The Kings Mate

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It’s Tradition

Daisy and I sat there and chatted for awhile, she was actually super nice and told me what to expect when living here. She also told me about her family and where she comes from, she was born in America but moved to the uk when she was 5. Her family quickly settled into a pack a few hours away, she doesn't get to see her family much now she's with Josh. As Josh is Grayson's beta he can't be away from this place for very long, but Josh doesn't want Daisy to be away from him so she just has so wait until he can get a few days off.

She was actually being so open with me, she told me how lonely she's felt since she moved here. She said she's so happy that she's found Josh and wouldn't change it for the world, but as he's always working here she's alone as she doesn't have any friends. I told her how that's all changing now I'm here, honestly she would be helping me because I'd be just like her if she wasn't here.

She was just telling me what happened the first time she arrived here, apparently she was so nervous to meet Grayson she tripped over air and busted her face up. It did prevent her meeting Grayson for awhile as her face needed to heal, when she went to meet him again it was fine at first until they sat down for food. She once again was so nervous that she nearly choked on her food, she said she's not that nervous around Grayson anymore. We were both laughing at her story as I feel people walking over.

"I see you two are getting on" a male voice says, I look over and see Grayson with another man standing there, I'm gonna guess this is Josh.

"Yeah it's been really fun, it's the first time in ages that I've enjoyed myself here" Daisy says as we both get up walking over to the guys, Grayson was just smiling at me as I get closer.

"Ouch" Josh says holding his heart, Daisy just hits his arm saying you know what I mean, while Grayson puts his arm around my shoulders pulling me to stand next to him "we best be getting off anyway Das, it's been lovely meeting you Clara" Josh smiles at me, wait did we actually meet cause we didn't even speak to each other?

I send him a smile and a wave before he and Daisy begin to walk away, Grayson looks down at me smiling which I return.

"On with the tour!" He smiles pulling me towards the castle, I laugh shaking my head at him as I'm taken into the castle.

The next few hours were just full of tours of the different places around the castle, I've seen the huge kitchen which I'm not kidding, around hundred people were busy cooking. There was also a huge library which had thousands of books, I do love reading so this is probably where I'm gonna spend a majority of my time.

We were now walking down a long hallway of paintings, the ones at the start of the hall seemed to be really old. I take a glance to the little plaque hanging on one of them, it was dated to 1789! They were all of what looked families, obviously royal families as they all wore crowns or tiaras. We come to a stop on the final photo, checking the date it was dated back to 1999, well that's a huge jump from the one I saw down the hall.

"These are the family portraits, every generation of king and queen are here with their children" he explains pointing down the hall, aww it's like a family tradition "this is my parents and I" he says turning to look at the last photo from the hall, I turn looking at the little boy who I now know is Grayson.

He wore a little blue suit and a little crown on his head, he was adorable. I glance up to his mother who was very pretty, she wore a white dress with a tiara, she looked like she would be a really kind person. Than my eyes drift to his father, he didn't look that nice it was his eyes, he wore a black suit with a big crown on the top of his head. My eyes soon go back down to little Grayson but then I notice something, his fathers hand on his shoulder but the way the suit was under his hand, made it seem like he was literally holding him there, not in a nice way either.

"When we get married and have children, our portrait will go here" he smiles pointing to a blank space beside his family's one, this immediately makes me gulp just thinking about having children, I don't think I'm ready yet.

Grayson looks over at me staring at the blank wall, I think something clicks in his mind as he reaches over taking my hand, which actually snaps me out of whatever trance I was in.

"Hey, we won't do any of that until you are completely ready, take as much time as you need" he says rubbing his thumb over my hand "when we eventually do those things, we don't have to have children for years so do not worry, also I'm not ready to become a father yet either" he says looking at me, I smile placing a kiss on his forehead as a thank you.

"I think it's time for dinner, don't you?" He asks with a smile, before I could answer my stomach rumbling answers for me "I'll take that as a yes" he smiles holding his arm out, I shake my head taking his arm as he led me out the long hallway and away from his dads scary eyes. Which I came to find out, I'd be seeing and hearing about more of those scary eyes.

We had just finished dinner and were talking at the table, when the door knocks a man walks in quickly followed by Josh, who looked rather annoyed.

"Sorry to disturb you sir, but we have an important matter to discus that you were putting off back at the meeting" the man says bowing his head a little at the start.

"Sorry Gray, I tried telling him that you wanted to wait until Clara was ready to face crowds" Josh joins the conversation pushing the dude to the side, whoa it seems they don't really like each other.

I look to Grayson sending him a questioning look, but before he could answer my question I asked with my eyes the dude spoke up again.

"It's tradition, you can't just bypass that and do your own thing, your father would want you to-" the dude starts to say, but Grayson is quick to cut the dude off mid-sentence.

"My father isn't here!" He shouts causing everyone to jump in shock, especially me, I so wanted to speak and ask what was going on but that dude being here was causing me to not want to speak.

Gray looks over at my face, somehow knowing I wanted to speak but also not wanting to in front of the men.

"Give us a moment" he says turning to the two men, the dude bows his head walking out the door while Josh mouths sorry following him out "You wanted to speak my love" he asks with a little smile, I just nod waiting until the door was fully closed.

"What are they talking about?" I ask knowing I could have easily asked that question with those men in here, but I just wasn't ready for that.

"It's tradition as he said, for when a king finds his mate he is to present her to his people on the main balcony of the castle, in most cases the king presents his mate to his people today, but I do not want to rush into anything you are not comfortable with doing" he tells me which was sweet, the people he had a meeting with earlier probably kept going on about the matter and he held out for me.

"Would I have to speak to anyone?" I ask getting an idea, he shakes his head giving me a look "then why not do it tonight, I mean it'll get that weird man off your back and it will be keeping with the tradition" I suggest wanting to help him out, his face lights up where he reaches across the table taking my hand.

"Are you sure you are ready my love?" He asks, I nod my head with a smile as he places a kiss on my head while calling the two men back in "we have decided we will do the presenting of the queen tonight, I can trust you'll do what you need to set it up" he says the annoying man nodding beginning to walk backwards.

"Of course sir, the queen will have to go and get fitted for the dress she will wear" the man says looking over at me, Gray looks at me while Josh speaks up.

"Daisy will go with you Clara, she asked to help when she heard what needs to happen" he says which makes me smile, at least I'll be with someone I'm comfortable with.

I smile sending a nod to Grayson who agrees and tells everyone to get it all done, the next few hours were rather hectic.
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