His White Luna

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Chapter 14 - Just Like Home

Nathaniel Black

“Take a left up here,” she said as the tall buildings buzzed past us, her knees held to her chest as her feet rested on the glovebox of the car.

“That’s dangerous you know,” I said as I slowed down and took the corner.

“Then don’t crash,” she said sighing and looking at me with a blank expression.

I opened my mouth and closed it a few times, lost for words, “I don’t know if anyone plans on crashing.”

She chuckled and I could feel her watching me, “Nate, darling, you’re a werewolf, an Alpha, no less. You have superhuman reflexes and speed, I’m not worried about you crashing the car.”

I frowned and glanced at her for a second, “take this right,” she said interrupting my train of thought and turned my indicator on and took the corner.

“It’s just up here on the left, pull into the driveway here,” she said, taking her knees off the dashboard and pointing at a tall white building that was surrounded by trees. “Go into the car park, I have two spots but one car,” she smiled, and I followed her instructions. I stopped in front of a large gate and she up clipped her seat belt, leaning across the centre console, her chest brushing on my arm as she leaned out the window. Her fingers danced across the keypad and the as she flopped back into her seat, the gate groaned and slid out of the way.

“Where am I parking?”

“Next to my car, the black sedan,” she hummed, pointing to at a sleek and freshly polished car.

Once I’d parked the car, she took my hand in her own and guided me into the building, where in could smell the lingering scents of Jamie and Angel in the hallways, she pressed the elevator button and dragged md in a moment later. Hitting the top and tenth floor, “This place seems nice,” I said shifting my feet uncomfortably.

“It is,” she said with a smile and gave my hand a squeeze, “But it’s the view that makes it worth it. I think you’ll like it.”

The elevator fell into silence again as we both stood staring at the metal doors, “You knows I’m taking you here, so you know where I am,” she said, her words kind and echoing around in my mind.

“It dosen’t smell like you,” I said as we stepped out into the hallway, and she took a key out from on top of the door frame. “Also, that’s not very safe,” I said as she unlocked the door.

She turned back and cocked her head at me, “Where the fuck was I meant to put a key if I’m out of town for a weekend? Werewolves don’t have pockets,” she said and she walked into her apartment, flicking the light switch on and filling the room with golden light.

“Hey Google, can you turn the coffee machine on?” she said stretching her arms above her head.

“Good morning, Alice,” a voice said echoing through the house, “I have turned the coffee machine on.”

“What was that?” I said looking at the box where the voice came from.

She turned around and looked at me, a smirk forming on her face, “it’s my Google home system,” she said laughing a little, “Technology integrated house.”

“I know what Google Home is!” I said defensively, crossing my arms and following her down the hallways, into a luxurious open living area. There was a continued theme of whites and greys from the colour of the couch, to the kitchen, everything worked harmoniously and seemed to flow seamlessly.

“Make yourself at home, and look out the balcony,” she said gesturing her head towards the sheer white curtains that were still closed.

She disappeared down another hallway past the living room and I walked towards the balcony, pulling the curtains out of the way.

Her apartment peaked just above all of the nearby buildings, so your eyes skimmed over the rooftops, leaving a vibrant green forest of pine trees, stretching off into the horizon. The same trees rolling into hills that would turn into the Mountains that encased my home. This whole time, she’d been looking at me, she’d been facing towards the forest, the other half of her.

I’d never understood how she could live so far away from the trees, the green, the sunsets and the sunrises. How you could trade the smell of a woodfire for the pollution of the city, for the view of the stars and the sounds of the animals for peak hour traffic and so many humans. But the sun had risen no more than an hour ago, but it still cast threads of golden yellows and hues of blues across the sweeping clouds.

“I watch that sunrise each morning,” Alice said with a smile, making me jump.

I hadn’t realised how long I’d been standing there, just looking at the trees and sky but she’d completed changed. Her hair was no longer messy and scattered, but brushed sleekly down her back, her makeup down and a thin layer of eyeliner making her eyes pop.

She wore a tight beige skirt made of leather that reached just below her knee, with a sheer white shirt that showed a cheeky amount of her cleavage, paired with a black blazer, she oozed success.

“You look incredible,” I gawked.

A blush brushed against her cheeks, and she dropped my gaze, “thank you,” she murmured, and she swooped a strand of loose hair behind her ear. “You don’t look too bad yourself,” she said, turning back around and sliding into the kitchen. I leaned against the glass wall behind me and watched as she started to make her coffee, everything conveniently placed, like she’d done this every day for her whole life.

“Do you want a cup?” she asked, as she grabbed two mugs from the cupboard, and I looked down at my watch, [8.05].

“Yeah, we have time,” she smiled sweetly and placed the cups under the coffee machine, then fetching the milk from the fridge, which she poured into the steamer jug and foamed the milk, pouring it into the cups onto of the shots of fresh coffee.

Time flew, and I relished in the sweet moments I was spending with her, but eventually I pulled up outside of the University gates, quickly jumping out of the car and opening her door for her, offering a hand for her.

She smiled softly and took it, tingles going down my arm and warming my body, would this feeling ever stop? I handed her, her laptop bag, putting it onto her shoulder, being careful to get her hair out of the way before realising it.

“Thank you,” she said, her gaze now fixed to her shoes.

“Can I pick you up?” I blurted out, rubbing the back of my neck awkwardly.

“What?” she asked, looking taken aback.

“Can I take you out for dinner?” I clarified, “tonight, after you finish work?”

“Like a date?”

“Like a date.”

I looked at me more a long, painful second before nodded. “Okay, you can pick me up for dinner,” she said her stoic expression vanishing and replacing itself with a warm and comforting one.

“I’ll see you tonight then,” I grinned, and stepped forward closing the space between us, I ran my fingers through her hair, making sure not to put it out of place, she looked so perfect, her hair like moon light, her heels making her a couple inches closer to my face. Ever so slowly I leaned in, giving her the opportunity to pull away, turn her head, stop me. I could have died of happiness as she let me kiss her again, my hands caressing down her back and stopping at her waist.

This kiss was light, as to not disrupt her make up, it wasn’t a goodbye or a hello, it was a have a good day kiss. A kiss I wanted to give her every day for the rest of my life.

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