His White Luna

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Chapter 24 - Sweet Kisses

Alice Forrest

I could still taste the sourness of his seed, lingering in the back of my throat as he kissed me again, with how far he pushed his tongue into my mouth I was sure he could taste it. Not that it seemed to bother him. After his legs had stopped shaking, he hoisted me back up onto the kitchen bench, slipping my undies off as he did so, and rubbed his persistent length on the folds between my legs.

Pulling my arse to the side of the kitchen bench, he slipped inside me, a gasp slipping from my lips as he filled me completely. His forehead rested on my own, and he closed his eyes, as if just content with the feeling of being sheathed so deeply inside me. His hands traced down my back, massaging muscles and tracing unseen patterns on my skin, and I wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing my body firmly against his and I ground my hips in small circles against his.

Pulling back, I felt empty without him, but the experience was short lived, before he thrust deeply back inside me, a moan escaping my lips as he did so. He nipped at my neck and continued the same pattern, pulling out slowly until just the tip remained inside me, before slamming roughly back inside.

However, his teasing didn’t last long, before the waves of pleasure over took all sense and logic, his dick ramming deeply inside me with each hard thrust. My moans had turned into screams that echoed around us and he rammed into me, I wasn’t sure how close our neighbours were, but I doubted it was far enough.

I felt every muscle in my body shiver and shake as a result of the over whelming pleasure. I would never tire of having sex with this man, I wasn’t sure how I ever walked away from such incredible sex, as his cock seemed to his all the right places within me, making me beg for more.

Mercilessly, he continued to pound away at my insides as I came to a toe-curling orgasm. I was begging for him to keep going as he brought my closer and closer, needing him deeper inside me, but once I reached the climax, I was at his mercy, with each lustful thrust drawing out the waves of pleasure that gripped down on his cock like a vice.

Slowing, he brought me down off the high, sweat running down my back as I dug my nails into his. I wasn’t sure if it was sweat or blood, his or my own, but we were making a mess in the kitchen. I had barely caught my breath when he slammed back into me with such power that I was winded with pleasure, another orgasm hit me like a train.

“I told you, you are mine,” he growled, his voice protective and possessive, rough and raw.

“I am yours.”

* * * * * * * * * *

I felt him watching me as the hot water cascaded over my body, washing away the sweat and cum that stuck to my skin. I wasn’t sure if it was sexy or creepy, that there was a window connecting the master suite to the ensuite. But, the beautiful shower warmed my soul, dusting away the cold toes and running nose that had appeared as a result of the snowy landscape and I felt like I could have stayed in their for hours.

Turning to face him, I looked back at his casual pose of the bed, comfortably hugging a pillow as he watched me, he’d pulled his sweatpants back up and insisted that I shower before we finished making breakfast. Yet I wondered if he just wanted to watch me shower through the floor to ceiling glass that left me shamelessly exposed to his gaze.

Yet, I wouldn’t say I didn’t play the opportunity I’d been given, with each movement I made I did as gracefully and sexily I could muster. Dropping the bar of soap and having to bend back down to pick it up, sticking my arse up in his direction. How I lathered the soap over my body, caressing my own breasts and lathering them with an excessive amount of body wash. Every little thing just to see that cute smirk forming on his face.

I wouldn’t so much have called it a scowl, but the blissfully happy expression he held, disintegrated when I turned the tap of, and stepped out of the shower, drying myself off and stepped into a warm fluffy dressing gown.

“Are you sure you don’t need a shower?” I asked, as I stepped out of the bathroom and ran a hairbrush through my damp hair.

“No, I’m fine,” he purred, his voice smooth and relax.

“Come on then,” I smiled, and I offered him my hand, which he took lightly, running his finger over the ring he’d given me before letting my pull him from the bed.

He followed me like a lost puppy, wrapping his arms around my waist as we finished cooking breakfast, and reheating the pancakes. We sat in a blissful silence, the sun streaming through the large windows that looked out onto the snow field, the clearing was surrounded by tall pine trees that fell and disappeared into the horizon, before turning into snow capped mountains and ridges.

The clouds lingered in the distance, and I wondered how high up we were, how we’d got here and where, here was. But I didn’t care, because it was in these moments, when we were completed devoted to each other that nothing else seemed to matter.

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