The Kings Mate

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New Friends

After breakfast, Grayson was giving me a tour of the huge castle, which was just getting even more beautiful. My favourite part had to be the huge ballroom, he did tell me when I first arrived that I'd love it. It has huge with murals on the ceiling, it had gold statues it was beautiful. The last part of the tour was the garden, he said he thinks I'll also like this part too. The doors open my mouth also hanging open, I couldn't believe my eyes! I stop at the door just staring at the beautiful garden in front of me, I think this might have topped the ballroom.

"The garden was always my mothers favourite, so my father would add more and more to make her love it more" he smiles standing beside me "I confess I have let it go a little, the gardeners make it look great but I've just forgotten about it since she left" he sighs looking down at the ground, I don't know what's happened to his mother or father for that matter, but it to seems make him sad.

I reach over taking his hand in mine causing him to look up, I send him a sympathetic smile which he soon returns but also places a kiss on my hand. The sparks that erupted felt as though fireworks were dancing over my skin, I send him another smile as he looks at the garden once more.

"As you also like it so much, I think I'm going to take a leaf out my fathers book and start adding things, with your help of course" he smiles looking to the side at me, I just nod agreeing with him "my mother loved this bench up here, she would spend hours just looking at the flowers" he explains as a brown bench comes into view, a circle of rose bushes well circled it.

He leads me to the little bench both of us sitting down, we sat silent for a few minutes the only sounds were the birds chirping in the trees. This garden reminded me of a similar garden at the first pack I was in, wasn't as beautiful through. When I was really little my mum used to take me and Kyle for walks around, we'd sit and have picnics on the hotter days. That's what made me fall in love with nature I think, when we would go out with our mum on that day she would be a completely different person. When she was around other people in our family, she would just blank our existence. I didn't know why then but I also don't know why now, I thought when I got older I would start to understand why my parents made the decisions they did, but I still don't understand them. They acted as though they didn't have kids or when we were around them, it was as though we were just an inconvenience. Why have children if you're just gonna treat them like that?

Kyle always tells me that we don't have any parents, we used to but they're long gone now that's why we need to stay together. I should ask when is it okay to speak to Kyle, I hope he's not too annoyed that I haven't spoke to him yet, I mean it hasn't even been 24 hours if I'm honest.

"Yesterday, I spoke with your old Alpha and he proceeded to tell me-" Grayson starts to speak but is cut off by his phone, he sighs apologising before quickly answering the phone "I told you not to disturb me today, I couldn't care less what those delinquents think, I'm spending the day with my mate" he says into the phone, I didn't want to make it seem like I was earwigging so I look to the side.

He soon hangs up the phone with a sigh looking at me, he sends me a soft smile slipping his phone into his pocket.

"My love, as much as it pains me to say I have to work for a few hours, I apologise that we can't spend the whole day together but I promise I'll make it up to you" he sighs looking at me with sad eyes , I take his hands in mine sending him a smile.

"It's okay, you're king your work is so important that sometimes you can't help but get pulled away, anyway we have a whole lifetime to spend time together" I smile which immediately makes a huge smile fill his face.

"You don't understand how incredible it is to hear you say that, this won't be a regular occurrence after today I'm telling them delinquents when I'm with my mate, nothing is pulling me away" he smiles pulling me closer to him, which meant our faces were now inches from each other "you won't be alone my love, my Beta Josh's mate Daisy will be here with you" he smiles our faces even closer than before, a tiny piece of fear makes it way through me at first but I shake it off, I need to try and push this whole afraid to talk thing to the side, I'm queen now I need to start acting like one.

"Oh that's gonna be nice, try not take too long though please" I smile, I was gonna be strong and try my hardest but I still didn't want him away for too long.

"I promise I'll be as quickly as I can" he smiles leaning forward placing a single kiss on my head, he places his hand on my cheek rubbing his thumb over it for a few seconds before rising to his feet walking away.

I sit at the bench watching him leave as the other side of me a feel a persons presence, I turn my head to see a young girl, maybe a little older than me stood there. She looks nervous playing with her hands, I'm gonna take a guess and say this must be Daisy.

"Daisy?" I ask having built up the courage to speak, she immediately looks up nodding her head but looks back to the ground "you can come sit with me if you like, I promise I don't bite" I smile a part of me wanting her to feel as welcoming as possible, I didn't know how I was getting this much courage to speak so freely.

"Thank you your majesty, I'm sorry I'm so nervous I'm not that good around a new people, I'm sorry I'm talking too much I'll stop" she rambles taking a seat beside me, she's acting how I act around new people!

"Okay first off, call me Clara your majesty is very formal and second, you don't have to be nervous trust me I know what that's like, you're looking at one of the pro nervous people" I laugh making her look up, she nods looking kind of surprised at me "I'm not really much of a talker, honestly I never start a conversation or keep a very good one with new people, so it just shows what kind of person you must be if I'm comfortable talking with you like this" I smile at Daisy who was just smiling from ear to ear, it seemed she was getting more comfortable with me.

"I'm the same! It's like I just freeze when I'm around people I don't know, I have no idea why but I can't help it!" She exclaims turning to actually look at me, before she would look at me but her eyes would soon dart to the floor "I thought I was the only one that gets like this, it's so great to hear other people go through the same thing as me!" She says happily, I just nod understanding exactly where she was coming from.

"This last day I've learnt you've just got to try and jump in the deep end, yes it's hard but look at us, we're here having a full conversation" I smile she nods sitting back on the bench "I can see that you and me are gonna friends" I smile which makes her sit up with hopeful eyes.

"That would be amazing! I had a few friends back at my old pack but once I met Josh I had to leave, no one here is my age and I'm too afraid to talk to the men who are so you saying that is actually great!" She smiles happily but looks at me worried for a second, I shake my head smiling.

"I agree fully" I smile which makes her wrap her arms around me in a tight hug thanking me.

I made a true life long friend that day.
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