The Kings Mate

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The Coronation

The past week as been so hectic! Most of my days have been filled with plans and tasks all about my coronation, I was under the impression that it would be a simple ceremony, this was far from simple or easy. Gray has tried to be around and help as much as he could, but his days are full of his work and duties which does suck a little, but I know it's his work so I don't mind. Daisy has actually been keeping me company, she's helped to keep my head focused through all this chaos. The next day after the whole presentation thing, Kyle rang me on the phone here which was so nice to hear his voice. He told me he would have contacted me sooner but the pack was prohibited from doing so, which is exactly what I thought before. We arranged a day for him and Emma to come see the castle, I had to run it passed Mason so I could actually get the day off.

Today was Sunday, the day of my coronation, according to Daisy it was my last day of freedom! I was just relieved that this whole coronation chaos could finally come to an end.

The lady's with my dress had just left, they needed to sort the last few details out. Thankfully, they'd done most of the poking and prodding for my other dress, which meant it was quicker and I wasn't poked as much. Gray walks in the room after them smiling at me, I just send him a confused look but smile back.

"My love, this is an incredible day and milestone you are about to take, you should be more excited" he tells me still smiling, I smile but shake my head.

"This week has just been insanely stressful, Daisy has been helping but it's still been a lot" I say picking my things up, the woman insisted that I not carry anything while they were working, I just think they were trying to be annoying.

"I do apologise that I haven't been around much my love, work has been endless but so important that I couldn't hold it off" he says taking my hands, I shake my head at him not wanting him to feel bad.

"You have nothing to apologise for, you were doing your job and I get that" I tell him which immediately makes him smile, whilst tucking a piece of hair out my face.

"How did I ever get so lucky?" He asks his hand now resting on my cheek, I smile at him as his eyes move from my eyes to my lips, I knew exactly what he was thinking.

He slowly starts to lean in making sure I wasn't gonna pull away, I actually did the opposite and also began to lean in until our lips touched. Instantly my face just erupted in sparks, million times more than I've felt since I found him. He pulls me closer deepening the the kiss as he went, I was lost in the moment that I didn't hear the door knocking.

"Come back later!" Grayson shouts before his lips are quickly on mine again, the door knocks saying it couldn't wait "It can wait if I say so!" He shouts about to lean in to the kiss again but I stop him, once again the door knocks.

"It seems rather important" I smile taking my hand to wipe the lipstick from his lips, he growls a little walking towards the door.

I just turn sorting things out in the room, Grayson remained at the door talking with the guy. I go over the booklet of things I need to do before the coronation, the next thing was learn how to walk like a queen. How do queens walk? The sound of the door closing makes me turn, Grayson was making his way over.

"Now where were we?" He asks smiling but I place my hand on his chest stopping him.

"You were about to teach me how a queen walks" I smile innocently, he looks at me saying really "yes, if you ever want what just happened to happen again, I'd teach me" I say crossing my arms, he sighs but agrees telling to get a pair of heels.

I do as I'm told and run over to the heels I will wear with my dress, he stood one side of the room just smiling. Once the heels were on I stand beside him, he looks at me but stands in front of me.

"Firstly, you do not slouch, you must stand up tall with your back straight" he starts moving me to stand up straight "keep your head up looking straight in front of you, now walk with grace to that side of the room" he tells me pointing to the other side of the room where I just was.

I start to slowly make my way to the other side of the room, making sure I didn't slouch or let my head go down and be graceful as I could.

"Now turn and walk back to me" he says crossing his arms watching me, I do as I'm told until I stood in front of him, I'm immediately grabbed and pinned against the wall "what? You told me I had to teach you how to walk like a queen, lesson dismissed" he smirks before crashing his lips onto mine, I mean that is what I said.

A few hours pass, now the coronation was only half an hour away. Daisy was just helping me get into my dress, which was much bigger than the one I wore the other day. It was white and puffy, it had lace detailing on the bodice while the skirt was out just like a princess dress. It took us a little longer to get me in the this dress, but once I look at myself in the mirror I instantly fall in love with it. I turn thanking Daisy who just smiles, telling me we had fifteen minutes, the time is just flying by.

The door knocks Grayson walking in, he smiles turning to me where he just looks me up at down smiling.

"You get more beautiful every time I see you, I do not know how it's possible but you do" he smiles coming to a stop in front of me, Daisy smiles saying she'll see me out there "how are you feeling my love?" He asks once the door closes, I actually haven't thought about that yet.

"This week I've been so busy that I haven't had time to really think about the coronation, but also because I haven't had time to think about anything but the coronation if that makes any sense" I start to explain where he just smiles "but now it's getting closer and I don't need to help plan everything, I'm getting nervous like what if I fall? Or the crown falls? Or-" I start to ramble but a kiss being placed on my lips stops me, Grayson pulls away placing his forehead on mine.

"None of that is going to happen my love, I will be with you the whole time, you are going to do so great just like you did before" he smiles rubbing my arms, I smile nodding calming myself down.

The door knocking telling us it was time snaps us out our moment, Grayson holds his arm up smiling. I take his arm as he leads me out the room and down to where the coronation will he taking place. He leaves me by the door placing a kiss on my lips before walking in, he has to talk to everyone and call me in to place the crown on my head. I've gone over the plans of this coronation so much, I could probably do it in my sleep! He begins with his speak while I patiently wait at the door for him to call me in.

"Now please welcome my mate, Clara Jacobs" he says which my cue, I take a deep breath before making my way in.

My eyes didn't leave Grayson's as I walk down the long path, lights from cameras went off as I went. Eventually I make it to the bottom of the two steps Grayson was stood on top off, he smiles reaching behind him to take my crown. A little cushion is placed on the steps, I knell with my knee placed on the cushion and my head down.

"I, King Grayson Bennett, crown you Clara Jacobs, as queen and mate to the king" Grayson says in a powerful voice before carefully placing the crown on my head.

I stand up straight looking at him, where his eyes just held pride. He holds his hand out which I take, my other holding my dress up as I walk up the steps to stand beside him. We both turn facing the crowd who was cheering and taking photos, we both look at each other as he leans in placing a kiss on my lips. The crowd gets louder and the sounds of more cameras fill the air, causing me to smile against his lips him also doing the same.

In this moment I was incredibly happy, unknowing of the many struggles that lay ahead.
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