The Kings Mate

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The New Queen

For the next few hours, I was stood up straight on a little platform thing with two woman poking and prodding me. Daisy was there the whole time though keeping me company, I felt I could have a full conversation with her as the two woman were wrapped up discussing sizes and poking me!

The two woman leave for awhile telling us not to leave the room, this gave me and Daisy time to do our hair and makeup, which wasn't a lot as she said I didn't need to wear any. They return with a full dress where they asked who would help me put it on. I immediately look at Daisy who nods causing the two woman to leave, I sincerely didn't want one of them poking me again.

"You're gonna look amazing Clara" Daisy smiles going back to do the back up, I mean it was absolutely beautiful, probably the nicest thing I've ever worn.

It was light blue with a kind of corset top, it was short at the front but longer at the back. The detailing was also beautiful, it had pink roses over the whole thing, again it was beautiful.

"This whole thing is really technical, the king having to present his mate to his people" I say as she continues to do my dress up and the back.

"Yeah I know, but Josh told me it was tradition and people around here love their traditions" she laughs eventually managing to do the dress up "but it will be nice so everyone can see who their queen is" she tells me while handing me a pair of high heels.

"My old pack knows, they probably told people who told other people" I start to say but she shakes her head, also handing me a pair of earrings.

"Nope, they were told they aren't allowed to tell anyone that you're queen, all communications to other packs have been cut off until this happens" she tells me, now handing me a bracelet while putting a necklace on me.

That's probably why Kyle hasn't contacted me yet, he physically can't! I thought he was just mad at me or something, well he probably is that too. I turn to look at myself in the mirror but I didn't recognise myself, I don't think I've ever looked this good before!

"Now let's show your people who their new queen is" Daisy smiles behind me placing her hands on my shoulders, I send her a smile through the mirror nodding.

We begin to make our way out the room and down the hall, Daisy knew where she was going so I just followed her. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be, the whole nation is gonna be looking and judging me but I didn't care, I knew Grayson would be by my side so nothing else mattered. We turn down a corridor that I actually hadn't been down, Grayson must have forgotten to take me down here. There were double doors which I think led out to the balcony Grayson was talking about, there's probably thousands of people stood out there waiting. Grayson stood talking with Josh but somehow senses we're here, he turns his head where his eyes just go wide looking at me. I mean he looked amazing in a black suit, actually I don't think I've seen him in anything but a suit. Daisy and I make our way over to the guys, Grayson didn't look away from me until I was stood in front of him.

"My love, you look incredible" he tells me looking me up and down, I smile thanking him while he still stood there somewhat gobsmacked.

"You look amazing too" I tell him smiling, he went to speak but a short man wearing a grey suit walks over behind him speaks before he could.

"When you're ready sir," he says bowing his head at the start, everyone but Josh and Daisy bow their heads when they talk to Grayson, I think it's to show him some kind of respect.

Gray just nods to the man who walks away, I take a look at the closed double doors. When I walk through them all eyes are gonna be on me, that's not intimating at all! Gray takes my hand causing me to look away from the doors.

"I'll be right beside you" he smiles, I nod with a smile feeling the tiniest better "now you need to wait here until I say your name, then all you need to do is put that smile on your beautiful face and stand beside me, okay?" He asks placing his hands on my shoulders, I nod going over the steps in my head so I didn't mess up.

He smiles walking towards the two doors which were soon opened, immediately loud cheers and claps erupted from outside. I didn't focus on that but on the steps he told me, I couldn't mess this up.

"Good evening everyone, thank you for coming today to witness this tremendous occasion, I will presenting my incredible mate to you all as your new queen" he starts his speak, I didn't know how he has the courage to talk to all of them people, but I guess it's his job.

The man from before smiles at me, he directs me to walk up the few steps outside the door, this meant I was about to walk out. All I need to do is smile and stand beside Grayson, that's easy and impossible to mess up.

"Now with no further or do, I would like to present my mate, your queen, Queen Clara Jacobs" his voice says, I look to the man who nods telling me to go.

I put the smile on my face beginning to walk out to the balcony, immediately the cheers and claps erupt from the thousands of people down there. In no time I arrive to stand beside Grayson, who was just smiling from ear to ear. Once I stop he places his arm around my waist pulling me towards him, this actually helped being close to him. I look down at the people clapping and cheering, little children were at the bottom waving up at me. I start to wave at them with a smile which makes them jump up and down, aww how cute.

"You're doing incredible my love" Gray whispers leaning down to my ear, I look up at him smiling but soon turn back to the crowd which hadn't even got a bit quieter "once again thank you for coming, now the queen and I must be going, goodbye" he smiles before turning around, he holds his arm up that I take as he leads me back into the double doors.

The cheers and claps didn't end even when the doors where closed, they were just more drowned out but you could still hear them. Once we walk down the stairs I relax but was so happy with myself that I actually did that, I can't believe I managed to stand out on the balcony with all those people looking at me but I'm glad I did.

"Well done Clara! You did amazing" Daisy smiles wrapping me in a hug, I thank her hugging back as Josh walks up.

"Yep you're a natural, now this is when the real work starts" he smiles looking up at Grayson, I look over sending him a questioning look.

"Yes, this is where I will come in" the guy from before smiles bowing his head and Gray and I.

"My love, this is your royal advisor, Mason Thomas" Gray smiles pointing to the guy, I can stop calling him the guy from before now.

"My job is to assist you on all your jobs as queen, I'll keep you moving and sort your schedule, we're going to be spending most days together" he smiles bowing his head once again, wait I'm gonna be spending most of my time with him! Well he seems nice enough.

Gray is pulled away a little by Josh, which meant Mason and I were alone talking. Come on Clara you're queen, start acting like one.

"I didn't even know I'd get an advisor, what kind of work and schedule will I have?" I ask actually speaking, yes girl!

"You'll have your royal duties as queen, as like the king you have duties you must do, yours are more for the people" he explains smiling, that's means talking to even more people but it's okay I can do it....I think "I'd take the rest of this week easy ma'am, after your coronation at the end of the week, you'll be rushed off your feet for awhile" he smiles which was new information for me, I have to have a coronation?

"By the look on your face I can assume you knew none of this" he smiles while I just nod my head "it's quite a simple ceremony, you'll be crowed as queen by the king beside you and that's it" he smiles making it sound simple, but I knew not many things in this place were simple.

"And after my coronation is when my duties will start as queen?" I ask which he nods to smiling "gosh this is all very technical" I laugh a little, he nods smiling looking to the ground.

"That's why I'm here ma'am, now if I may, I suggest you were clothes that will cover your neck just until you're marked" he smiles placing his hands behind his back, I send him a questioning look not understand why "well you'll be the centre of attention ma'am, the press will have a field day with the small matter of you not being marked and not at the important visits you'll be making" he explains which totally makes sense, let's hope I can find some nice things to cover my neck with.

"Well I guess I'll need to invest in some turtle necks and scarfs for the time being" I laugh which also makes him laugh too "well I can already tell it's going to be a pleasure to work with you" I smile as I see Gray start to make his way back over.

"The pleasure will be all mine ma'am, have a lovely rest of your evening" he smiles bowing his head before walking way.

Gray walks over smiling down at me, I can't believe I just did all that. Daisy shouts something about a party before I'm pulled away by Gray, to an apparent party.


•Minutes before Clara is presented as Queen•

"This thing will be on in a minute, hurry up!" Cyrus screams through the room, his voice so loud that a few things shook.

Cyrus was the kind of man you wouldn't want to mess with, he's very old school in his ways in more ways than others. He had let himself go in his old age, he had a round beer like belly and a shabby beard, with a temper that could scare anyone.

"We were just making snacks, why is this so important anyway?" His wife Alison asks walking in with a plate of stuff.

She on the other hand was completely different to her husband, while he let himself go she took pride in herself. She always wore the latest clothes and never went out the house looking nothing less of perfect.

"They're about to present the new queen, it's something everyone should watch speaking of everyone, where's Wes and Melissa?" He asks opening another can of beer, as he gulped the liquor down most of it feel on his chest.

"Right here calm it" Wes says walking beside his wife Melissa, Melissa like always not making eye contact with Cyrus.

She was one of the many people scared of Cyrus, she had to deal with him though as Cyrus was Wes's older brother. She also knew what his temper was like and didn't want to test him, remembering what happened last time she attempted that very thing. Her husband Wes was an out going man, he was always considered as a people person. While she was was completely different, she was more reserved and only spoke when she was spoken to.

"Alright shut its on!" Cyrus shouts throwing the empty can of beer at the wall, he knew someone was going to pick that up for him.

"Good evening everyone-" the king began to speak as Cyrus spoke up again interrupting the others from hearing.

"Ha just imagine it's your daughter haha" he laughs shoving food in his cake hole, like always most of it falling in his went top.

Melissa looks to the floor on hearing about her daughter, there isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't think of her children. Her and Wes have two children, a boy and a girl, Cyrus wasn't happy when they came along, he would tell them how their kids were just distractions from what was really important. One day when her kids were still young Cyrus gave them a choice, either he kill their children or they abandon them. Obviously they chose to leave them so he wouldn't try to hurt their kids, it was the hardest thing they've ever had to do.

The king speaking once again catches everyone's attention, he was about to announce who was to be the new queen.

"Now with no further or do, I would like to present my mate, your queen, Queen Clara Jacobs" the king says with a smile, beer immediately spills from Cyrus's mouth as the new queen began to walk out the doors.

"My baby" Melissa whispers tears pricking her eyes, she looks to Wes who also looked as though he was going to cry.

The king and queen stand there for a few minutes waving at some people, Melissa couldn't take her eyes off Clara, she looked so grown up. Eventually they wave goodbye and make their way back into the doors, which were closed behind them.

The room was silent, just the sound of the cheers from the tv fill the room. Cyrus rising from his seat looking back at Melissa and Wes.

"You need to get in contact with her, this could be incredible just the thing we need to boost the business!" He cheers happily, this immediately makes something change in Melissa.

"No, we won't be doing anything of the sort! You made us send her and her brother away because they got in your way! But now you find out she's queen you wanna act like a devoting uncle! Screw you! You can stay away from my children!" She screams at him, he like everyone else on the room was taken back from her outburst "before you tell me you'll write to her, she probably remembers you and as soon as she sees your name she rip the letter up! I haven't gone through years of hell being away from my children, for you to try and worm your way into her life again! Over my dead body!" She once again screams before walking out the room, leaving everyone in there frozen from shock.
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