His White Luna

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Chapter 18 - Dinner and Diamonds

Nathaniel Black

We walked along the board walk after dinner, where I’d taken her to one of the five-star restaurants that overlooked the endless ocean. The water lapped under the bridge as I enjoyed the cool salty night air, her hand laced in my own.

This felt so right, not a single thing felt out of place.

I tugged at her arm lightly, pulling her willingly into my embrace and slowly began to dance. We danced to unheard music, slowly, her head rested on my chest, not a word said between us. Just living in the moment, reveling in existence of our mates.

“I get scared when things get serious,” she said, her words riddled with emotion and honesty.

I didn’t say anything, but continued to sway to the sound in my mind.

“It’s why I said what I said earlier, I couldn’t exactly say you were my mate. Human’s don’t get that. But I couldn’t call you my boyfriend or my husband,” she rambled.

The ring box that had lingered in my pocket for the last year and a half suddenly felt heavy and I knew that if I offered it to her, she would likely run away.

“Alice,” I purred.


“Will you go steady with me?” I purred again, pressing my lips on her head.

I felt her cheeks move as she smiled, her heart missing a beat and she nodded, “yeah,” she said, her voice barely a whisper. And I planted another kiss on her head, continuing to sway in the darkness of the evening but the light of the moon.

I would wait another ten years for her if she’d stay with me for an eternity.

I looked up at the moon, thanking the moon spirits for the gift that my mate was. And begged them to let her stay with me, to let me heal the scars on her heart.

* * * * * * * * * *

Her fingers grazed my neck and shoulder softly, tracing her mark that she’d left on my shoulder. Drifting and trailing in no logical direction, her nail drew scribbles lightly on my skin, venturing randomly up my beck, down my arm and onto my chest. The scent of book and flowers almost lolled me back to sleep, but the smile that worked its way onto my mouth must have given me away.

“Good morning, Alpha Black,” she said, her voice as soft as her touch.

I smiled more, grabbing her by the waist abruptly and pulling her into my chest. She laughed and I nuzzled my face into her chest, eyes still closed, and my body reveling in the warmth of her touch.

“I’m going to have to get up soon,” she said, stroking my hair.

“I figured,” I sighed, but not loosening my grip on her waist.

“What are you doing today?” she asked, her nails running rhythmically across my scalp.

“I need to go back to Savage River,” I groaned.

“Is that why you don’t want to open your eyes?” she chuckled, “don’t want to face the day?”

“To afraid that it’s a dream and I’ll wake up,” I retorted, and I ran my arms up her back, nuzzling my face deeper into her embrace and let out a sigh.

“Do you want a key?” she asked.

I opened my eyes and looked up at her. She was wearing pair of shorts and a tee shirt, her hair in a loose braid and a soft expression on her face, “to where?”

“To here,” she said, taking one of my hands and kissing it lightly several times.


“We’ll, you’re my boyfriend, aren’t you?” she said. “That way, when ever you miss me, you can come see me. Every time you find yourself in the city, you can come visit me, take me out to dinner and buy me flowers.”

I smiled, “do I need to buy you more flowers?” I chuckled.

“I mean it wouldn’t hurt,” she said, her grin widening.

“I would love a key,” I said, and I grabbed her pulling her ontop of me, giving her a firm kiss. “Do you want to spend the weekends in Savage River?” I asked, trying not to push my luck too much.

She didn’t answer.

“Can I convince you?” I teased, and I ran my hands up under her shirt, and she shivered as my fingers touched her skin.

“You can convince me,” she laughed.

I pulled her body hard against my own, and kissed her again, slowly working my hands up her back and pulling the shirt off over her head. I let my hands trace down her smooth back, sliding into the shorts she wore, before flipping her over onto her back, positioned between her legs.

I gave her another passionate kiss before pulling away and swooping her shorts off in one smooth movement. I fell back down and kissed her again, letting a hand slowly trailing down from her neck, swirling over her collar bones before parting between her breasts. I traced the muscles and humps of her stomach, before cupping between her legs.

I ran my middle finger from back to front, catching some of the wetness from her arousal as I passed her opening. I brought my finger back down her holds, resting it on her clit, and she moaned into my mouth as I traced smooth circles.

As she gasped for air as the pressure between my finger and her grew, I trailed the kisses down her jaw and neck, nipping lightly at my mark on her shoulder. She shivered as my teeth grazed the scar, and she bit my shoulder as her body wriggled and shook, her chest heaving as she panted and gasped for air over the waves of pleasure.

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