His White Luna

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Chapter 13 - Sunrise

Nathaniel Black

This skin on her back was smooth, her back lighter than her arms and neck, clearly, she hadn’t been strutting around naked in the last year. Or sunbaking in the nude. The thought made me smile, and I ran my hand down her spin and the muscles that dipped and thinned around it. The muscles hadn’t been there last year, and her posture seemed to be better too.

I was afraid to admit I was afraid.

She was more powerful than anything I had ever imagined, her strength was unmatchable and yet she seemed so unaware, so nonchalant about the power that flowed through her. I wondered if the power had been as prominent in her mother as it was in her, if that had been why she was killed by her mate.

Sleep came easy, with her tucked in my arms I’d drifted to sleep like it was the easiest thing in the world. A strong contrast to the darkness that plagued my mind in her absence, to the torment and irritation that drowned me in her absence. At some point in the night, her body had shifted off mine, curling up and facing away from me, and from that moment I’d just watched her sleep.

The skin on her thighs grazed my own every so slightly, a light tingling itching my body at her touch, as if telling me to grab her, to never let go. That was what I planned on doing, I’d spent too long looking for her, and I’d lost her. In the ultimate play for power, for she’d left, without a trace, for a year.

I slipped my arm through the gap between her neck and the pillow, bending it back and grabbing her shoulder, pulling her closer to me. I wrapped my other arm around her waist, grinding her arse against my crotch – perhaps a mistake, but not one I would regret.

“Good morning,” I purred into her ear.

She exhaled and her brow furrowed as she wriggled in my arms, not so much to escape, but more to snuggle back into the warmth of by body, the cave of blankets and the mountain of pillows.

“You have to get up for work,” I purred again, nuzzling her neck and planting a couple of loose kisses on her skin.

She groaned and buried her face deeper into the pillows and turned to lie face down on the bed. I chuckled and planted kisses down her back, taking the occasional nip on her skin until I reached her underpants, where I then retraced my steps and worked my way back up.

She shivered and wriggled her body under me as I leaned over and grazed my teeth along the mark on her neck, “you have to get up, I don’t want you running late because of me,” I said slightly more loudly.

“I know,” she sighed, still not moving, “but I was having such a good sleep.”

“As was I, my love,” I purred, tracing another line of kisses across the back of her neck and brusher her white hair out of the way. “And as much as I would like to stay in this bed with you all morning, I think you’d end up getting grumpy at me.”

She rolled over and looked up at me, the exhaustion evident in her eyes, and it took every inch of self-control, not to look down at her breasts that pressed against my skin. “Don’t sway me with your logic wolf boy,” he said, her face pouting childishly.

“Then don’t seduce me with your body,” I murmured, running my hand up her neck, and gripping her chin. A small moan left her lips as I pressed my pelvic into her core as if she suddenly realised the only thing separating us from a good time was my boxers and the shamelessly lacey thong that left nothing to the imagination.

I felt her swallow and she looked at me through battered eyelashes, I loosed the grip on her neck, and shifted my thumb to run across the smooth skin on her lips. Her skin was just as soft and silky, just as I remembered, clearly, she still had a flawless skin care routine keeping her youthful and beautiful. Her lips remained slightly parted as I brushed my thumb back over for a second time and then I pressed my lips against hers, softly at first, simply the touch was enough.

But her neck arched slightly as she kissed me back, more urgently that what I had anticipated, I suddenly found my arms wrapping around her and pulling her tightly against my body, her own arms snapping to my shoulder blades as she pressed her body firmly against my own.

“This is why I said I should not sleep in the same bed as you,” she panted as she leaned out of the kiss, making her hips press and grind against the erection that shamelessly fought against my boxers and pressed at the wetness between her legs.

“You’re the one who said you didn’t want to be so far away,” I teased, biting her softly on the mark, making her groan and roll her head.

“You’re a demon,” she said, lifting my chin from her neck and looking into my eyes.

I chuckled and pressed her body harder against my own, “Your demon.”

“I’m going to use you’re shower,” she said placing her hands on my chest and my heart dropped, realising play time was over.

“Of course,” I replied, reluctantly loosing the grip I had on her and flopping back into he warm pillows, now scantly like a library in spring – like Alice.

I watched as she walked around the bed, rolling over to watch as she made her way into the bathroom, her arse swaying ever so slightly as she walked and her firm breasts shifting with each step. When the bathroom door latched, I found myself closing my eyes, it was like I could feel the tension within my muscles shed, her smell calming my body.

But I wasn’t sure I could live with watching her walk away from me again.

If she walked away, I’m sure that day would been my last and my heart throbbed at the thought.

“Shower’s free,” her voice said, snapping me back away.

I groaned like she had and rolled over in the bed, watching her as she walked towards my wardrobe, tossing the towel she was using to dry her hair, in the hamper.

“Thanks,” I said, but I didn’t move, I watched how a trickle of water streamed down the back of her thigh, catching in the crook of her knee for a second before shooting down her calf and falling onto the floor. The way here light hair looked darker when it was wet, but still so bright, like mental – a white gold.

The towel that she’d wrapped around her body didn’t leave a lot up to the imagination, with her boobs compacted around the twist that held it in place, and the short length nearly displaying her backside.

I felt myself begin to grow again, as I expected her to shoo me into the bathroom, or avert my gaze. But I was happily surprised when the towel dropped seamlessly from her body, joining the other towel in the hamper.

She slipped on a pair of my underpants and they tightly clung to her bottom and she matched it with one of my black t shirts, which hugged her liberated breasts and featured her erect nipples. She spun around and looked at me, “are you not getting up then?” he asked, and walked across the room and picked up the blue jeans she’d worn yesterday and shimmied into them.

“Just admiring the view,” I chuckled and I threw the blankets off me, her eyes drifting to the tent pole in my boxers as I slowly walked towards the bathroom, feeling her gaze burning onto my arse like fire.

“Enjoy your cold shower,” she chuckled, shaking her head.

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