His White Luna

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Chapter 16 - Kneel For Me

Nathaniel Black

“What are you doing here?” Alice asked again, closing the office door and closing the blinds too.

“I missed you,” I replied honestly, and I had. I’d thought about her through all of the business meetings that I’d arranged, just to be in the city, to be closer to her.

“You missed me?” she asked skeptically, hands on waist and eyebrows reaching for the sky.

“Yes,” I purred.

I pulled her into my embrace and leaned against the edge of the desk, making her stand between my legs as I planted a kiss on her lips. She seemed to melt at my touch, her body perfectly fitting within my embrace, and I traced her jaw with my fingers.

“Why are you here Nate?” she asked more softly again, out lips parted but her breath tickling my cheek.

“I can’t loose you again,” I admitted, the words feeling bitter in my mouth.

“You thought I was going to run away again,” she sighed and she rested her head against my forehead, her eyes closed and her heart beating fast.

I nodded and held her closer to my body, holding her like it was the last time, because for I knew, it could be. “I’m not going anywhere Nate,” she said, her voice a hoarse whisper.

I clenched my eyes harder, determined not to let the tears that threatened to appear, come to light.

“I’m not going anywhere, Nate,” she said, her arms embracing me and she ran her fingers through my hair.

I let out a sigh, “look what you’ve made me become,” I chuckled.

I smiled and slowly kissed me, her lips lingering on my own, but only because I wouldn’t loosen the grip I had on her.

“I want to make this work,” she said, nuzzling the side of my face, “but I’m going to get fired if you don’t let me do my job.”

I chuckled, “they’re not going to fire you,” I purred and I kissed her neck, “plus, I haven’t finished distracting you.”

“Nate, I have work to do,” this time her words were harder.

“So do I, but here I am.”

“What work do you have to do?” she chuckled.

“Work on our relationship,” I said, and I grinned at the indifferent expression she offered in return.

“Then kneel,” she said, the words lingering on her tongue.

“Kneel,” she said, stepping backward, “kneel for me.”

Her words were like fire and without further hesitation I dropped to my knees in front of her, “now what?” I asked.

She gave an approving nod and closed the space between us, where she lifted her leg “take my shoe off,” she ordered.

And I complied. I carefully let my hands run the length of her shin, one had holding behind her knee, carrying her weight. The other carefully undoing the zip of her black shoe, I let my fingers linger on her skin – well the fine stocking that was just as smooth to touch. I let the shoe carefully slip off her foot and I placed it on the desk behind me, all whilst maintaining an intense staring contest with Alice.

“Now the other,” she said, her voice less commanding now, but the order was still there.

I nodded, planting a kiss on the top of her foot before returning it to the ground. I let my hand wander a little further up her thigh this time, and I dropped my gaze when she closed her eyes, taking in a sharp breath. I repeated the process, slowly undoing the small zip at her heel, before carefully slipping the shoe off her foot.

This time however, I did not set her foot back down.

I planted a kiss on her foot, but I let my hands slide up the smooth fabric of her stockings, caressing the muscles in her calf as I did so. I let my fingers slip further under her skirt, and I approved on the slit in the back that allowed the rigid leather to work it’s way up her thighs, I until I brushed the lace garter with my fingertips.

I let my lips graze across her thigh, planting each kiss above the last before slipper her leg over my shoulder, her weight now resting on my shoulder. I ran my hand along the upper thigh of her other leg to hoist her skirt up higher, freeing her arse and lace underwear from the skirt as my kisses grazed her inner thigh. I couldn’t help but nip at her light flesh, which made her leg wobble and she placed one hand on my other shoulder for support.

The location of my face could have been more the cause, but I had smelt her growing arousal from the minute she walked in her office, if she wanted to admit it or not. So, I slipped my fingers under the lace underwear she wore, slipping it to the side. Without hesitation I ran my tongue the length of her slit and she let out a soft moan and I felt the muscles of her thighs clench.

I smirked and repeated the action, starting slowly, my touch gentle and taunting – suggestive rather than seductive. Under her body began to tremble and gripped my hair as her climax drew closer. I nibbled at her sensitive spots and slipped my finger into her depths, seconds before suppressed moan left her lips, quite enough that no one else could have heard it, but loud enough for my cock to twitch at the exoticness.

Before she could object, before the waves of pleasure ceased and she could straighten her top. Before she could kiss me on the cheek and shoo me from her office, I scooped her up, slamming her down on the desk. I slid her underwear off her legs and unlaced the belt from my own pants, and then fell to my knees.

She kissed me back, despite the lingering taste she had left on my lips and tongue, only stopping when I sheathed myself fully in her, her nails grasping at my neck, and her eyes rolling back into her skull.

A small moan escaping her lips once again, “don’t be too loud,” I purred as I withdrew slowly, feeling her contracting and squeezing around me, “you don’t want to get in trouble now, do you?” I teased, slamming my cock back into her, another quite moan slipping from her lips.

She flopped back onto the desk, disregarding the pile of paperwork that fell to the floor, and bit onto her own hand as I slammed back into her, her toes curling as I did so. It didn’t help, she looked ever more attractive, a cute red flush on her chest and cheeks as I pounded my length into her.

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