The Kings Mate

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No Accident

It was the same morning, I was just getting ready to start my day of duties, honestly I didn't know if I had it in me to plaster a smile on my face, but it's my job and I see how happy it makes people so I've just got to suck it up.

I was doing my hair in the mirror when I notice something, as I go to pick my hairbrush up I spot the upper part of my arm. This might sound weird but there was nothing to spot, normally when I look in this mirror to do my hair the horrific scar stands out to me, but it's gone. I put my hairbrush back on the counter and stare down at my arm, I even glanced to the other one just to make sure I didn't forget what arm it was on, but both were clear. I feel tears begin to well up in my eyes as I looked at the patch it skin, it's finally gone!

"I told you, all scars fade now we found mate" my wolf says in my head, knowing this was the one thing I wanted to fade more than anything.

I finish my hair and start making my way back into the bedroom, Gray was sat on the bed tying his shoe lace but smiles when I walk in.

"It's gone" I tell him with a smile, he gives me a confused looking not getting what I meant "the scar, it's gone" I say holding out my arm to show him, his face immediately lights up when I show him.

He stands up from the bed standing in front of me, he places a soft kiss on the top of head telling me show great it was.

"I can finally move on with my life without this permanent reminder of what he did" I smile feeling so great about myself.

"Do not worry my love, I am going to make sure he pays for ever harming you" he says holding me tightly in his arms.

I thought I'd have to plaster a fake smile on my face all day, but it now it isn't going to be fake. This is the best day!

I've had a full day of duties today, it's the first time I haven't had to wear a coat or cardigan when I'm out, I didn't have to try and explain to people why I didn't want to take my coat off, or have to sit in a room nearly dying from heat exhaustion!

We were just on our way home from Kyle's pack, it still feels weird calling it that. I wanted to see how he was settling into being alpha, he told me the pack members are overjoyed that he's alpha, I think they were all just happy the reign of the old alpha was over. I also had to tell him about Cyrus and our father, he was quite shocked that I arrested our father. He seems to be happy about it but I'm yet to tell him he needs to testify against them, let's hope he's still happy after hearing that.

I look out the window at the passing trees and fields, this part of the ride home is always my favourite it's just so beautiful. Erik was working as always in the back with me, I was so thankful that Mason got promoted so Erik could become my advisor. This soon reminds me of the encounter I had with Mason's wife, I wonder if she found him or knows if anything's happened to him. Hopefully he's safe, I know he didn't let me have a break and I definitely prefer Erik, but I still want him to be safe.

We were just about to pass a crosswords when disaster stuck, I was looking down at my hands when Erik starts shouting.

"He doesn't look like he's trying to stop!" He shouts looking to the side, I turn my head where I see a car heading towards us.

The next events happened in such a blur, the car smashed into the side of our car sending us off the road. The sides of the road had a steep decline which caused our car to flip, I sat there screaming as the roof hits the floor my seatbelt keeping me in place. We continue to flip where somewhere along the way I smack my head, the world immediately going black.

"Your majesty, your majesty can you hear me?" I hear Erik's voice say, I slowly open my eyes to discover him in front of my face.

I begin to look around to see our car was sideways, my seatbelt was still clipped in with meant I was hanging. Erik reaches over unclipping it but has to catch me before I fall, I feel warm liquid running down my cheek. I place my hand to my head where as I pull it back, I discover it was coated with blood.

"You have a nasty cut on your head ma'am, but don't worry you're gonna be fine" Erik reassures me as my guards appear at the broken windows "get the queen out!" He shouts to them, they begin to try and pull the door open but it wouldn't budge.

I take a look down to see Erik's leg was trapped, it was wedged between the car window and the ground.

"Erik, your foot" I tell him as though he wouldn't have known, but at the time I was trapped in a car that was sideways.

"I know ma'am, but I need to get you out" he tells me reaching up to push the door open from our side.

"I'm not leaving this car without you" I say which he shakes his head to, but cries out in pain from moving his foot.

"My main priority is to get you out safely ma'am" he whines in pain, I knell down checking his foot, he won't get it out unless they push the car over the right way.

"Guys listen, I need you to push the car back the right way, be careful his foot is trapped!" I shout to the guards still attempting the door.

"But ma'am that will be putting you in danger" Erik says now holding his leg in pain, I knell down holding onto him as the guards get into position.

"I'm not leaving you, now hold on" I instruct him as he both hold onto the the seats of the car "go!" I shout to tue guards, immediately the sound of metal crunching fills the car as we began to move.

I hold on tightly as the car is pushed back into its four wheels, once we were safe I sit up going over to Erik. His foot seemed to be in bad shape, guards still couldn't get the doors open but the windows were now smashed.

"We need to get something to stop the bleeding, give me your shirt" I say to Erik, he nods pulling off his shirt off handing it to me.

I begin to tightly wrap his foot up in the shirt, he cries out in pain which told me the shirt was tight enough. I shout to the guards they need to get him out now, he takes my hand causing me me to look over at him.

"Thank you ma'am" he says as two guards reach in the car to take him, I just smile helping them guide him out the window "get the queen out carefully" he tells the guards as soon as he's fully out.

Another guard reaches in to get me, I wrap my arms around his neck as he begins to pull me out through the window. Once I'm fully out the car I turn to look at the damage, whoa this was bad, my eyes soon go to the car that hit us which was on its roof.

"The king has been notified and is on his way" the guard who helped me out the car says, let's hope Gray isn't that long.

"Was this an accident? Are they okay?" I ask a bunch of questions to the guard, who stops me from going anywhere near the car.

"No ma'am" he tells me, I immediately tell him to go help them instead of standing here with me but he shakes his head "no ma'am, it wasn't an accident" he says which immediately makes me stare at him shocked and kind of scared "the king will explain when he gets here ma'am, now let's get that head of yours checked out" he smiles leading me away from both cars, I turn back looking at the wreckage we left behind.
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