His White Luna

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Chapter 27 - The Heat of You

Alice Forrest

His kisses trailed down my spine as we sat, wrapped in furry blankets in front of the roaring fire. We’d headed back indoors as a storm began to set in, bringing with it dark clouds and a lack of light. But the candles and flickering lights of the open fire created romantic lighting worthy of a cinematic masterpiece.

His kisses were sweet and warm, placed in no logical manor and I purely reveled in his touch. I never wanted this weekend to end, what I would give to have stayed tuck away in the middle of nowhere. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to slip into sleep in his embrace, or ride him, feel him fill me for the third time that day.

I rolled over and kept my exposed chest covered with one of the blankets, he looked taken aback at my sudden movement, but eventually smiled at me softly. Dropping the walls I’d had on my mind, I let my emotions wash down the bond, sex or sleep?. His soft smile transformed into a sly smirk, and he rolled over ontop of me, pulling the blanket out from between us, sending a cool shiver down my spine as my bare flesh was exposed to the change in temperature.

The only thing I’d had time to put back on after our run was the ring before his lips carried me inside, with my own and he carried me inside. He’d then teased me on the floor of the living room for the next hour, until my legs wobbled, and my skin seemed permanently flushed.

Neither of us were done through.

“Have I not pleasured you enough already?” he said, rubbing he length between my legs seductively.

“Never,” I growled, and I bit his lip, bringing him down to my level.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him, but he grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head as he kissed me back. At the same time, he slipped his cock into my awaiting pussy the air getting knocked out of my lungs as he sheathed himself inside me.

This time, he did not wait, give me a moment to adjust to him being inside me. He pulled out and slammed back in, making me gasp and writhe as he continued, not realising my wrists as he did so, only making me need to hold him even more over whelming.

His kisses were warm, and I could feel a warm tingle where he left each one, but it was nothing like the rising fire inside me brought about with each deep thrust. With each thrust over whelming pleasure surged through me, making me beg for more, making me try to break free of his grip so that I could ride him at my own pace. So that I could find a way to get him deeper inside me.

He thrust deeply inside me, and I screamed out as his seed filled me, knocking me over edge I had a mind shattering orgasm.

“How does the sex keep getting better?” I panted, and he realised my hands, letting his forehead rest on my chest as his cock finished twitching inside me.

He chuckled and looked pack up at me, kissing me passionate and letting his length slide out of me. Despite the pleasure, I wasn’t done.

I rolled him over and straddled him, his erection had begun to shrink, but I wrapped a hand around it and began to pump it, brining it back to it’s former glory. “I’m not down with you yet,” I growled.

He chuckled and placed a hand on my lower back, pressing me onto his chest, causing his cock to slide between my arse cheeks and pussy lips. He kissed me, now running his hands through my hair and gripping it away from our faces. I lifted my hips slowly, letting his head graze my opening before bring it back down, repeating this, a growl eventually began in his chest.

“I thought you said you weren’t done with me,” he said, his eyes black with lust, no sigh of the vibrant green present.

“I never said what I was doing to you,” I giggled, yet again slipping his head dangerously close to my opening. He bucked his hips, trying to hit home, but I moved with him, not allowing him the release we both desired.

“I could just take you again,” he growled.

“Oh?” I said.

Apparently, a mistake.

He moved like lightning and the next thing I knew is his cock was plunged deeply inside me and I was lost in a world of undeniable pleasure.

* * * * * * * * * *

I couldn’t move. It felt like every muscle in my body had been stretched and torn, from my neck to my toes, yet I was more satisfied that I’d ever been in my life. We lay entwined, the fire burning low, and the candles extinguished as the whistle of the wind shook the house. His breathing was slow and calm now, no longer broke with the sounds of grunts and pants, we might have skipped training this weekend. But we sure had a work out.

“I love you,” I said, watching his relaxed composure, his sharp jawline and the cleanly shaved face.

A smile tickled at his lips, and he turned to look at me, planting a small kiss on the tip of his nose. “I love you too.”

I snuggled into his embrace as he adjusted himself so that I was closer to him, so he could hold more of me. “How can we make this work?” I asked.

“What do you need to make this work?” he replied, “I will give you anything you need to make this work.”

“Have you talked to Gina?” I asked, her name bitter on my tongue.

“I did,” he nodded.

I couldn’t help but grin and squish my face into his smooth chest and he flattened my hair, planting another kiss on my head.

“We could keep doing weekend, if you wanted,” I knew what he was saying was to be conscientious of me, because of how I am, who I am.

“Not enough,” I said, shaking my head.

He sighed, “I can’t stay away from Savage River for too long, I would, but I can’t,” he said, and I felt the pain in his voice.

“What if I cut down my hours and did some work by distance?”

“Would that work?” he said, pulling away to look into my eyes, studying me intensely, “would it make you happy?”

“It’s worth asking, seeing if they can make the allowance,” I shrugged.

“Would it make you happy?” He said, the same intense gaze still stuck on his face.

I cupped his cheek with my hand, running my thumb over his lips, “I don’t think I can be happy without you.”

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