His White Luna

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Chapter 32 - Mirror Mirror

Alice Forrest

His hand got caught in my hair and he yanked me back towards him, making me stumble and collide with his body.

“You know, Miss Forrest,” he said, quickly wrapping his arms around me, “I could show you a good time.”

His words were icy and make my stomach turn, “get the fuck off me,” I hissed as I strive to break free of his arms.

“Now, now,” he hissed, as he sunk down to the floor and turned me around to face him, “that’s no way to talk to me, is it?” he chuckled.

“I don’t even know who the fuck you are,” I hissed back, kicking him in the stomach as I tried to project myself out of his arms.

He caught me ankle and yanked me back into his arms, the action making my face hit the ground as I tried to flee, “I’m Alpha Hassan,” he purred, pressing my body to the floor with his knee and letting one of his hands trail along my skin.

“Get the fuck off me, Hassan,” I spat, twisting my head and trying to glare at him.

He chuckled, “I like three of the words in that you just said,” he whispered in my ear, before letting he bit lightly on my ear, “I hope to have you begging for it in fact,” he said and he licked my neck lightly. “How about you become my mate Miss Forrest?”

I felt like I could have vomited again, his touch was revolting and the words he said were making me start to see red, “I’m already mate,” I said, sneering at his words.

I felt his movement freeze and he sat up rigidly, grabbing my wrists in one hand he slammed them above my head and flipped me over, sitting on top of me with one leg on either side. “No,” he said in denial.

I shrugged, realising for a second, I was the one with the power, “Yes.”

He tore at the night gown I had been dressed in, the high collar splitting at the seams as he exposed my neck and half of my chest, “who is he?” he spat, his gaze falling onto the silver bite mark on my neck.

“He’s going to kill you,” I purred, “that’s if I don’t do it first.”

Hassan began to laugh, and he realised my hands dramatically, getting up off me and walking towards the door, “don’t get too comfortable Miss Forrest, we’ll be leaving soon.”

I sat up and tried to adjust the tear in my clothes so it didn’t expose me to the world, but I could feel him slow and look at me, I could hear the spike in his pulse, the arousal growing. “Hassan,” I said, making him stop in the doorway.

“It’s Doctor Forrest, not Miss. I have a PHD after all.”

He smirked, “Until later, Dr. Forrest,” he said, and he slammed the door closed behind him and the large solid lock slid into place.

I got up off the floor and decided to change my clothes, I had no interest in being his plaything. Yet the most modest dress I could find was not modest enough. It was made of layers of thin white fabric and the well fitted bodice supported my chest without a bra, the neckline ending just above my collarbones – flawlessly exposing the silver mark that sparkled on my skin. It has puffy sleeves that made my shoulders look too big and the short skirt showed too much of my legs for my liking.

I looked at myself in the mirror, barely able to recognise myself. I wore more bruises that I had ever seen, there was blood dried in my hair and down the back of my neck, along with the assortment of bandages and pieces of tape where I’d been poked and cut but most prominently were the silver shackles that sat heavily on my ankles. I wondered if they knew they did nothing to weaken me, with the chain snapped – they were nothing more than accessories.

It really was a shame; I ran my finger along the smoothly carved wood of the mirror frame and stepped to the side as I let it fall to the floor. It shattered across the wooden floor, thousands of pieces of glass spraying the floor, quickly I grabbed the largest piece and darted towards the door, pressing myself firmly against the wall to the side.

Closing my eyes, I listened to some yelling, and I heard the heavy footsteps running down towards the hallway towards me. The fool opened the door. He was the other man who had been their that night, he around the same height as Nate, but build with just as much muscles, making him slow and easy to take on. The sharp piece of glass sliced smoothly through his skin as I gutted him from neck to stomach, his body falling to the floor but his heartbeat still strong. He was alive for now.

Actually, I was surprised at how easy that was. I stepped over his body and through the open door, leaving the blood to pool around him, to soak his black hair and stain his dark skin with blood. Hopefully, he would die and then there would be one less person keeping me from Nate, from my mate.

Hassan stood at the end of the corridor, mortified. I looked down at myself, the dress was now sprayed with blood, my neck and face just as coated and I still carefully clutched the shard of glass, “Hassan, the mirror broke,” I said with a sweet smile and looked back up at him.

His face paled and he turned and sprinted down the hallway. The wolf in my stirred and I sprinted after him, running ferociously across the rugged hallway which slid on the polished wooden floors. How we loved to hunt, the fear in his eyes made it so much more fun.

He nearly flew through a doorway and off to the side, and I slowed outside, it was definitely a trap. But I didn’t want to let him get away, I wanted to split his throat myself. Taking a few steps back I raced through the door, the cage falling down above me, and I slid over the base by the skin on my toes.

The colour drained from the faces of a few men who stood between me and Hassan, they looked more like him that his conspirator, in fact, they smelt like him. “You wouldn’t have brought your pack members into another Alpha’s Pack?” I laughed.

Hassan swallowed rather dramatically and stepped backwards, “take her down.”

Launching themselves at me, I suddenly realised my mistake. The tranquillizer gun in Hassan’s hands pointed at me.

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