The Kings Mate

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From The Tree

It was early morning the next day, it was time to arrest Cyrus and my father. To minimise the risk of them catching on and fleeing, we were going under the cover of nightfall. We drove for a little while stopping maybe a mile out, I climb out the car into the cold night. Gray also gets out coming to my side immediately, he told me I didn't have to come but I wanted to, just to see Cyrus's face, does that make me a bad person?

We start to make our journey towards the house, I had a circle of guards around me with Gray also guarding me, there had to of been around a hundred guards with us on this journey. A building soon comes into view at the top of a hill, there was only one light on around the back. Guards silently go into position near doors and windows, while we go to stand by the door behind a bunch of guards. One of the guards look back at Gray who nods, I take ahold of his arm as a guard lifts his leg up and with one swift kick, the door is sent crashing to the floor. All the guards storm the house the whole place erupting in shouts, Gray takes my arm leading me into the house where I see an older version of Cyrus run across the room, he's immediately tackled by a guard where even more guards pile on top of him.

He begins to shout and fight against them but it was no use, the guards rather easily cuff him. They roughly pull him to stand up where proceeds to try and fight them, once again he failed miserably. He takes a look up his evil eyes landing on me, a tiny bit of fear makes it way into my body from his gaze. The memories from when I was little start to feel my mind, the ones with him shouting in my face and threatening to throw me to the wild wolves. I snap back to reality where Gray was looking Cyrus dead in the eye, then it hits me, I'm queen. I look him in the eyes a smile forming on my lips, this makes him even angrier where he fights against the guards again.

"I should have saw this coming once you became queen! But look you're enjoying this, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!" He shouts still fighting against the guards but failing.

"No you see Cyrus, there's a difference between you and I, I actually have a heart but you, you're dead inside" I say evilly at him with a smile "now, while I'm going to live my incredible life that's ahead of me, you're gonna be rotting in prison where you belong" I smirk not actually knowing what came over me.

"You can't do that!" He shouts a hint of fear in his voice as he spoke, I let out a laugh just staring at the disgrace in front of me.

"Oh that's where you're wrong again Cyrus, I'm queen, I can do whatever I please" I smile glancing over at Gray, he too was grinning over at me.

"You bitch! I should have killed you myself all those years ago, if these guards even let go of me for a second I'm coming over there and beating your ass!" He shouts his face just holding pure rage, I smile nodding at him as Gray lets a growl out.

"As soon as you got within a meter of her, I would have ripped you to shreds, with my bare hands" Gray growls his eyes going a shade darker, I smile over at Cyrus again.

"Look whose got the last laugh" I laugh as he begins to be dragged out the house, quite literally kicking and screaming as he went.

Cyrus's mate Alison runs out crying, pleading for us to let him go. I didn't focus on her much though, my eyes soon drift to my mother and father watching from the corner of the room. My eyes hover over my father mostly, the memories of what the alpha told me at the forefront of my mind. I take a look to Gray who's eyes where already on me, I let out a sigh looking at my father than back at Gray, I send him a nod looking to the ground.

He gestures for the guards to arrest my father, the guards nod making their way to my father beginning to cuff him.

"What's happening? This wasn't apart of the deal!" My mother exclaims over to me as the guards fulling handcuff my father, who looked rather confused and shocked himself.

"The situation changed, we did more research into your claims and found you had your toes in more of the water than you told us" I say looking at my dad with a emotionless face, I couldn't let them see what I actually was feeling like.

"Wait claims and deals? You set this up! You set Cyrus up!" Alison screams trying to make a run for my parents, but she's soon scooped up by a guard "with everything Cyrus did for you! You back stabbing bastards!" She screams fighting against the guard to no prevail.

"Mr Jacobs had no part to play in the claims, it was all Mrs Jacobs" Gray told her which makes her eyes soon go to my mother, who looked terrified at Gray who kind of told a lie "take him away" Gray tells the guards who held my father, they begin to walk him but just as he goes to pass me he fights against them, he manages to stop in front of my face, Gray immediately blocking him from getting closer to me.

"Clara please I'm your dad, why are you doing this?" He asks tears forming in his eyes, I knew he knew he was screwed once he gets taken out this house.

"Two words, Mr Roberts" is all I say looking him dead in the eyes.

Realisation and regret soon fills his face as the guards pull him away and out the house, my mother still continues to scream and begs me to make them stop.

"Mr Roberts, who's Mr Roberts? Please Clara don't do this! I know we hurt you but he's still your father" she begs coming to my side but I dismiss what she says immediately.

"We promised you'd be put in protective custody, you can go with some of the guards who will take you to your new accommodation" I tell her not even looking at her face, I wasn't in the mood to deal with these people right now.

"I'm not going anywhere until you answer my questions and bring your father back" she cries crossing her arms as she went.

"I'm gonna kill you!" Alison screams from the side of the room, she tried to run at my mother but was still being held back by a guard.

"I highly recommend you rethink that decision" I tell my mother point blank, she looks terrified at Alison before agreeing.

She's led away by a few guards while Alison is dragged into a separate room, this left Gray and I in the room alone. I sigh finally letting my emotions out, that was hard.

"You did great my love" he tells me holding me in his arms, I immediately hug him tightly not quite believing I just did that.

"Why did you tell Alison that it was only my mother that made the claims?" I ask looking up at him for a second.

"Word will get back to Cyrus and he will turn against your father, it's crucial that we do not let that happen, it will be better for the case that and Cyrus will mostly likely try killing your father in prison" he tells me as we pull away, I just nod knowing that actually made sense.

As I take a look outside I see the sun beginning to rise, it's only just the start of the morning and so much has happened already.
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