking about.

"Erik, I just need you to be straight with me, don't sugarcoat the answer just because they're family" I say looking at him, he bows his head before nodding "do you think I should also punish my father like Cyrus?" I ask which immediately makes him look down, I asked him not to sugarcoat it but he was probably trying to find the right words to tell me.

"Honestly Ma'am, I would not think twice about also prosecuting your father, what the previous alpha and luna explained were horrible, that man is an evil person who shouldn't be able to walk freely around anybody, what's to say after we've tried Cyrus your father just slips back into his old ways and hurts more people" he says which I knew was a hundred percent the truth, even if I didn't want to believe it"at the end of the day ma'am, you have the last word, whatever you choose to do will be the right choice, it's your call" he tells me, I just nod looking to the floor knowing it was a big call to make.

We soon pull up into the castle gates, also getting out of a car was Kyle, I had no idea he was coming today. Once we stop my door is opened a nice butler helping me climb out, I thank him fully getting out the car as Kyle notices me.

"What are you doing here?" I ask we both exchange a hug, it was nice to see him now after everything I heard today.

"I don't know, I was at home when guards came and told me the king has summoned me, I was hoping you knew" he says as we pull away, I didn't have a clue what Grayson wanted him.

"I haven't been here, I've been at our old pack talking to the alpha and Luna" I say as I feel a presence walking towards.

"I am glad you're back my love, did you get the answers you were looking for at your visit?" Gray asks coming to a stop beside me, I got answers but not the answers I wasn't looking for.

"Yes but also ones that changed everything" I sigh looking to the ground, Gray takes my hand telling us we'd speak in our office.

He begins to lead me and Kyle into the castle and towards the office, whilst walking I see the Luna from the hillside pack talking with some woman, what is she doing here? Before I could question it we arrive in the office, where the doors are closed behind us.

"Why did you go back to our old pack?" Kyle asks being the first to speak, I take my coat off hanging it up before speaking.

"When dad was telling us his events of whatever happened, I don't know it just didn't add up with what I remembered and I could tell by your face you thought the same, so I knew the one person who would remember it all, the alpha" I explain as Gray sat on his desk looking at me "now speaking to the alpha it's disproved all of what dad was saying, for instance, when he was asked when and why he started helping Cyrus, he told us it was because mum fell pregnant with you, but the alpha told me he and Cyrus were doing the bad stuff years before he met mum, after that what he was telling me got way more horrifying" I sigh knowing it was my turn to explain what happened to Mr Roberts, I was about to go through what the alpha did while explaining.

"Horrifying?" Kyle asks with his arms crossed, I nod going into my coat pocket taking the photo that Chase gave me out.

"Remember in dads statement he said him and Cyrus were doing some money lending, well he never told us what they did to people who missed payments" I say taking a look at the photo in my hands "this is the Roberts family, Mr Roberts was having some money issues and decided to borrow some money from our dad and Cyrus, well he missed some of the payments so Cyrus and our dad went around his house late one night, killed his whole family in front of him so he would pay for not paying them, the youngest was little Amelia who was only four years old" I say tears welling up in my eyes, Kyle holds his hand to his mouth beginning to pace up and down "Mr Roberts has no one anymore, he sits alone in his house where his whole family died at the hands of our father, who is walking around without a care in the world" I say hating even the thought of him, Kyle shakes his head looking down at the photo.

"Why didn't the alpha kick them out before?" He asks sadness in his tone, oh I haven't told him yet.

"He was going to years before this, but just before he could he found out his younger sister was mated our dad" I say which immediately causes Kyle's eyes to go wide.

"Our mum is the alphas sister?" He asks shocked, I just nod as he had the same reaction I did "so what are you gonna do?" He asks but I shrug my shoulders, I hadn't made a decision yet.

"I don't know, Erik told me it was my call and whatever I chose to do would be the right choice" I tell him which Kyle agrees to, I look over to Gray who was still sat in his desk but looking to the ground.

"Erik is right my love, whatever decision you decide you will have my full support" he smiles walking over to me, I thank him giving him a little side hug as he turns to Kyle "I suspect you're wondering why I called you here, well as you probably already know the alpha of the hillside pack has been missing" he says which I soon remember, he still isn't back yet? Something bad has happened.

"Every few years we do investigations of each pack, just to make sure the alphas are doing a respectable job, when I found Clara we discovered the hillside pack had been flying under the radar, so we set up a secret investigation" he explains which makes Kyle nod listening, while I place the photo of the Roberts on my desk "what we found was disgraceful, the alpha was particularly abusing his pack members and what he did to the queen, I had no choice but to arrest him and strip him of his titles" he says which makes my eyes go wide, the alpha isn't the alpha anymore?!

"Now as the alpha didn't have any children, it was down to the person who set for his arrest to appoint a new alpha, I have chosen you" he says crossing his arms, Kyle's face was just a picture of full shock.

"Me, you've chosen me as the new alpha?" He asks still in shock, I just smile looking over at him, Gray nods also smiling "but why? I'm just Clara's older brother"

"You are much more than that, you have shown great leadership and care through your difficult life, you looked after your little sister when your parents abandoned you, you have stood by her and protected her through everything" Gray starts to explain, which I fully had to agree with "also with what we have learnt today, you have alpha blood running through your veins, you are quite frankly born to be a leader, so do your duty and lead" Gray tells him, Kyle just paces in thought.

"What if the pack members don't respect me?" He asks worriedly, I knew this was my time to speak.

"Kyle, we both know first hand what those pack members have gone through, just show them what kind of person you really are and you'll get their full respect" I smile standing in from of my desk "I had the same feeling when I became queen, but then I realised I was born to do this and people will respect me if I show my true self, you deserve this Kyle" I say he immediately sends me a smile turning back to look at Gray

"You have my word, I will not let you down" he says holding his hand out, Gray shakes it saying he knew while I go over wrapping Kyle in a hug.

"I will have some of my men take you back to your pack, Alpha Kyle" Gray smiles as the doors open.

Kyle thanks him once again before following the men out the room, once the door closed I wrap my arms around Gray.

"Thank you" I say holding him tightly, he immediately holds me tightly but a question soon arises in my mind "would I be a bad person if I order my dad to be arrested along with Cyrus?" I ask hoping to hear I wouldn't, he immediately pulls way looking down at my face.

"No my love, you will be doing the right thing, you will be bringing justice to the people that man has wronged" he tells me looking over at my desk, that's where I put the photo of the Roberts "I knew a man like that, he too got what he deserved, they all do" he tells me his eyes going a shade darker, I place my head on his chest reminding myself to ask him who that man was later.

It was time two men I knew, to finally get what they deserve.
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