His White Luna

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Chapter 28 - Sleep Well

Nathaniel Black

I awoke from my sleep, the warm bedsheets over heating me and an eerie silence filled the chalet. Turning over, I rolled onto my side and looked at Alice, who slept peacefully. The clouded sky blocked out the moonlight, leaving the night particularly dark and my instincts were on high alert, yet I heard nothing and saw no one.

I must have just been my imagination and I pulled Alice into my arms, nuzzling my head into her hair and relishing in the sweet scent of flowers and books. The scent soon letting me drift back off to sleep, my wolf and I were both happy.

A sharp pain seared down my back and my eyes shot open. Lashing out into the darkness, my claws collided with flesh and blood sprayed across my face and chest. Yet my claws receded back into my skin. I could not see the dark figure who stumbled back into the darkness, in face my vision was starting to blur and the searing in my lower back burned like hot coals.

“Alice,” I grunted and as I twisted to see her, the pain in my back only growing and beginning to spread to the rest of my body.

“Alice,” I said again, this time louder, shaking her from her sleep, ’Wake up,’ I ordered and her eyes snapped open.

She looked at me for a second, before reality set in and someone in the darkness grabbed her. The clouds cleared and I could see his skin was golden like sand, but he moved just as swiftly as his companion, darting throughout the bedroom, I could feel the air moving and I twisted, my first collided with him.

Alice’s head collided with his and I heard him grunt, stumbling to the ground as Alice clambered back across the bed towards me worry plastered over her face – I must have looked as bad as I felt. “Get out,” I roared, and I tried to shift again, but to no avail. The pain in my back now filling my entire body, my muscles heavy and sluggish.

A dark chuckle came from the darkness, and I saw the glinting of glass and metal, “You’re managing the silver quite well, I’ve seen other Alpha’s drop dead within seconds,” he stayed in the shadows but I could see the darkness of his skin, and the glint in his amber eyes.

“Who are you?” I growled, lashing out at the tanned man but he dodged my sluggish attack and grabbed Alice’s leg, she kicked him in the jaw with her other leg, but he slipped a needle into her thigh, and I watched the plunger go down, the silver liquid disappearing into her blood.

She launched herself at the man, her claws scrapping down his chest as the needle fell to the floor and the other man stepped into the dull light, pulling Alice off his companion. They both wore all black, but he looked like a shadow, the way his skin seemed to swallow the light and a long thick braid feel down his back. I needed to protect her, but I could barely move, I felt like I was the pea from ‘princess and the pea’, crushed beneath a mountain of mattresses.

A growl ripped from her lips, and she twisted and bit the man on the arm, her lips turning red as she thrashed. He took a breath in sharply, but didn’t let go, giving the other man time to pull a set of shackles out, clasping them around her flailing legs, “let me go,” she screamed.

“What do you want,” I choaked out.

The tanned man turned to look at his companion as Alice thrashed, “We’re after the White Wolf,” he sneered.

I froze, ’they don’t know you’re my mate,’ I said, through the mind link and Alice squirmed to look at me, I could see the tears well in her eyes as they tried to gag her. She shattered the shackles around her ankles, the silver having to effect on her strength and she punched the tanned man in the face, I winched at the crack, but by the blood that now trickled into his light hair – it was likely his nose.

“You bitch,” he hissed and they lunged at her again, another loud crack filling the air as she was crushed between their bodies colliding. The man with the braid tried to bind her hands, but she slithered out of his hands, slick with blood.

“Don’t,” I grunted as she tried to race away, but he turned and grabbed her harshly by the hair, yanking her to the hard floor and he skull smashed against the ground.

She reached towards the bed, and tried to slide under it, to let her body heal, but he pressed down on her back with his body weight, her scream curdling my blood.

Jamie, Alice, we’re being attacked,’ I screamed into the mind link at Jamie, but I was met with no reply – how much had I been weakened? Would this be how I died?

“Nate,” she said as the tanned man bound her feet and she coughed, a dark liquid pouring out her mouth as she did so, “I’m sorry,” she gurgled.

“Don’t you fucking hurt her,” I threated, and I fell off the bed, trying with every inch of energy I could muster to reach her.

I heard the chuckles of the two intruders as the tanned man pulled a white rag out of his pocket and doused it in liquid from a bottle, shoving it over Alice’s mouth until her eyes rolled back into her head and her struggling ceased.

“Alice, no, Alice,” I groaned, as I reached out to her, my legs trying to push me across the floor to her, to protect her.

“Chloroform him too,” the dark man said, as he bent down and fasted silver around Alice’s wrists and tied rope around for good measure.

“No,” I objected, but the tanned man shoved the cloth over my mouth. I tried not to breath, but I couldn’t last long, my lungs began to scream after seconds, and I gasped in the air.

“Just leave the cloth on his face, maybe Alpha Black will O.D. and then someone else can take over his pack.”

“It’s what he deserves for having the White Wolf as his whore, anyway.”

Their voices trailed off and I was embraced by a cold darkness.

Author’s Note:
Mazlyn, I was actually laughing at you’re series of optimistic and romantic comments that you wrote on the weekend. Fully knowing this chapter was coming up.

So tell me, what do you think is going to happen next?

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