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Snow Falls

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Glacia Sterling's life has never been easy. Her parents died when she was young, and she moved in with her aunt. She never fit in with the other kids and now strange things are happening to her as her eighteenth birthday approaches. The people who killed her parents are back, the Agents, and a new group, The Shield, appear. The Shield say that they want to help Glacia. The Agents also say that they want to help her. She learns that her parents weren't actually her parents, but members of The Shield, a group intent on saving those marked by the Devil. But is The Shield really what the directors say they are, and what about The Agents. In her chase of freedom and answers, she meets three other girls like her. The four of them form their own group and fight against their pasts, presents, and futures. All at the same time coming to terms with what they have become and learning about their powers.

Fantasy / Adventure
Krysalizm - Liz
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Let’s start from the beginning.

It is believed that there is a higher being, God or Father, and that he created the earth. And from there came the Creation Story. And in the end he had created humans and animals, night and day. But there are other gods and goddesses, along with Demi-god offspring.

In a struggle of power between the Gods, Goddesses, and their demi-god children, magic seeped into this new world. Humans were being born with special powers. This new and frightening discovery became too much for the humans, and they began killing those who were different.

In order to save those being born with powers, the Gods created a land where they could live with out the threat of persecution. This land was protected, with powerful magic from the Gods. Humans would be deterred from entering, leaving those inside protected.

Those with powers, most commonly known as Elementals, have begun to leave their island. Many have learned how to blend in with the humans.

The island, called Alentia, has many different areas according to Elemental powers. There is Snow Mountain, The Reef, Life Forest, Celestial Hill, and many others. The most well known place is Death Valley. A place where the Elementals with dark and evil souls go to live. For many years now it has been reported of an uprising from those in Death Valley.


The snow whips around two figures as they rush to a secret cave, hidden amongst the rocks. “We have to save her!” the woman says to her husband.

Inside the cave he pulls out a crystal ball and small object. “I know, we will send her to The Shield. They will take care of her until she starts showing her powers,” he says, watching the crystal ball light up, “then she will be given the information she needs and will hopefully survive and not be found by his agents.”

She nods her head and places a basket on the floor. She lifts a bundle out of it and rocks it back and forth. “You’ll make it Glacia, I know it,” she whispers to the baby. Carefully, she places her baby back in the basket and places a snow globe and a necklace beside her.

Stepping beside her husband she nods her head to him, trying to keep in her tears. The crystal ball starts glowing. The image clears and a man and woman show up, the directors of The Shield. “He has learned of our child and what she will become when she comes of age, we are sending her to you for safety.” The directors nod their heads and step back.

The mother takes the small object and throws it on the ground, whispering a location. A portal opens up. Picking up the basket, she looks into the gray eyes of her baby. "We will always love you, princess." The parents take the basket and send it through the portal. It closes and they watch the crystal ball, seeing a basket appear and the woman grabs it. They shut off the connection and head back out into the snowstorm.

“She will be fine, she will stay safe,” the man whispers to his wife before the storm encloses on them.

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