The Kings Mate

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New Home

I finish packing the final bag, I know this was a good thing but I couldn't help but feel sad. I mean it's great that I've found my mate, but it meant I had to leave my brother who's stood by me through all the hard times. He's angry now but I know he'd tell me I was being stupid and how good of a thing this was, it's not like I'll never see him again, I hope.

I zip my bag up with a sigh, I hope Grayson is nice and doesn't treat me poorly, I've saw first hand what some people are like to their mates. I pick my bags up walking towards the door, once I open it more of the guys were standing outside my door. They bow their heads before two of them take my bags off me, while the other two escort me out my bedroom.

"Where's my brother?" I ask, this actually being the first time I've spoke since I left the meeting, they quickly walk me down the stairs none of them answering my question.

Once they open the front door all I could hear was shouting, has the whole pack turned against me ? Does that mean they want to attack me? What the heck is going on?!

"Everyone step back!" The first guy shouts, I'm not gonna lie it was loud, one of the men grabs my arm pulling me out the house "anyone who tries to approach the queen will be taken out!" The first guy shouts again, were these people really trying to hurt me? I haven't done anything.

In what feels like forever, we arrive back outside the pack hall, where the meeting took place. Grayson was waiting outside talking with the Alpha, but it didn't seem as though it was a happy discussion. He senses I'm there immediately looking up, he says a final thing to the Alpha before walking away and over to me.

"All ready, my love?" He asks, his persona changing completely from what I saw with the Alpha, I nod with a little smile "great, time to go home" he smiles, he moves closer to me placing his arm around my shoulders, home I thought this was my home.

We begin out journey towards an expensive looking car, the shouting abruptly stopped when the Alpha starts to shout, which immediately makes me jump. Grayson looks back at the pack annoyed but soon turns his attention to me, he opens the car door allowing me to walk in first. The seats were leather and actually comfortable, I mean in some cars it's like sitting on cardboard. Once I was safely in he gets in beside me, one of the guards people closing it behind him. I take a look out the window as we begin to move, the pack getting further away. I turn back around to face the front, a million things are running around my head. I take a look to Greyson, he sat facing forward but turns to look at me.

"My Queen" he smiles moving a piece of hair out my face, he rests his hand on my cheek sparks just erupting where he touched "you're gonna love living in the castle" he smiles, I just nod looking down at the floor, I didn't know how I was gonna feel about this all really.

"I understand you are a bit apprehensive and it might take a little while for you to warm up to me but my love, I promise with every ounce of my being that I will protect you" he says looking me deep in the eyes, I nod with a smile once again looking down, I'm not speaking because I'm scared of him I just don't talk much.

The car ride was long and silent, he'd look over at me sending me a soft smile but would look away again. He whispers we're nearly there just as I see a huge beautiful castle on the mountain, wait I'm gonna live there?! My face must have held pure amazement because he smiles, as we got closer it just begin even more incredible.

Whose able to built places like this?! White gates soon open before we even get to them which led into the beautiful castle, it was something out of a literal fairytale.

"This is home" Greyson smiles looking over at me, the door gets opened Grayson getting out first.

He holds his hand out for me with a smile, I smile taking ahold of his hand letting him help me get out the car. Once I was out I could fully see the castle now, this is a place any little girl would dream about living in, it's crazy to me that I am. Grayson begins to lead me into the castle, and boy I thought the outside was nice it didn't compare to the inside. I was in utter shock at the beauty of this place, I don't think I'm ever gonna get used to the fact I get to live in a place like this.

He leads me passed a few huge looking doors, one he tells me was a huge ballroom that he thinks I'm gonna like. If it's anything close to what this castle looks like, I think he's right. Our journey doesn't stop at the ballroom and he actually starts to lead me up a huge staircase. We'd walk passed a few people who would bow their heads, we start to make our way down corridor after corridor, honestly I had no idea how he wasn't getting lost. We soon make it to another door but we stopped at this one, he sends me a smile before opening the door telling me to go in first. I discover it's a huge bedroom.

"This is where you are going be staying, if something doesn't sit well with you in here just tell me" he says closing the door behind him, while I just walk around the room "I mean anything, say you don't like the colour of the walls, I can have it changed in a matter of hours" he rambles on causing a little laugh to escape my lips, he looks up smiling at me.

"Everything is great" I smile finally speaking after hours of not, I don't think I've spoke since I told him my name "I know I haven't spoken much, it's not because of the colour of the walls or you, it just takes me awhile get used to people, I haven't had the best upbringing which makes me cautious around new people" I start to explain looking at him, I didn't want to go into full detail about what's happened, I don't think I'm ready to do that yet.

"You do not have anything to be cautious about now I'm here, I'm going to look after you Clara" he tells me getting closer, I just nod looking to the ground "you do not have to talk to anyone you don't want to, that includes me" he smiles but I shake my head looking to the side.

"I want and will talk to you, trust me you'll be sick of the sound of my voice once I've got my feet under the table" I laugh he smiles but also shakes his head.

"I'll never get sick of the sound of your voice, if I could I'd only hear your voice" he says looking at me in the eyes but his phone rings, well that ruined the moment!

He pulls it out sighing saying he better go, he begins to walk towards the door about to answer his phone but I stop him.

"Grayson, thank you" I smile still stood in the same place I was before, he turns to look at me with a huge smile on his face.

"I am the one that should be thanking you, get some rest we have a busy tomorrow" he smiles before leaving and closing the door, I sigh taking a look at my new room.

When I woke up this morning, I would have never thought this was how my day would be ending.
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