His White Luna

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Chapter 30 - You said...

Alice Forrest

My eyes snapped open, and a scream left my throat, overwhelmed with pain that ingulfed my entire body. The blindingly bright light hurt my eyes, so I jammed them shut again. I tried to move my body, but it was sluggish and slow, I could feel metal needles stuck under my skin and straps restraining what little movement I could manage.

A leather bit was shoved into my mouth, and I bit down on it.

“If you’re going to scream, I’m going to fuck up, and we don’t want that,” a rich voice said and I heard him drag a chair across the floor, and sit down near me. There was a scape of metal and before I knew it a searing pain radiated from my bicep, I let out another scream.

My body began to shake and I felt him removed his hands from my arm, my head spun and I fell into darkness.

* * * * * * * * * *

This time, waking up wasn’t as traumatic, but my head throbbed, every muscle in my body ached and I rolled over, as I gaged. I stuck my head over the side of the bed and hurled the contents of my stomach onto the floor, my throat now also swore as I heaved up who knows what…

Resting my head on the edge of the bed, I let the nausea subside, before I looked around the room. I felt bad for who ever had to clean the rug on that side of the bed, but the guilt quickly left when reality hit. Where was I?

It was a cold windowless room, but it had been fitted with older pieces of furniture and I sat in an old four poster bed, sheer pink curtains and bedspreads, in fact – there was a lot of pink, lace and floral in the room. It looked like a room in someone’s grandmother or great-grandmother’s house.

There were band aid and tape over a large percentage of my body and I ran my finger over one of my bicep, feeling the flesh around it. Why did I have a feeling my birth control implant was just removed? I wasn’t getting a good feeling about this.

I crawled out of bed, the white nighty I’d been dressed in looked like something crossed between a hospital gown and something out of a period piece. Somehow, the worst of both worlds. Slowly I turned the doorknob of the biggest door, but it didn’t unlock.

Trying the other door with just as much caution, I was greeted with further restrictions and crossed my arms – I was at least expecting this one to be a bathroom, but apparently, I didn’t get that luxury.

I began to quietly rifle through the cupboards, draws and desk. There was an assortment of feminine clothing accompanied by some equally outdated and impractical shoes, there was some paper, but no stationary, and some extra blankets. Everything else was empty, not even a layer of dust.

I sat down on the end of the bed and stared at the door.

Nate?’ I asked, somehow, I knew it wouldn’t work.

Jamie?’ I queried desperately, but both attempts at contact were met with silence, both calls into the link were dead. I felt the hot tears running down my face this time, my body felt cold and I all wanted was to curl up in his arms.

My legs gave way and I slipped off the silk sheets, collided with the hard wood floor I clutched myself desperately as I began to sob. Where was he? He said he would protect me.

* * * * * * * * * *

I didn’t realise I had fallen asleep, or when. I wasn’t sure how long I had been here, or even what day it was. My stomach turned and I felt like I was going to throw up again, but it was different.

Footsteps echoed from behind the door, and I stood up off the floor, going to stand behind one of the posts of bed. I knew it was pointless to hide, yet I felt vulnerable and exposed, I felt horrendous, and I am sure I looked just as bad. I felt the curdling in my stomach freeze and drop as the footsteps sounded outside the door and heavy lock clicked.

The door swung outwards and there stood one of my kidnappers. I could now see him clearly, his tanned skin was the colour of wood, but so much smoother. If he had not been my kidnapper, I would have considered him an attractive man. But I despised him and the broken nose I suspected I caused, the yellowing bruise on his chin told me I had been here too long. Or perhaps it was just the werewolf healing. He reeked of wolf.

His gaze swept the room, before landing on me, “come,” he commanded, but I didn’t move. I continued to meet his unwavering gaze with daggers of ice. “Come,” he commanded again, but I refused.

His body relaxed from the rigidity of his washed away as he ran his fingers through his bleached hair, “Alice, please,” he begged.

But I just continued to stare at him, “who the fuck do you think you are?” I found myself saying.

“We’re trying to help you,” he said, his pulse peaking as he didn’t even believe the own words he was saying.

I laughed and walked out from behind the bed post, somehow my confidence returning I went and sat down in one of the badly upholstered armchairs, “Don’t lie to me, I’m not a fool.”

“You were being held captive, what else could we do?” he said, this time he wasn’t lying.

“What do you mean?” I asked, suddenly more interested – but trying to hide it.

“Alpha Black of the Moon Pack, he was holding you captive, we were sent to save you.”

I blinked at his words, so they didn’t know. They didn’t know that they had just stolen me away from my mate, my mate who would be angry to understate the situation. He would come for me, I knew he would.

“He’s dead,” the man added, as he watched my emotionless reaction.

“I think you will find, he is very much alive.”

The man scoffed and cross his arms across his body, “We injected him with silver, he’s dead.”

“Is that what you did to me too?”

“No, we just drugged you, not that it seemed to work. You still broke my nose rather successfully.”

I glared at him, “don’t except you me to thank you.”

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