The Kings Mate

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First Duties

It's the morning after my coronation, also being my first day or duties as queen, let's just say I'm so nervous. Last night Mason went over what we'll be doing today, I have to go to an orphanage to see all the children and speak to the people that run it. When he told me I had to speak to people, the little nervous voice started to talk into my ear. But I soon remembered that I'm now queen and just have to suck it up, this is what I was born to do so I have to do it.

I was just getting ready for the day, I managed to find a few outfits that would cover my neck. It's a bit of an inconvenience but until I'm marked it's what I have to do, I don't know when I'm going to be ready to get marked but I hope it's soon. I was slipping my shoes on when the door knocks and in walks Grayson, he smiles at me closing the door behind him.

"Good morning my love" he smiles walking over placing a kiss on my head "I wish I could accompany you on your duties today, but an important meeting with some important people has come up" he explains as I stand up from the bed, I just smile shaking my head saying it was fine.

Don't get me wrong it would make me feel so much better if he could come, but it's kind of unrealistic and unfair for me to just expect him to always be by my side. I'm a big girl I can handle myself.

"You are going to do so well my love, you have Mason accompanying you as he always will be, you will have your four guards with you and Daisy" he smiles I didn't know I would have guards, but then that would make sense as I am queen so.

"Daisy's coming?" I ask quite surprised but happy, I've only had one proper encounter with Mason, but me and Daisy are becoming close friends I won't feel as nervous with her there.

"Yes, we thought having someone you are comfortable with be a part of your team would benefit you, Daisy was the obvious choice" he smiles shrugging his shoulders as though it was nothing, I thank him wrapping my arms around him.

He stood there shocked for a second but immediately his arms were around me holding me tightly.

"Finally! How long has it took you to have a little more contact with mate?!" My wolf asks annoyed in my head, this is the first time she's really spoke since we came here "that's because the first couple of days after you find your mate, I try start to make a few connections with mates wolf, which side-note would be so much easier if we were marked!" She exclaims in my head, whoa someone got out of bed on the wrong side this morning.

"You and I both know that's not possible" she says pretty annoyed, I just block her out snapping back to reality still engulfed in a hug by Gray.

"How I wish I could stay in this position forever" he says tightening his arms around me, it was as though we were fit for each other.

"Don't tell me I have to explain all that to you"my wolf sighs in my head, I once again block her out ignoring her just as the door begins to knock.

Grayson sighs slowly pulling away sending me a sad smile, before we could speak the door knocks again. He holds his arm up with a smile that I take, he begins to lead me out the room where who looked like a butler stood. He bows his head at us before leading us down the hall, we soon reach the stairs where at the bottom stood a bunch of people. Mason, Daisy and a few other men stood on one side, while Josh and a few other people stood on the other.

Once we make it to the bottom Grayson turns to me smiling , he places his hands on my shoulders with a sigh.

"This is where we must part ways for a few hours, your guards will be by your side the entire day protecting you" he smiles but I could tell he didn't want to move away from me, I didn't want him to move either, he leans closer to me "I'll see you just before dinner, but you will me playing on my mind all day" he whispers with a smile, I smile back where he places a kiss on my lips.

I walk backwards over to my team, Daisy immediately sending me a wave and a smile. Mason bows his head lifting his arm up towards the door, I nod making my way out the door where my team followed behind. There were two black cars outside, a man stood near the door bows his head at me pointing to one of the cars. I send him a smile walking over to the car which doors are opened, I walk over to the door turning where I see Grayson walking to the other car but stops. He sent me a smile and a wave, I send him a wave back before climbing in the car. Daisy sits beside me smiling as always, Mason sat in the front while my guards went in two cars.

We slowly begin to pull off heading out the gates, one of my guards cars were in front of us while the other behind.

"I was so happy when Josh told me what Grayson asked me to do, normally I'm just waiting in the castle for Josh to come back but now I'm doing something, with my best friend" Daisy smiles beside me, I look over smiling too.

"It made me feel happy too when Grayson told me, having someone I'm close to be by my side when working will be great" I reply with a smile, let's hope I can pull it together and do my job, for Grayson.
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